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Bethany, Model fee: £200.00, Ref:CB674500

I was really excited when I found out that I had been chosen for this assignment with Disney Infinity. My mum and I got up early and travelled on the train to be at the studio by 9.30am. The team greeted us and straight away and put me at ease as I was feeling a bit nervous. We were offered breakfast and then I went through to the make up artist for a manicure! It was lovely, especially the hand massage. I met the boy that I was going to be doing the shoot with, he was younger than me but had been on lots of assignments before. There was a bit of waiting around but the crew kept checking on me and making sure that I was happy and needed anything. I was there until 3.30pm so it was a long day of doing the same thing over and over again, lifting a toy in and out of camera shot but I still really enjoyed myself as the people were really nice and friendly. When we finished the team gave me a Disney Infinity toy and some chocolates, which was especially nice as it was something to remind me of my first ever assignment. I am looking forward to seeing the finished advert on the Disney Channel worldwide! I feel much more confident now that I have done my first shoot and already I can't wait for my next assignment!  Thank you Models Direct and especially Molly in the assignments team for helping me start my new career in modelling!

Theo, Model fee: £80.00, Ref:BB545051

Theo was chosen to do his second clothes fittings with Old Brown/Coco Blu.  We arrived and were greeted by the same friendly faces who immediately made Theo feel comfortable and at ease. They took attention to detail such as making sure the heating was right and they engaged with Theo on his level. The experience was quick and very welcoming just like his first clothes fittings session. Theo has now had 3 jobs with Models Direct, who have kept me well informed and put him forward for the roles which were very suitable to his character and talent. Theo was provided with a boys magazine which catered to him to keep him entertained and engaged.

I would surely recommend other parents consider modelling for their children through Models Direct as it has helped Theo grow in confidence, especially at his age where he is growing into a boy rather than a toddler.  Models Direct have kept me as a parent up to date and I am so very proud to have Theo as a model with the agency.  We look forward to more adventures with Models Direct!

cory, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:1009

Cory really enjoyed the assignment today - he said he had loads of fun and would love to do it again.  The most enjoyable part for him was flying the kites on the beach, and talking to the camera about how much he enjoyed kite flying as well as having his photo taken. Cory's message to any other children who are considering modelling is to "go for it because it's fun and all the people were really nice and funny".

I chose Models Direct because of the good reviews I read.  I am really impressed with the agency.

Grace, Model fee: £360.00, Ref:BU603992

Grace loved being a model for a two day photo shoot at a caravan dealership. She was extremely excited beforehand and also when she arrived on set.  Grace was directed to do a variety of natural posses with her model family (mum, dad, brother and grandparents) in and out of the caravans and around the holiday area of Skegness. Grace particularly enjoyed being in the caravans and pretending that she was on holiday and showed confidence throughout the whole experience.  Grace said that she would recommend being a model to any of her friends and from a parents point of view, the experience has been one that Grace will remember forever and it's been an absolute delight to see her so happy and to have seen her confidence grow in leaps and bounds. I have already recommended Models Direct to a few friends who have asked about how to put their children forward for such experiences.  I would like to thank Models Direct for giving Grace such a fantastic opportunity to carry out her ambition of being a model.

Damian, Model fee: £360.00, Ref:BC556177

Damian wasn't nervous at all before his shoot for Latham Trust, in fact he was very excited and had lots of fun during his time there and got on very well with the other models - he would love to do it again!  Damian mostly enjoyed playing with props and doing various fun activities while having photos taken in different locations. I decided to sign Damian up with Models Direct as he loves to smile, is very outgoing and motivated to try new things. I am sure that Damian would recommend other children to try out modelling because of his enjoyable experience.

Zachary, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:BV616879

Zachary's first assignment was with Kit for Kids, which involved toddlers modelling educational toys for the company's catalogue and website.  I was a bit nervous as my son is only 2 years old - I wasn't sure if he would do as he was told!  The staff at Kit for Kids were really helpful and soon put my mind at ease.

I would most certainly recommend Models Direct to others as I feel they provided my son with a great opportunity and we will soon have some great shots for his portfolio, which will help him gain more modelling work.  I am looking forward to my son being placed on further assignments as he enjoyed his first experience immensely.

Lailla, Model fee: £70.00, Ref:A581152

My daughter Lailla was chosen to be a clothes fitting model for a upcoming kidswear brand, Coco Blu.  Lailla had a fantastic time trying on some lovely clothes and she felt very comfortable trying on each outfit while the client took measurements.  It was a very laid back experience and most enjoyable.  I would recommend joining Models Direct to anyone who is looking to pursue a career in fashion.

Amelia, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:B138558

Amelia's assignment with Kit for Kids was fun - she was very confident and enjoyed having her photo taken.  Overall, it was a good experience and I would recommend it to others.

Aamil, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:B144318

We felt really comfortable from the minute walked into the Kit for Kids warehouse yesterday.  The team were warm, kind and smiley and they put all the parents at ease.  Aamil start playing straight away, he didn't felt shy or anything. It was such a fun day! 

