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Kevin, Model fee: £267.00, Ref:P202599

The assignment i just completed was fine, very enjoyable. The best thing about the assignment was meeting the other models. I had to wear beach type clothing sitting in deck chairs pretending to post a voting form. They wanted me to do more shots but ran out of time as some else needed the room, they initmated they may call me back.


Toby, Model fee: £280.00, Ref:F160690

I recently did this assignment for Columbia Sportswear they were very polite and looked after me from the minute i walked in to the minute i left. Was a bit rushed due to the Clients in a rush but felt it went well... Like i said it was a brief experience (45mins) but i very much enjoyed doing the modeling and felt i was needed for the client. The best thing about the assignment was Meeting new people and seeing how life is in a different industry. I was asked to wear some Snow/Ski Jackets for the clients so they could see what they looked like on a person rather than just on a hanger. If your a people person and don't mind being looked at, then go for it... Its good fun and the money is great! With regards to the assignment Amy was in constant contact with me and she was there if i needed to ask any questions.

Seong, Model fee: £210.00, Ref:Z206221

The photoshoot went very well. People were very nice and friendy there. I really enjoyed myself as well. the other model was also very supportive.
The clients seemed very pleased with our work.
Working with Modelsdirect is always fantastic.
Thanks again.

Toby, Model fee: £60.00, Ref:F160690

I had to model winter clothing line, this consisted of me wearing a variety of Snow/Ski Pants and various jackets, so that a buyer was able to see what they looked like on a person as well as seeing them on a hanger...
I very much enjoyed this experience and the Clients were very welcoming, I was there roughly for an hour and 45mins and it flew by. I look forward to possible doing this again...

William, Model fee: £186.00, Ref:Z198817

This was my first assignment and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The staff were really friendly and
made me feel very comfortable and welcome. Over the period of the two days the company seemed pleased with the work I did. Thank you for arranging this assignment for me and I really enjoyed my first assignment experience and hope there is many more to come.

Stuart, Model fee: £186.00, Ref:P178837

My assignment co-ordinator made me feel at ease. When i got there, the company representative was pleasant and informative. The staff made me feel relaxed and comforable in front of the prospective buyers. I had a pleasant time.

Seong, Model fee: £185.00, Ref:Z206221

I really enjoyed the assignment alot. The place had really stunning surroundings. The people were so nice, they made me feel comfortable. The photographer and the clients were satisfied with the result.

Greg, Model fee: £195.00, Ref:R195648

The photo shoot was brilliant. Ireally like working with professionals. I enjoyed it so much. I'm really looking forward for the next assignment.

Sachin, Model fee: £259.00, Ref:K204587

I had a fantastis day. I really enjoyed the company with the crew on board. The team was happy with the shoot which really made me happy. I am also looking forward to doing similar assignments again. Thank you for giving me such a wonderful experience.

Tiano, Model fee: £195.00, Ref:V188341

Photoshoots took place on a moving train/ Railway between Victoria station andGatwick airport back and forth several times, using many different angels, poses, lights, casual & elegant outfits, individual and group scenarios. I really enjoyed it, great experience, with lovely and friendly people, thank you for the opportunity.

Glenn, Model fee: £195.00, Ref:A178933

I just came back from the photoshoot for the Gatwick Express train line. I had a wonderful day! Everyone involved was so friendly and professional!I really enjoyed myself and can't wait for my next shoot!!!

Kubilay, Model fee: £195.00, Ref:V159643

It went well! i thoroughly enjoyed being with the other models, looking forward to taking part in other assignments. 

Harry, Model fee: £133.00, Ref:L129170

The job went very well. The client & the photographer were extremely professional and were fully aware of the shots they wanted, clearly having done the wrk many times before. A pleasure to work with.

Kevin, Model fee: £133.00, Ref:202599

All people met were friendly and relaxed. The shots covered:- Voting at an booth handling/considering the ballot paper selection, Placing the voting paper in the ballot box, In an office situation discussing donations to a political party and Outside as a politician talking to passers by in the street. I believe these may be used on their website, promotional material and publications.

Edward, Model fee: £186.00, Ref:C184343

The team made me feel welcome and relaxed, i met two other models. I was then taken upstairs for make-up then it was time for the first photoshoot which went well. the second shoot, it was fun arranging the positions and getting the shots right.This was my 1st experience in modelling and i fully enjoyed the day!

Henry, Model fee: £186.00, Ref:J169807

The photoshoot went well. It was fun & good experience overall. Thanks for your help in arranging this appointment.

Bradley, Model fee: £133.00, Ref:F203015

Went up to the GMTV studio for the fashion section and had a fitting. Met up with everybody involoved, they were pleasant and helpful. 

Jatesh, Model fee: £67.00, Ref:N177240

I enjoyed my photo shoot at Londis, the photographer and his team were really nice, and easy to speak to. I don't think I could say anything bad about the day at all, everything went well and can't wait to do another job,
Thank You

Ben, Model fee: £67.00, Ref:O142021

I had a very enjoyable day with the photographer he was a real pleasure to work with and made me feel very comfortable. I loved the type of images he wanted to do. I enjoyed the experience. Overall I had a great day, I think the photographer is great and I hope I get some work like that again very soon.

Andy, Model fee: £133.00, Ref:K149402

Overall the assignment at Aspinalls in London was good fun, the other models were very easy to work with and the whole day was very professionally orchestrated by Andrea. The assignment which worked out well.

I would happily do more promotional work for Aspinalls, they are a nice, friendly crowd and very welcoming.

Thanks again for recommending me,

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Adam, Model fee: £133.00, Ref:P181513

 All the guys were really nice, so had a good laugh as well as doing the shoot. I did a number of different outfits, most of which were provided, so they had all of that sorted. For each outfit i had to do some video as well as photographic work, Everyone was very accommodating so i really enjoyed it! everything ran smoothly and the day was very enjoyable!

Franz, Model fee: £160.00, Ref:E133358

I really enjoyed the day, working with the other models, and also the photographer and his colleagues. It was well organized.

Adrian, Model fee: £160.00, Ref:P179283

I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  The cast were a good bunch to be with and the photographer and their support crew were relaxed, friendly and very professional. All in all a good time, certainly for me.

Adam, Model fee: £133.00, Ref:181513

When I got to the studio there were already other models working so I had to wait. I got my make up done and started with the photo shoot indoors and outdoors, the photographer seemed really pleased with my pictures, then I went into the other studio where they were filming, I was asked to dance and move around, they had music playing it was really fun. I was a bit nervous at first but everyone was really friendly and made me feel comfortable. I had a good time and everyone seemed pleased with my performance as a whole.

Chris, Model fee: £133.00, Ref:138682

The job went very well yesterday. We did several shoots around the club starting with the rolls royce and ending up in the dining room.
I believe that the client was very happy and got all the shots she wanted.
Many Thanks, hope to get more work from you soon.

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