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Sarah for Max aged 11, Model fee: £399.00, Ref:156212

Max thoroughly enjoyed his first session ever and it was a fantastic experience for us both. He was in ore about the whole thing and from my point of view it was a wonderful opportunity for him to be given this chance to learn another language which we would never be able to afford for him to take part in.

The whole crew were fantastic and Jim and Tracey did their up most to ensure the kids had a great time and had all their needs met. Daisy was the highlight of the whole 2 days and the kids really wanted to be like her by the end of the 2 days.

The other thing that struck me was that the kids all got on well and have formed a great friendship with each other and all seamed desperate to do it again!! They really believed they were part of the club!

Thanks for the whole experience and for all the help and advice you gave us in the build up we really appreciate it

Semi aged 11, Model fee: £399.00, Ref:192212


I really enjoyed the two days of  Kids Chinese Club. The days were interesting to learn about how the Chinese people speak like and how different their lives are to ours. The language lessons were really interesting but it was a bit harder than I really expected but it paid off. The cultural lessons were really interesting too because we got to meet Daisy's teacher when she was 5, who was Joseph.
Overall, I really enjoyed the two days and it was a great experience.

Lydia for Cristal aged 8, Model fee: £399.00, Ref:164206

The description of the assignment was accurate in terms of what Christal was required to do and she performed very well with what was 
asked of her. Feedback from the Director was very positive. The children all worked well together and formed good friendships.

Sally for Kimberly aged 5, Model fee: £399.00, Ref:168819

Wow, what a tiring but thoroughly enjoyable two days. Everybody was extremely friendly and welcoming, they made Kimberly feel completely at ease.

From my point of view as a parent i thought the whole experience was handled professionally yet relaxed, therefore i was happy to leave Kimberly unaccompanied in the knowledge that she would feel safe and comfortable with the people involved in filmimg.

Sherell for Prince aged 6, Model fee: £399.00, Ref:133808

The whole production team were very nice, Jim and Daisy were just fantastic. They explained everything to us step by step, and also gave us great feed back about how are own children were getting along.

The team was patient with the children and very friendly with them too. Not only was it very new for Prince-Shercar but he has taken a big interest into the Chinese lifestyle and history. He wants to join a judo/karate club, and even visit China one day. I have started to look for a Chinese club for him to learn how to speak it better, as he is very keen to learn it.

Many thanks again for giving him the opportunity to take part in the Kids Chinese Club.

Annie aged 11, Model fee: £399.00, Ref:141306

We all met at the studio on Wednesday for filming.  There was 10 children and Daisy who was our teacher.  Daisy was very nice to all of us!  I really did enjoy myself and also meet loads of new friends.  We had 3 lessons on the first day and then 3 lessons on the second day. I  loved speaking chinese in the restaurant!We had a birthday party for a girl called Jayda it was one of the best lessons because we ate loads of sweties and cake!!:) Daisy was very good at speaking chinese. Also she spoke spanish and french. Tracy was very kind to us aswell who told us what to do. I thought Jim was very funny too! We had to do some retakes because of all the lorries and construction outside also there were loads of police and ambulance's going past and the sirens were going off. I really enjoyed my time with everyone and would really be delighted to go and do it all again!!
xie xie (Thank you in chinese!!) for giving me this assigment!

Jada aged 6, Model fee: £399.00, Ref:154678

Thank you so so much for this first assignment what follows is a brief descriptions of Jada's experience in her own words.
I had great fun during this filming session. I have never done anything like this before in my life.  I met lots of children who were younger and older than me.  It was good because I have made lots of new friends and learnt lots of new things about China and the way they speak. Daisy  (our teacher) was very very nice, it was great to be taught Chinese by someone who is 17 years old. I wish she would be a teacher at my school.  I was sad when filming was finished and Daisy had to go off to Spain, but i hope i can see her again and learn some more Chinese. 
The two days were very long,  I had to get up very early and i did get tired but i tried my very best to keep going, when we were not filming there was a lot of hanging around, but im glad i kept going, because im now looking forward to seeing film at my school with my friends.
Even my mummy had a good time learning Chinese and chatting away with all the other mums and dads.  I've even got e-mail addresses of the friends I've made.
Thank you.

Diane for Robert aged 10, Model fee: £399.00, Ref:166569

Robert had a fantastic 2 days.  He is so grateful to have been given this opportunity it was amazing.  The people were great and made him feel so relaxed.  He would love to do it all again.  Thank you Amy for this assignment.  