I have already advised all of my friends with children to apply for a contract Models Direct because I think it's really important to give your kids a head start in life - even if it's not the path they wish to take in the future, they will have some great memories!  I signed my son up with Models Direct because I wanted him to try different activities (modelling, football, swimming etc) as this will keep his career options open when he grows up and also keep him off the streets. I would like Aamil to feel inspired and ambitious so he can challenge himself and have a bright future ahead. 

It was such a pleasure to be there yesterday - thank you!

Regan, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:B201210

I was so pleased when Models Direct called to say that my little boy Regan had been picked for a photo shoot.  We would both love to do it again!

Jahziyah, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:BB548300

When I explained to Jahziyah that he was going to take part in a photo shoot, he was very happy and excited.  When we arrived at the location, he began to get a bit nervous. However, as the shoot went on he relaxed and enjoyed himself.  My son was asked to play with the toys provided, which were the products that Kit for Kids will be selling in their new catalog.   Jahziyah was very natural and did his own thing, playing nicely with the other children and also the staff members.

I am unsure whether Jahziyah learnt gained new skills from this experience, however I feel as a parent that I have learnt to allow him to be natural on a photo shoot and not to be a pushy parent.  I just relaxed and observed the situation and really enjoyed the experience.

I would definitely recommend joining Models Direct to others so they can also be given opportunities to meet new people, enjoy new experiences and learn new skills.  I am happy that my two children are signed to this agency and that bookings have started to pick up for them after a year of being on the books.  I signed my boys up on a whim, just to see how they would get on (as well as them being beautiful, photogenic and social!).  New experiences such as this will be a huge benefit to them in the future and of course earning money is a bonus!

Overall, today was lovely, friendly and professional which was everything I was hoping for.

Thanks to everyone involved!

Lily, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:B201111

Lily seemed to really enjoy herself on her photo shoot with Kit for Kids.  She relaxed quickly and easily due to the photographer and assistants being nice natured and child friendly.  As parents we were very proud and pleased with the way everything was dealt with, both with Kit for Kids and Models Direct. We are already looking forward to the next photo shoot!

Oliver, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:B201106

This was Oliver's first assignment and he thoroughly enjoyed himself.  He was being photographed for an educational brochure for Kit for Kids, and he spent the morning playing with toys!  The staff were fantastic and we were treated very well. I would definitely recommend joining Models Direct as we had a fabulous time today.  We look forward to our next assignment.  Many thanks, Sally.

Uchechukwu, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:C156286

This was Uche's first assignment.  He seemed to have lots of 'butterflies' in his stomach when he was asked to join the other kids to play with different toys, so the photographer could take shots.  He would join in briefly and then run back to me, but then the photographer developed a strategy to get him relaxed by asking him to press the flash button on the camera - which Uche really enjoyed!  After lots of promptings and praises, Uche gradually began to relax and join in the play with the other kids. By the end of the assignment, it was difficult to get Uche to leave as he was having so much fun playing.  For me, I enjoyed the experience of watching the children relate so easily and communicate by their actions.

All in all, we had a great time and I am glad we went for this assignment. I really hope Uche gets more work soon!  Models Direct's communication was great throughout the process and I would certainly recommend them to anyone who is looking to go into modelling.


-Sarah (Uche's mum)

Lexie, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:B20110

Lexie had a fantastic day!  She enjoyed playing with the educational toys and I think the experience has helped her gain confidence.  Lexie is normally a little shy but she didn't show any of this at the shoot.  She was required to sit and play with toys (which she loved every minute of!) and also got to play with the other children. I would definitely recommend Kit for Kids to anyone who either wants their child to model for them or purchase off them - they have a great range of toys and the staff were lovely.  I will be keeping Lexie on Models Direct's books because I believe she will benefit from modelling, especially relating to her confidence. Thank you Models Direct for this wonderful opportunity!

Archie, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:B201106

This was Archie's first modelling assignment, and he really enjoyed it.  He enjoyed playing with the Kit for Kids toys and equipment, and really had a lot of fun, and would definitely like to do it again!

The guys at Kit for Kids were really friendly and welcoming.  Sharon was really nice, and made a point of talking to Archie.  The photographer was also great. Archie was required to play and use the equipment and engage with it, which he really excelled at.  The guys at Kit for Kids were really pleased with Archie's pictures and how easy he was to direct/photograph.

I would have no hesitation in taking Archie back to Kit for Kids for another shoot, and would therefore have no hesitation in taking his brother Freddie or recommending them to others. They ensured that there were plenty of food and drinks which was great for both the children and parents.

We were really pleased with the interaction with Molly at Talent Management, she gave lots of information and fully explained how to obtain the performance license etc.  I would definitely recommend signing up with Models Direct as they will put you forward for exciting jobs, as well as provide you with all relevant information and advice if needed.  The only thing that we need to improve upon is updating Archie's e-portfolio, so that he can appeal to more campaigns.

