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Ramone, Model fee: £660.00, Ref:1395

This is my second promotional work at  Penhaligon's London. This time I was placed at the Mayfair store, this was a good experience being in and around New Bond Street.  I learned a lot on this assignment and got to meet new staff at Penhaligons. This promotional work involved me wearing a sharp suite, talking to the customers,  promoting the new sweet fragrance 'Equinox Bloom' and handing out handkerchiefs sprayed with the fragrance.
I am thankful for this opportunity as I was selected again for the job. Another big thank you to Marie my Booking Agent at Models Direct.

Jason, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:1391

HURRAY! Another successful job with Models Direct completed. This time I was doing promotional work for The National Lottery, plus a simple photo shoot but with my unbridled enthusiasm added. The female model I worked with was also lots of fun :) If you ever get the chance to do this kind of work, do it!  I signed up to this agency with no expectations and now 2 years later I am loving life Xxx

Ashley, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:1394

Second time being a model for the day through Models Direct, this time for the Talland Bay Hotel Wedding brochure, very nervous at the start of the day but as always once you've met everyone it's a great atmosphere and I really enjoyed it. Something I would do again. The assignment involved playing a part in a wedding scene - I played best man - with the main cast of a wedding being present. I was asked to pose as the best man in typical best man/wedding poses with the groom, bridesmaids in various scenes.

I would recommend the experience to others, although I'm always nervous and think this line of work is not for me, I always settle into it and feel glad I did it.

Tegan, Model fee: £660.00, Ref:1393

Starting a second promotional  job with Penhaligon's Perfumers in London was fun, I wasn't nervous at all but curious to what I would be doing this time round. It was fun and I loved interacting with new people, I was a flower boy for the Mother's Day event! It was great and I would be happy to do something like this again, as much as I loved it the shoes did get uncomfortable after a while, but it's an experience that I will never forget.
My favorite part of the whole assessment was informing people about  William Penhaligon's and his brand. I had stand outside with a strap board  and hand out handkerchiefs that had the new Equinox bloom (woman's perfume) hoping to get people into the shop to have a look and see what they liked! It was fun!
I didn't learn any knew skills as it was already common knowledge to me yet I would still recommend these promotional jobs to others that want to get confident speaking to people or just want to have something good on their portfolio!
My advice is go for jobs that make you happy and you know you can do well at,  because not everything is for everyone!
I chose Models Direct because of what I had read about them and what they had to offer. They work with so many brands and companies that I would love to work for! That was only one of the many things that led me to these guys! They always make sure your okay and are happy with everything that you're doing! So if you have the Talent I would recommend Models Direct!

steve, Model fee: £170.00, Ref:1392

 Another great photo shoot, for Westminster Recliners this time, Thanks Models Direct!

Herb, Model fee: £175.00, Ref:1373



From past experience, I can tell you that one of the most interesting things  about every assignment is what you learn , whether it's  good , bad or indifferent and especially from the people you will meet and from whom you can learn.
This assignment was one of the latter.
My fellow actors/models fell in to two categories Daniel who is an experienced full time actor and Karen for whom this was her first experience, although you would not have known it.
I would like to thank Daniel who used his acting experience to bring us together and although it was not my first run in front the camera by a long shot, I picked up technique examples that will stand me in good stead for the future, Thank you Daniel! The crew were great to work with and the day flowed seamlessly, lunch was excellent in a local fish restaurant and the venue very pleasant. All in all a really good day out and getting paid on top of that was a real bonus.
The assignment was for  Housing and Care 21 retirement village and we were shown around various accommodation options as if I were considering taking one up, and who knows one day perhaps?! One thing is certain the staff there make you very welcome!
All in all yet another very enjoyable day's work from Talent management, thank you Marie, more please!

Daniel, Model fee: £520.00, Ref:1382

"It's great to be part of a well known organization..."

This was my first assignment for Models Direct was as a promotional model for Penhaligon's London (British Fragrance brand since 1872) As part of their campaign to celebrate 146 years of perfume making, I was required to  hand out copies of 'The Penhaligon Times' (complete in period costume!) to promote the brand and invite customers to receive a complimentary sample in-store.

