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Clare for Leah aged 3, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:W200121

The assignment was absolutely amazing, Leah loved all the attention, she wanted to do it again, & again, & again. Leah was asked to walk up and down the catwalk modelling Next clothes. The best thing was that everyone fell in love with Leah, saying how confident she was and how she is so beautiful.

Kinga for Sara aged 6, Ref:G202157

The best thing was my daughter had so much fun during the photoshoot. It was really good. Sara was really happy to work with a great team, she has had a wonderfull day with the other children and an amazing experience.

Kodou for Yassin aged 4, Ref:R219730

Yassin felt amazing and was comfortable in front of the camera, and enjoyed the assignment. Yassin had to play with fellow models, pose in the sea and also eat an icecream whilst wearing of the outfits. The best thing about the assignment was the clothes were really nice which Yassin loved and the shoot was quite natural like she's running and playing. Yassin thinks Models Direct did well with the booking and would like to thank them.

Maxine for Keoni aged 2, Ref:H205891

I am very excited and pleased at how well Keoni did on his first modeling assignment. Keoni had to play with other children (older) on the pier and the beach. He had three outfit changes during this. The photographer was brilliant.

Eleanor for Logan aged 3, Ref:N203313

Logan had to walk down the catwalk wearing three different outfits smiling and waving. He had an exciting time.

Sean for Jessica aged 4, Ref:W221880

Jessica had a lot of fun playing on the beach, & riding on the carousel, the clothes were beautiful. Jessica was asked to play on the beach with the other models on Brighton Pier.

Madia, Model fee: £250.00, Ref:Y214355

It felt amazing being a model for the day. The best thing about the assignment was shooting the commercial. I had to smile at first to show that i thought my shirt was the best but it wasnt so i had to show disappointment after we did that we had to take pictures to show pride and dissapointment. If your thinking of being a model go for it, its an experience of a life time.

Harry, Model fee: £225.00, Ref:O155951

The assignment was absolutely unbelievable. Being a model for the day was so exciting I couldn't wait to get on the catwalk. The best thing about the assignment was the confidence and self-belief that it has given me. I was asked to do Two catwalk shows per day with Bear,(pet cockapoo dog) and had to model some T shirts and Bear was 'modelling' dog accessories

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Cavan, Model fee: £225.00, Ref:C185705

Fantastic first time experience on the catwalk thanks. Being a model for the day made me feel ten feet tall!!!! The best thing about the assignment was the professional team I worked with at the NEC it made me feel very special. I was asked to model three outfits that were for sale at the NEC pet show and take along my pet for the catwalk

Kelsey, Model fee: £170.00, Ref:Z213233

I had an amazing time and loved the opportunity of being on the catwalk. Being a model for the day was exciting and I felt like a star. The best thing about the assignment was meeting and working with professionals and performing on stage to an audience. I was asked to model clothing and perform various sets to music on the Jollyes Lifestage (catwalk). Something I would say to someone thinking of being a modle is it is great fun and a dream come true experience. Lisa was great (the co-ordinator) she kept us informed of all the required details and information.

Joshua, Model fee: £130.00, Ref:N206362

In one sentence I fell it was a really good assignment and enjoyed it thoroughly. It felt absolutely amazing i enjoyed every minute of being on the cat walk. The best thing about the assignment was working with all the animals and friends around us which gave us a lot better performance. I was asked in 1 scene where me and my brother walked up the catwalk with our pet dogs; Molly & Sally and then I handed over Molly to my brother and a solo part where I did 'the worm' otherwise known as 'the caterpillar'. following this, both me and my brother walked off the stage area. We modelled t-shirts and dog collars and our dogs modelled a harness and lead.

Bethany, Model fee: £75.00, Ref:N206245

The assignment made me feel really happy & excited. The best thing was doing cartwheels down the catwalk. I was asked to open the show by doing 3 cartwheels down the catwalk, a one handed crab dressed as a dalmation dog, then the last scene was to model a dog bed by pretending to sleep in it.

Luke, Model fee: £130.00, Ref:N206244

In one sentence I feel great about completing the model assignment. Being a model felt brilliant. The best thing about the assignment Ihave just completed was that I prentended to sleep in a dogs bed on the catwalk. I got asked to wear a collar around my neck and a top, and also I was asked to wear my pyjamas and pretend to sleep in a dogs bed. Some thing I would say to someone thinking of being a models is you really should go to Models Direct because you get looked after.

Elara aged 3, Model fee: £133.00, Ref:H204156

The assignment was great, other models were really friendly and shared their experiences with us. the best thing about the assignment was working with other models, and having a laugh...

Mueez, Model fee: £93.00, Ref:H200243

Everyone was absolutely wonderful and I was very relaxed and able to follow directions well.

Mueez, Model fee: £70.00, Ref:H200243

After the first scene I seemed to relax and flew through the next scenes. I really enjoyed it and cant wait to see it on TV.

Emilia, Model fee: £160.00, Ref:N177803

All went well,it was great! I really enjoyed the experience, and was involved in 4 different shoots. Everything went well and according to plan.

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Mueez, Model fee: £93.00, Ref:H200243

Really good assignment on GMTV. The people there are just wonderful and had a great time.

Mueez, Model fee: £93.00, Ref:H200243

We had a great time at GMTV, everyone there was just so friendly and nice.

Mueez aged 7, Model fee: £93.00, Ref:200242

GMTV Assignment.

Whe we came to the studios we were taken to the green room where breakfast was waiting. Sitting in the green room was an experience of it's own as we got to brush shoulders with Kate Garraway, Andrew Castle, Rachel Stevens and Estelle. Mueez was then given a guided tour of the studios and got to see how everything is put together and edited.

Everyone was really friendly and very nice to the kids especially Henderson, Gyte, Sarah and Mark. Everyone also congratulated them on their performance and said how well both of them did. All in all a wonderful experience. Thankyou Models Direct.

Francesca, Model fee: £93.00, Ref:181985

GMTV assignment

The service and people were fantastic because they were very kind and i enjoyed every minute, they made me feel so important. The experience was wonderful. Thankyou for giving me this opportunity and i hope i get more work like this in the future.

Alexander aged 8, Model fee: £106.00, Ref:K193363

I did very well at GMTV on we where greeted by the presenter. Overall I was pleased with what was asked of me and enjoyed the experience.

Helen, Model fee: £106.00, Ref:179228

I really liked going on TV. I had to model two winter coats on GMTV. The people there were really nice and friendly and I was treated well.
Everything was explained to me clearly and I always knew what I was doing.
I loved the clothes I wore and I think I might buy some of them myself!
It was fun and I would like to do that again. The best part was when I watched myself back because my dad taped it.
It was really cool!

Anais, Model fee: £133.00, Ref:182040

I was the lead singer for Camp Rock and i had to mime into a microphone. I really enjoyed doing this shoot, thank you very much.

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Bruce for Jaynil aged 7, Model fee: £399.00, Ref:136860

The assignment of Kids Chinese Club was exquisite and Jaynil thoroughly enjoyed it.

I can safely say that all the other models parents enjoyed it too. Everybody gelled together which made things very easy for the camera people. This was a great experience Many Thanks

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