Fred, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:Z652393

We had a great day at Fred's first assignment with Kit For Kids.  Fred was quite happy to play with the toys and have his photo taken.  We were made to feel at ease and the photographer was very good at getting the models to do what he needed for each shot.  Fred didn't seem nervous at all and soon got into the swing of things.

I would definitely recommend joining up with Models Direct if you are interested in your child getting into the modelling industry.  We have only been registered with Models Direct for a month and already completed our first assignment.  We look forward to our next shoot.

Summer, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:C158626

Summer was excited when I explained to her that she was going to be taking part in a photo shoot - as well as playing with toys and meeting other children.  On her assignment with Kit for Kids, my daughter was required to have her photograph taken while playing with educational equipment and two other children.  I learnt from the experience that 2 year olds are perhaps a little too young to follow instructions on modelling assignments, however the photographer and Sharon were very understanding of this and at all times put the children's needs first.  I chose to sign Summer up to Models Direct to gain experience on photo shoots, and would be happy for her to take part in more in the future if she wishes to do so.

Maddie, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:B201210

Maddie seemed to really enjoy herself and worked really well with the other models. She was asked to play with various pieces of children's educational equipment. Throughout the shoot Maddie grew with confidence and soon played up to her role in front of the camera.

I would recommend others to register their children with Models Direct as opportunities like this can really help with their confidence in the future. This was Maddie's first job and without the Models Direct this would not of happened.  Both Maddie and myself are extremely excited for her next one!

Theo, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:BB545051

My son Theo absolutely loved his modelling assignment through Talent Management. The assignment was relaxed and focused on Theo having an enjoyable experience in order to produce the natural looking photographs for Kit for Kids. Theo was asked to be himself (playful!) and props were provided, such as building blocks and education equipment.  All Theo has to do was play and smile!  Prior to the shoot, Theo was really excited and when he arrived he was greeted by friendly people who understood how to interact with toddlers and instantly Theo felt at home and comfortable.

Models Direct were very helpful and ensured all the required information was sent well in advance and answered any questions I had.  Models Direct lived up to it's reputation as being a great agency that finds jobs suited to their models' needs and that is why I signed Theo up in the first place. His first assignment has been a real success and boosted his confidence in being in the spotlight and looks forward to more modelling adventures!
I would certainly recommend Models Direct for any one looking to go into the industry. They match jobs to the right talent perfectly and have a very professional and friendly service.  Theo was dealing with Molly who has been very helpful in answering any questions.

Lorestelle, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:B201202

Lorestelle had so much fun on her first ever shoot!  Although it was her first time and she may not have been as used to it as the other child models, I think she did brilliantly.  Lorestelle took part in a educational photo shoot, and she really enjoyed all the tasks that she was assigned, even if she completed them before the photographer could get a picture!  Lorestelle came out of the shoot with a beaming smile and I could tell she has a real taste for it now. I am so pleased that we were given this opportunity by Models Direct, and I hope there will be more modelling work for Lorestelle in the future.

Tobin, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:B201104

Tobin had a great time with the guys from Kit for Kids.  He played with their toys, and also enjoyed trying out their range of seating whilst reading books.  We were made to feel very comfortable and the photographer was great with Tobin, encouraging him to smile, laugh, and play.

Tobin's nursery already uses Kit for Kids equipment, so it is great to think that they may see his pictures in future catalogs!

Thank you Kit for Kids for making Tobin's studio experience an enjoyable one, and thank you to Molly at Models Direct for her friendly and professional communication from start to finish.

Ava, Model fee: £135.00, Ref:B201204

Ava and I felt very comfortable at today's photo shoot with Kit for Kids.  It was a chilled out day with no stress at all.  I would definitely recommend Models Direct to others.

Logan, Model fee: £135.00, Ref:B201202291657089712

Logan started off feeling 'unnaturally' shy until he noticed all the toys he could play with while modeling. In fact, he became so confident that he started ordering the girls around - who were participating in the photoshoot with him!  He had so much fun playing with new toys and sitting on colourful carpets with his new friends while photos were being taken of them. His favourite activity had to be jumping on different coloured mats and then pretending to sleep on them - his favourite colour mat was green :) We definitely hope to do this again - it was so much fun for Logan and he even got to earn some pocket money!


I think joining an agency is a very good idea because I don't believe we would have found this wonderful opportunity without the help of Talent Management. All in all, a wonderful morning was had by all of us.

Nicole, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:BQ590088

Nicole loved her assignment with Kit for Kids!  It was quite a long drive but we found the venue without any problems. Nicole had fun playing with the products and with the other children.  She was asked to play with the kit to display the use of the products.  She followed all instructions very well and was happy throughout her time there.

As a parent, I really enjoyed the day and would like Nicole to take part in another assignment very soon.  I ensure Nicole's e-portfolio is up to date at all times, so as to increase her chances of getting work.  I signed Nicole up with Models Direct so she can get some experience in the industry and of course some professional pictures

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