Initially I was quite nervous, however the staff made me very welcome and as the assignment progressed I felt more confident and comfortable in approaching the general public.

It was a great experience and wouldn't hesitate in recommending it to anyone who is interested in modelling and interacting with the general public.

Thank you Models Direct,  It's great to be part of a well known organization and I look forward to the next opportunity that comes my way.

Dan, Model fee: £390.00, Ref:1381

"Storm & models1 turned me down for being to short..luckily enough I've had the opportunity to work through Models Direct and to say the least, the money ain't half bad!

Working as a promotional model for Penhaligon's was a joyful experience. I was nervous throughout the walk from the train station to work, but everyone made me feel part of the family. If I had the chance to do this again I would jump at it.
Penhaligon's being a perfumers , I would definitely say smelling good for the 6 hours I was there was one of the best parts of this assignment,  talking to the friendly faces in Cambridge was fun too.

Dressed as an Old school paperboy I was directed to give out the Penhaligon's newspapers  to passers by in the street. The manager advised me to do what makes me feel comfortable so I smiled, complimented and directed people to the store once I had sweet talked them.
I definitely gained some confidence from this assignment, walking around Cambridge in a 19th century outfit in the modern world knocks you - but the smiles and compliments I got from people overpowered the weird looks.
Personally I think that, if anyone gets the chance to work for a big company like Penhaligon's , I would strongly advise them to take the opportunity. New people to meet, new friends to make. It's all worth it.
It took a while for work to kick off with Models Direct, but I got there in the end and sometimes these opportunities take time.
Getting singularly picked out to promote a company doesn't happen every day, so it's definitely something I'm going to be putting on my CV for future references.
Admittedly, I'm not good at updating my E-portfolio, but after getting this assignment I want to get some more photos taken so I can hopefully get other jobs.
I got spotted on a train by models 1, I had a photo shoot and they turned me away due to being 5'11. I've had interviews with Storm models and got the same thing - "come back in 6 months time when you've grown" but luckily enough I've had the opportunity to work with Talent Management and to say the least, the money ain't half bad!

Ramone, Model fee: £1170.00, Ref:1380

The Penhaligon's promotion at the Covent Garden store was a great experience. I learned a
lot on this assignment and gained alot more confidence.  It involved wearing an old school paperboy costume, talking to the customers,  promoting the store and handing out  the 'Penhaligons Times newspaper.
I am thankful for this opportunity as I was selected as a last minute replacement model. A Big thank you to Marie my Booking Agent at Models Direct!

Edward, Model fee: £1570.00, Ref:1376

Before I started the Penhaligon's assignment I was excited, yet slightly nervous as it involved talking to random people on the streets and dressing up as a paper boy handing out newspapers to promote the company celebrating 146 years of perfume making. When I arrived my nerves vanished almost immediately, I was met by the staff who made me feel at ease. I was slightly shy at first when talking to people but as the days went on I felt that my confidence was growing, which was one of the main reasons I wanted to do the assignment.
I would like to thank everyone at Penhaligon's and of course Models Direct for booking me on this assignment. I will hopefully be hearing from you soon with another modelling or promotional opportunities, Thank you!

Tim, Model fee: £260.00, Ref:1377

"Extra extra... Read all about it!!"

I first felt nervous on the way to my assignment for Penhaligons, but on arrival I received a warm welcome and felt at ease straight away. I enjoyed promoting for the company and  interacting with potential customers. I would definitely promote again.
The most enjoyable part was managing to successfully get customers into the shop and see that they bought a product.
The assignment involved handing out promotional material and directing potential customers to the store. The assignment was based on a paper boy theme and involved wearing a costume. I feel  I  gained a fair amount of experience  in the promotional environment. Thank you Models Direct.