Amrit aged 10, Model fee: £399.00, Ref:156324

I’ve really enjoyed myself over the last two days, because I’ve made new friends. Everyone’s very friendly and kind. Thanks very much for your help


Linda for Erran aged 6, Model fee: £186.00, Ref:160905

The day went well with Erran, he enjoyed himself. Everyone at Kits for Kids was friendly and encouraging and made us feel welcome

Sherell for Prince aged 6, Model fee: £160.00, Ref:133808

Here are the details from the Tap Creative Design Agency assignment. David and his team were great, they met and greeted us, explained what we were doing the photos for. They were very good with Prince-Shercar, and he really enjoyed himself. Can't wait to do it again he says. They always checked that we were ok, and they were all pleasant and well dressed.

Many thanks for the experience again.

Claire for Rebecca aged 8, Model fee: £160.00, Ref:153993

Rebecca really enjoyed the modeling work she did today. She said it was more fun than working.

Jodie for Blane aged 7, Model fee: £160.00, Ref:170409

Blane loved his assignment!! He enjoyed meeting the other models, everybody was very friendly! We hope Blane has the opportunity to do more assignments!!! So a big thank you to Models Direct!

Cindy for Bethany aged 6, Model fee: £186.00, Ref:163170

I liked having my pictures taken at Kits for Kids it was exciting. My favourite part of the day was having my photo taken with the whale.                      

Love Bethany

Bethany really enjoyed herself and was continuously complimented on her behaviour and manners by the photographer and staff at the photo shoot. Bethany was enthusiastic, followed the instructions given to her and was very eager to be in front of the camera. Whenever the photographer asked the children who wanted their photo taken first Bethany always put her hand up and replied "me please". She had a great day.


Bruce for Jaynil aged 7, Model fee: £186.00, Ref:136860

Jaynil really had enjoyed the full day and thought it was quite a good experience. He really got on well with the other model named Rhiannon. They got on very well. More again for the future.

Sharon for Sophia aged 6, Model fee: £186.00, Ref:188823

Sophia had fun modelling for Kit for Kids, she really enjoyed herself. The people were very nice and friendly.
Thank you Models Direct.

Angela for Myriam aged 4, Model fee: £140.00, Ref:186243

Thank-you, we had a great day! It was a good intro into modelling with you. lots of fun, very relaxed and informal.Myriam really enjoyed showing off her smile, certainly she felt more confident and we felt it went really well. She got a real boost from it and was quite hyper for the rest of the day.She is well suited to this we are sure and hopefully you'll get good feedback from the client. 

Lorraine for Sana aged 5, Model fee: £140.00, Ref:179645

'It took Sana about 5 minutes to get into it but once she was relaxed she enjoyed herself, she would like to do it again. The client's were lovely people to work with and they said she's a natural with the camera!'

Claire for Josh aged 5, Model fee: £140.00, Ref:189560

Just to let you know that Josh's first assignment went very well, everyone was really really friendly and it was a great atmosphere. Josh had to dress up in school uniforms and use a few school like props whilst having his picture taken, but he was very well behaved and did as he was asked. The day seemed a great success.
Many Thanks

Sheenah for Benjamin aged 7, Model fee: £140.00, Ref:177802

All went well on the 'shoot' yesterday. Benji arrived early at 2.20pm, and was called at 3.30, working until 4.45pm.  He enjoyed the job, and the people were great to work with.

Siyreta for Cheyenne aged 4, Model fee: £140.00, Ref:172200

This morning went really well.  Cheyenne enjoyed it, she had to wear a school uniform and looked so sweet.
The people there were really nice and mentioned that she was very cute, photogenic, made them laugh and did well on set.

Odette for Freyja aged 7, Model fee: £140.00, Ref:184207

We were made to feel very welcome and at ease for freyja's photo shoot by all the team there was refreshments and activities to keep them occupied while waiting her turn. freyja really enjoyed it and is very keen to keep up her modeling. You kept me informed with all times and dates so i felt confident we chose the right agency to represent freyja.

Claire for Leon aged 4, Model fee: £140.00, Ref:186608

We have just got back from Leons first assignment that went very well, Leon really enjoyed it. All of the people there were really helpful and friendly it was very calm and very well organized. Thank you very much.

Sharon for Sophia aged 6, Model fee: £140.00, Ref:188823

Sophia really enjoyed modelling. She found the photographers and everyone really friendly. She also liked the clothes she was modelling very much. Thank you very much. Models Direct.

Samantha for Freddie aged 4, Model fee: £140.00, Ref:172328

Just to let you know, Freddie had a fantastic day on Tuesday, he was doing a shoot for Ladybird Back to school range and i think he did very well, he looked great with the little girl and they both worked really well. This is Freddies second shoot now and i think he is a true professional,  Thank you to the team of Photographers,  they made us feel very welcome and well looked after.
Many thanks to Models Direct for putting Freddie forward for this shoot and we hope there will be many more shoots to come.

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