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John, Model fee: £90.00, Ref:Z202098

The assignment was great fun. the first time I had done anything like it. Getting to do something completely different from normal was appreciated.The assignment consisted of doing a mini catwalk around a clothes store as part of a promotional, red carpet, event. 4 outfits walked through the store.

Ed, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:M186411

It was really good fun working with a team of people on the same project. Was nice to see that the chosen picture was suitable for their needs. The professionalism of the photographer was encouraging in helping me perform to their expectations. I was asked to pose behind a sandwich for a series of shots for an advertisement, the project was well explained and I knew what was wanted.

Jahmel, Model fee: £121.00, Ref:Z201535

I started of by doing some filming for GMTV. We were all waiting around a TV to watch it on the news, it showed at 8am and again at 8:30am. The client was really friendly and the designer of the gown (Ben de Lisi) showed an interest. I felt like I could be doing this everyday as a full time thing. The best thing was that I was apart of a really important campaign with the NHS. I was proud to be apart of it.

Shaun, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:X150334

The client made me feel welcome, I had a cup of tea because I was early(amazing) I was then taken in to the shoot. I had to put on these hospital gowns which were a tight fit. The photographer then gave me direction with the designer on what they wanted they were very pleased with shoot which then made me feel great. The shoot was in a fantastic location I have never been to that part of London before. I loved being a model bring on more!

Tim, Model fee: £90.00, Ref:M175456

It was something a bit different which is always interesting. The photographer asked me to sit in front of time lapse cameras and pull various facial expressions in order for them to record the range of expressions a face can pull. Then a scanner was used which takes a number of shots per second, with the result being a complete 3D scan of my head. Very relaxed atmosphere and I look forward to seeing the final results once the animation is added.

Gordan, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:Y208134

The assignment was great. I had to dress up as God of War for PS3. Promoting with John Doe. I got to meet celebrity DJ's like Chris Moyles from BBC Radio and Dave Berry from X FM etc.

Damien, Model fee: £90.00, Ref:K186827

The assignment was great I really enjoyed it, it was amazing, the best thing about assignment was the photographer was really professional and was very helpful as I was asked to sit and make faces of different ways as he took photos of me which would then be turned into 3d it was really great and I enjoyed it .

Richard, Model fee: £90.00, Ref:K205251

The best thing about the assignment was to be doing something different. I was asked to to sit and make various facial expressions which were photographed. The client was polite and helpful, he made myself and Tom (model) comfortable and explained what he wanted.

Marcus, Model fee: £105.00, Ref:P228792

Its always good to feel like a model, my assignment involved promotional work in a store. I was asked to walk around the the whole department store with the company magazine to show to customers what products they offer and where the company is located in the store. Some customers were interested and some were not. The staff from the company were very helpful and were a pleasure to work for.

Tom, Model fee: £90.00, Ref:K205759

The assignment was really good fun and interesting throughout. Its was great to have the reasons behind the assignment explained as well as demonstrated afterwards. During the shoot I was asked to make various expressions.

Glen, Model fee: £90.00, Ref:Y239811

As a model I was required to sit in a chair and pull different facial expressions for a 3D scanner. This was my first assignment and felt everything went smoothly. The client gave me positive feedback, and the assignment in my eyes was a success. 

Daniel, Model fee: £90.00, Ref:L125356

It was a great experience I had a lot of fun and thoroughly enjoyed it. The best thing was doing something different from my normal job and having fun with it. I was asked to do various facial expressions.

Timothy, Model fee: £90.00, Ref:L233748

Well I had great experience at the assignment. I felt comfortable doing this shoot because it was a way to develop my model career, the more experience you get the more better you become. I felt also good about this because i was one of the first person to do a shoot with this new company. Cant wait for my next assignment, thank you models direct!

Steven, Model fee: £90.00, Ref:D242521

The best thing about the assignment was having the 3D dimensional image done of me, it was great. I was asked to make about 40 different poses and facial expressions and was photographed by 4 synchronised digital cameras in the portrait position, 2 cameras either side of the stand. It was good to see the workings of up to the minute technology!

James, Model fee: £105.00, Ref:F193409

The best thing about the assignment was the people I met. I was asked to greet the customers as they entered the store and offer them drinks.

Ubed, Model fee: £210.00, Ref:Z211994

It felt really good doing promotional work for a high end company and also representing for Models Direct in a professional manner. Best thing i would say was being able to work in a great atmosphere and interacting with the customers in a respectable manner.I had to meet and greet customers with a smiley face, Offer them refreshments, Walk around the department store handing put leaflets about the company and mentioning about the sale: Promoting.

Alexander, Model fee: £105.00, Ref:P209752

It felt great to be a model for the day, it's always a good feeling to work as a model and I enjoyed it very much. It was a very simple assignment and was not demanded to do too much, the employees of the store were very friendly and it was a good experience. We were simply asked to meet and greet all customers into the furniture store in order to give a warm and friendly welcome. Once and whilst the customers were in the store we simply asked if they were okay and to see if they needed anything to make their visit pleasant and to see if they needed any assistance.

Sam, Model fee: £210.00, Ref:A234776

The assignment was good fun! I spent the two days with people my age and we all enjoyed working together. The task was promotional work as opposed to modelling but was still a good experience. We had to hand out leaflets for a furniture promotion and meet and greet the public outside of the House of Fraser store, Bluewater.


Florin, Model fee: £210.00, Ref:F202998

The assignment was great and I felt good being a model for the day. I was asked to meet and greet customers.

Raymond, Model fee: £240.00, Ref:N165130

Second assignment with the Natuzzi and once again, great team to work with, friendly and supportive. Best thing about the assignment is that I felt I was encouraged to take on more responsibilities and get more involved in the business.

Charlie, Model fee: £180.00, Ref:Z240305

The assignment was good, would definitely do it again. The coordinators and photographers were very chilled and quick got everyone relaxed and for the most part having fun. We were put in groups and pairs shots in the cinema, in the foyer, in the bar and entering and leaving the main entrance.

Carlos, Model fee: £180.00, Ref:Z234592

The assignment felt great, i wish it could happen every week. The best thing was meeting new people, and friends.I was asked to pose, smile, sit on chairs do couple shot, walk up and down aimlessly. it was simply fun..

Andriy, Model fee: £180.00, Ref:V231747

My first job for models direct, I absolutely loved it. It was an amazing experience and a lot of fun. I have met a lot of new friends and the clients were a lot of fun and are well down to earth. The shoot was very professional and i was treated well by the client.

Andrew, Model fee: £240.00, Ref:Z222435

This was my first assignment i didn't know what to expect, however as soon as i arrived i was instantly made welcome. It was pleasing to know that i had been specifically chosen for this assignment. The best thing about it was getting to interact with new people, and represent a major company, this made the day exciting from start to finish, allowing me really enjoy and take pride in my work. My assignment required me to meet and greet customers on arrival, and help them settle and feel comfortable for the duration of there shopping experience. I was also required to hand out drinks.

Raymond, Model fee: £240.00, Ref:N165130

The assignment was great, I worked with a very friendly and helpful team. I had to offer the clients drinks and answer questions where possible.

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