Luke, Model fee: £1040.00, Ref:1375

" It pushed me to go out of my comfort zone which I really enjoy"


This was my first assignment from Models Direct so I was a little bit nervous especially with having to travel up to London but when I arrived at the location everyone was really lovely and  welcomed me with a smile.
the Job was for Penhaligon's Store on Regent Street. We were asked to dress up as  paper boys which I thought was a really unique and interesting way to advertise their brand.
This was not only a great hit with the public but such a good experience for myself, it boosted my confidence with the general public and also pushed me to go out of my comfort zone which I really enjoy as I believe it's really  important to give all new opportunities a go. I would highly recommend Models Direct to anyone who wants to get into the modelling industry as they are really friendly and informative which so important as this line of work as it can be quite nerve racking but they supported me through every step of the assignment, I've always wanted to try my hand at modelling and I cant thank Models Direct enough for giving me the chance to do so .

Daniel, Model fee: £175.00, Ref:1617

I really enjoyed the filming for Housing and Care 21 today. The director and the crew were very friendly and helpful. We all had featured parts and the director was happy with our performances. The location was easy to find and we had a great lunch. My co star actors were great too, we all got on well. I look forward to my next job with Models Direct.

Ashley, Model fee: £175.00, Ref:1369

Another good days work with nice people and camera crew, shooting for Housing and Care 21.
A very straight forward assignment but a learning experience all the same. Thanks Models Direct!

Dorian, Model fee: £520.00, Ref:1359

It was great to try a different type of work for a change. As a promotional model  for Penhaligon's,
I enjoyed interacting with people, I was a little nervous at the start but the staff helped me out and were very kind to me. Thank you Models Direct! It was an experience for sure!

David, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:1367

As this was my second assignment with Models Direct I felt more relaxed and confident. The photographers are so skilled and in control that they basically make it all seem quite easy.

Shooting for for Westminster Recliners, I had to sit on a reclining chair, a settee and lie on a bed. Not too strenuous then!

I feel I am improving and found the day enjoyable as everyone at the shoot was nice and friendly. Anyone tempted to try modelling should definitely give it a go as it really is good fun.

Tegan-storm, Model fee: £180.00, Ref:1362

I had such a fun time doing the promotional modelling job for Penhaligon's Perfumers in London, I wouldn't hesitate to do it again if the opportunity came up. I was nervous at first but knowing my lines and being ready for the job helped with my confidence.
I was asked to stand outside the store in an 1820's paper boy outfit , approach people as they walked passed and  tell them more about  Penhaligon's and the products. The most exiting part was speaking to all sorts of people and hearing what they thought of it all as well as being complimented on the outfit.
 I would recommend other models and aspiring actors to do promotional work, it's a great environment, interacting with people  will help increase your confidence for future jobs.
My advice to anyone wanting to do this sort of work is always have a good attitude no matter the situation, be chatty, confident, positive, and it will be an experience you'll never forget.
I decided to join Models Direct because I had read lots of good stuff from them and they always keep you up to date with everything. It's my ambition to become a model and actor,  and Models Direct are helping me make my dreams come true!!!

Norman, Model fee: £180.00, Ref:1361

I thoroughly enjoyed my photo shoot for DWP today.  It was well managed and the whole team looked after my needs and directed the shoot very well. I joined Models Direct to add another income stream to my pension. If all assignments are as good as today, I will be pleased to keep on receiving them - please!  Norman

James, Model fee: £360.00, Ref:6102

Working for Penhaligon's was a new and exciting opportunity which I thoroughly enjoyed. Being from Edinburgh originally I must have walked past the store a hundred times and always wondered what the brand was all about. The assignment involved dressing in 1870's attire in the character of a paperboy to hand out the 'Penhaligon Times' and get people into the store to try samples. It's safe to say the experience was well outside my comfort zone and whilst it was a cold weekend I had a great time chatting to people and seeing people smile when they saw me handing out the papers in a cockney accent. I would recommend this experience to everyone and also say that Models Direct are a fantastic agency to source promotional work from!

