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Jenny for baby Beth, Model fee: £47.00

"Basically, I felt that everything was organised really well. I appreciated the map you sent through and the contact details. We drove to the studios on Wednesday and found that it was actually quite hard to get to but this was probably more down to us not really knowing our way around Manchester! I was able to phone through and let Anna know I may be a bit late - she was really nice but I felt awful as you should always be on time. However, we arrived just about at 10ish so it was all ok. Everything seemed to go ok - Beth was smiley and happy most of the time and we were done by 11am. The conclusion is that we are so pleased we had the chance to do this and would love to consider it again if it ever comes up! Thanks for sending the last lot of info through - it was great to read Anna was pleased with it all. Thanks again for all your help."
Jenny, (Beth Towler Age: 6 months)

Helen for baby Ben, Model fee: £100.00

"Hi, Ben had his first assignment which was a photo shoot for a magazine. We all had a good time and was made very welcome. Ben was great he had to sit on a pink and blue rug with some dungarees and white t.shirt on. It went really well one of the ladies there said that if Ben wasn't happy just to sit there he could have some food on the rug so they could get some photos, but Ben being Ben was so happy just to sit and pose for the camera. Thanks again for putting his photos forward and hope to get some more assignments soon."
Helen, Ben aged 9months

Emma for baby Matthew, Model fee: £120.00

Just a quick email to tell you about Matthew's first assignment. Matthew really enjoyed himself and didn't really cry that much. He is already looking forward to his next assignment. Thank you ever so much for promoting Matthew, hopefully there will be more work for him in the future."
Emma, mother of Matthew age 3 months,

Christine for baby Jacob, Model fee: £67.00

"Just to let you know that when we went for the fitting at Mamas and Papas they tried on three outfits on Jacob and the staff were lovely. At the shoot the staff were again very nice and all the details you gave me about the assignment really helped. Thanks again and hope to hear from you again soon. Kindest Regards."

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