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Mohamed, Model fee: £133.00, Ref:195786

I was welcomed by the cameraman and coordinator, everyone was great to get on with. I had a chat with the others and then got on with the shoot. I had a nice time, everyone was great to get on with. I would like to say thanks to all at the shoot I had a very good day. It was great to chat with the rest of the models and the photographer was very professional, I didn't even know he was there when he was shooting. The coordinator was very helpfull.
Overall, a great day out.

Finn, Model fee: £160.00, Ref:177586

Was surprised how well I got on with the other models, it was good fun and something that i would like to do again. Thank you for arranging the assignment for me.

Shaun, Model fee: £133.00, Ref:150334

The photographer gave us all superb direction which made the assignment very easy to accomplish and they were very pleased with what they had shot. Not only do you get paid for a great job you also meet new people which is so interesting. I found the whole experience fantastic and would love to carry on with this type of work as much as possible.
 Thank you very much again.

Gary, Model fee: £160.00, Ref:176722

The client was very helpful once again in directing us in what we should do and I thoroughly enjoyed the day. The photographer got some great shots.

Tiano, Model fee: £160.00, Ref:188341

I would like to give thanks to you for giving me the opportunity. I had a great time, I met lovely and professional people, we all had good fun, and they have treated me kindly and fairly. I believe I did well, they were satisfied with me.

Neil, Model fee: £160.00, Ref:178511

Had a great time and we all had a good laugh and gelled together well. I look forward to some more assignments!!

Simon, Model fee: £160.00, Ref:185422

I had a really enjoyable day, got on really well with all the other models and the photographer and his staff, looking forward to the next one.

Simon, Model fee: £160.00, Ref:177702

I had a great time. It was slightly daunting at the start with but the other models, crew and photographer made it so relaxed and good fun. The other models and the photographer were great fun to be around, everyone was so friendly and we had a good laugh! Would like to say thank you to everyone at Models Direct for the experience, and it was a day I will always remember. Many thanks again and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Gary, Model fee: £133.00, Ref:176722

The job went well, the client was extremely professional and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I feel that I did a really good job. I hope.

Sandeep, Model fee: £133.00, Ref:183088

The assignment went well and i thoroughly enjoyed it. The clients made myself and the other models really welcome.

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Chris, Model fee: £160.00, Ref:194216

The clients were really friendly and a pleasure to work for and the photographer had some great ideas and really good direction, and all the other models were really nice and great fun to work with. So once again I'd like to thank you and Models Direct for another great day and hope to be doing another soon.

Dan, Model fee: £160.00, Ref:190393

I thought the photographer and his team were super-friendly, and the booker was a pleasant guy as well. The day was great fun and met with some really nice people.

Chris, Model fee: £160.00, Ref:148548

We did lots of pictures, then did quite a few pictures there involving various scenarios. All in all it was a great day. It was good fun and I would like to do it again, many thanks for booking me in.

David, Model fee: £160.00, Ref:197655

I was advised by Models Direct to be enthusiastic, listen to directions and have fun. I followed this advice and had a very positive experience. At the photo shoot the clients made us feel very comfortable. The other models were very friendly and it was interesting to hear about the other assignments. We all enjoyed the experience and at the end of the day had the satisfaction of a job well done.
Best Wishes,

Gareth, Model fee: £160.00, Ref:202425

I found the whole day professional and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to working with you again very soon.

David, Model fee: £160.00, Ref:197655

 Everything went well. We were photographed drinking in a pub. The photographer seemed happy with the way things went.
Look forward to hearing from you again.

Chris, Model fee: £160.00, Ref:148548

It was really nice pub/restaurant. We took loads of pics there then we went to Rugby for the next shoot. All in all it was a great day with everyone working well with each other. Many thanks again it was fun.

Chris, Model fee: £160.00, Ref:194216

The clients are really nice guys and hope I get to work with them again in the future. I really enjoyed myself, got some really good shots of us pulling the beer off the shelves in the Tesco store.
Want to say thanks again to you and Models Direct for another brilliant assignment and really look forward to representing Models Direct in the not to distant futures.

Steve, Model fee: £160.00, Ref:171797

The shoot went very well we did a tour of different pubs in oxford and rugby. Both the photographer and clients were professional and friendly. Also made me very comfortable which made for a fun good shoot.
Thank you once again

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Gary, Model fee: £160.00, Ref:176722

This was a great day - all the models interacted really well together and I found myself laughing all day long.

The photographer was great and I think everyone worked really well together.

I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Simon, Model fee: £160.00, Ref:185422

Just did a photo shoot for Youngs Bitter with Models Direct where we went to three Pubs in the Bedford area and  was  photographed drinking and generally having a good time ,the other Models i really got on with and the Photographer and his Staff were really friendly and put me at ease with the whole experience ,Thanks very Much to all involved
Look forward to the next one

Tiano, Model fee: £160.00, Ref:188341

It has been a wonderful experience again, I have learnt a lot, had a laugh and fun with the others

Paul, Model fee: £173.00, Ref:131523

It was an excellent day and we were very well looked after by Cecil, Gerard and the staff at BAT training centre. Considering they had to shuffle the schedule around because of the poor weather, we ran very much on time. The lunch was superb and refreshments were freely available throughout the day. It was a very slick operation and it was clear that Cecil and Gerard had a good vision of how they wanted the end product to look. I would welcome any opportunity to work with them again.

Barney, Model fee: £193.00, Ref:152441

I have just completed a photoshoot at Burton Agnes Hall in Yorkshire for a catalogue-what an amazing place to shoot! 

We were really lucky with the weather too so even had a picnic on the lawn!
I've had a really fun day, shooting in the house, gardens and pool!  Looking forward to seeing the results.

Alex, Model fee: £152.00, Ref:196533

Both days went very well, all involved were friendly and professional . I was given clear instructions of what was required of me and I feel I performed accordingly. I would be happy to work with them again.

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