James, Model fee: £360.00, Ref:11216

Working for Penhaligon's was a new and exciting opportunity which I thoroughly enjoyed. Being from Edinburgh originally I must have walked past the store a hundred times and always wondered what the brand was all about. The assignment involved dressing in 1870's attire in the character of a paperboy to hand out the 'Penhaligon Times' and get people into the store to try samples. It's safe to say the experience was well outside my comfort zone and whilst it was a cold weekend I had a great time chatting to people and seeing people smile when they saw me handing out the papers in a cockney accent. I would recommend this experience to everyone and also say that Models Direct are a fantastic agency to source promotional work from!

Tommy, Model fee: £520.00, Ref:1212

Penhaligon's London was the client for this promotional assignment and the pay was excellent! We were asked to interact with passers by and hand out the store's newspaper, the public were very responsive to our 1920's paperboy costumes and the energy outside of the shop was fantastic. I also made a fantastic friend with the other Models Direct model working with me. I highly recommend Models Direct to everyone. Marie on the booking team was there for me and my teammate every step of the way! Can't praise the agency any more!


Ramone, Model fee: £165.00, Ref:1357

This was my first major video shoot where I was playing 'Jalil' - one of the main roles in the production for Public Health England. The crew were so supportive, especially Alex (director) and Bea (producer).

The atmosphere was pretty chilled, as you would expect in around Shoreditch High Street.

Taking this job has given me a priceless experience and confident boost! It's not like me to take these types of assignments but I had a "why not?!" moment and took the job.

I cannot forget Molly Robinson (Managing Agent at Models Direct) who offered me this booking; thank you very much!

Tommy, Model fee: £520.00, Ref:1356

Working for Penhaligon's is amazing. I have been employed through Talent Management as a working actor and model dressed in 1870 attire. It consists of us standing out in the street handing out newspapers and interacting with the public. "Read all about it" being performed in a cockney accent remaining in character for 6 hours really put me out of my comfort zone and has helped me develop new levels of confidence as an aspiring professional actor. I would recommend this experience to all my friends and Talent Management are a fantastic agency to source promotional work. I look forward to future jobs! And am loving the current campaign!

Aron, Model fee: £520.00, Ref:1355

I decided to join Models Direct  because I heard  very good things about the company from friends who had previously signed up . I wanted to get started with  modelling and now I know, this was the right place to start.

This was my first promotional modelling job, at first I was nervous  as  I didn't really know how to come across approaching  people.
However after my first day I got used to the whole concept and loved it! I loved interacting with customers, getting to know people and having so much fun in the process made it even better!! I've met some great people and made friends with the other Models Direct models, I'm really looking forward to doing it all again!

The assignment involved getting into an old school paperboy character, wearing the outfit,  talking to the public about Penhaligon's Perfumers, making them aware of the fragrance/ brand as well as asking them to come in and try the fragrances on offer. The most enjoyable part of the assignment was making people smile/ laugh and seeing people's day improve by simply saying hello or smiling at them whilst in character.

I feel taking part in this promotion, I've really gained a lot more confidence talking to people and  getting involved with the general public. I would definitely recommend this type of work to others, it really does widen your experiences and gives you knowledge on how to approach people and  and  get them involved with a brand.

My advice to anyone wanting  to pursue modelling would be, go for it!
Its great to have this sort of work experience under your belt and doing things out of your comfort zone will give you an amazing adrenaline  rush.

Words can't really describe the feeling you get when the camera is on you, it makes you feel really good inside and makes you appreciate your life a little bit more. Modelling is such a great thrill and experience, if you have the chance to do it then go for it  because you will regret it if you don't.

Solomon, Model fee: £250.00, Ref:1351

I enjoyed myself during yesterday's photoshoot for Department for Work and Pensions.  A female model and I were required to play an aspirational couple in their home - looking at the laptop in the kitchen and lounge to find a good pension scheme.

The client made us feel very relaxed, and I therefore gained confidence throughout the day.

I would recommend this experience to others in order to explain how important the scheme is.

If you want to be a model, I would definitely advise finding yourself an agent. l am not really proactive in pursuing modelling work because this is only part-time for me. 

Out of the 3 agencies l applied to, Models Direct was the one that replied to me on time. Highly recommended!

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