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Lee, Model fee: £300.00, Ref:1342

We had a shoot with Mattressman on 17th Dec 15.  We arrived at the studio not entirely sure what the format of the morning was, but everything quickly became clear.  We were warmly invited, briefed and got into bed!  Overall a fun shoot to do.  It involved several different themed shots in a bedroom set.  Ideas of shots were already in mind and we were directed in that sense.  It was very easy and comfortable working with the photographers and end client.  Thanks Models Direct!

Tom, Model fee: £300.00, Ref:1343

I was booked by Models Direct for a shoot for a hair product down in Bournemouth which went very well. I was filmed applying the product to my hair from different perspectives. The shoot only lasted a couple of hours but was enjoyable, the PR and production team were very pleasant which created a comfortable vibe on set.

Jake, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:1313

Thanks to Models Direct for my recent booking with Mattressman.  I really enjoyed the day!

Adam, Model fee: £200.00, Ref:1296

It was exciting beforehand although I was a little nervous as hadn't be photographed in this type of setting.

I was asked to pose for photographs with a wheelchair user and another model as though we were on a day out walking around a couple of lakes, promoting fun and enjoyment for wheelchair users through the company Invacare. We were asked to smile and look like we were telling funny stories or making jokes and end up at a bar.  It was a lot of fun and I would be happy to do it again. I enjoyed just acting as though I was on a day out so feeling the photographs were natural. I felt like I learned to relax a little more when being photographed.

I would recommend the experience to others as it was fun and you can learn things about yourself to improve your modelling.

I joined Models Direct just to fulfill an ambition as some friends has suggested I should try modelling.  My advice to those looking to break into the industry is to never give up and remember that some of your photographs in your e-portfolio might not suit certain clients, but will be very appropriate for others.

Dorian, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:1324

It was good to be chosen for an assignment again by Models Direct, even better knowing I was the only one chosen!  Everyone at Wahl UK was nice and welcoming, and I was only required for the hair demonstration for a little while. I would highly recommend this agency for anyone starting off - definitely give it a go, it will be worth it!

Mcleon, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:1322

Overall I was pretty calm all  because I had done similar things before but I would love to do it again, so thank you Models Direct!

This photo shoot was for Transport For London, we were asked to act natural and just let the photographer take pictures, the most enjoyable part was definitely meeting the other models
I would love to get more assignments like this as it is a great way to build confidence and your portfolio

Ashley, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:1318

My latest assignment  from Models Direct  involved  three video shoots for International Workplace, demonstrating  CPR / AED and the recovery position for an e-learing video. The assignment was enjoyable and Mark/Tanya and Gary were very helpful and we all had a laugh. Although I have not been as proactive promoting myself as much as I could  due to lack of time, I do always enjoy my time on assignment.

Lee, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:1309

This was my first assignment for Models Direct. I joined these guys to gain some confidence and also earn a little extra money.  I was a bit nervous at first, but the crew on the shoot were so professional and made me feel very relaxed.  They told me exactly what to do and how to stand, look and act. I was required by a healthcare company to pose as a bicycle technician to show people that although I look as though I am going about day to day tasks happily, I also suffer from psychological issues that you can't necessarily see. I would definitely recommend joining Models Direct - they are friendly, organised and professional.

Vincent, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:1317

The overall experience  was great! I went there a little nervous but once  I met everyone,  it went smoothly and  felt like I knew the other models for years.
The job was a Transport For London photo shoot, it involved myself and other models acting like a group of friends on night out in different locations around Oxford Circus. The most exciting part of the day was probably getting through the awkward stage of getting to know everyone.

I decided to get into modelling with Models Direct as a lot of people were telling me to try it, so that's what I did!
I would 100% recommend the experience to others as you meet great individuals from all over. My advice to someone trying to pursue something like this is:  Do not over think it, listen to direction and be your-self.

Darren, Model fee: £220.00, Ref:1293

I had a fantastic shoot today for Clinical Skills Pro.  It was totally what I expected and more - the team were great and made feel fill right at ease, the body painting only took about 3 hours in total and I was taken care of and asked if I wanted anything regularly.  I learnt a lot about the human body today and was captivated by the information which I was required to portray physically.  I loved being part of what turned out to be a very unique experience. Thank you Talent Management for the opportunity!

Ifzal, Model fee: £200.00, Ref:1279

Working for Invacare was my first assignment with Models Direct and also my first time doing paid modelling work. The job consisted of real life activities, focusing on Invacare and the chairs they make for disabled people. Myself and two others had to pose as a group of friends - chilling out, talking etc as you would do with your mates. The shoot took place in various locations - in a coffee shop, busy shopping center, Cardiff Bay and the glee comedy club.    I really enjoyed my time on the photo shoot and I would love to do this type of work again, as I thought I did well and the photographers and the team were all happy.

Ramone, Model fee: £175.00, Ref:1278

The assignment on Saturday in Oxford was a different and unique experience for me as I had to play a superhero character 'Pump' for Medikidz, a medical communications company.  Seeing the Oxfordshire greenery was fantastic. Abby, the director of the assignment, was absolutely lovely to work with; she ran through all what was needed of me and made me feel comfortable straightaway. The location for the assignment was at Oxford's Crown Plaza Hotel, which if you don't know is a beautiful top class venue.  Overall, loved everything about the Medikidz assignment. A BIG shout out to Molly at Models Direct, I appreciate you so much and thank you very much for putting me forward for selection.

Tommy, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:1262

I had the best day working on a wedding shoot for Victoria Mitchell Photography just outside of London. The female model was amazing and the creative team were so nice. The shots reflected the energy on the day; just magical. Thanks Models Direct, I would do it all again tomorrow!

Herb, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:1263

The one thing I can say about the assignments from Models Direct is that they are to say the least varied. I have been filmed on furniture, in a holiday park, retirement home, NHS hospital and now a very beautiful garden. Exbury Gardens in the New Forest is really something else and if you read this you might well consider a day out there, because that is how long it will take - but what a day!  Now to get back to the job in question, it was organised down to the last detail by Susie James and photographed by Barry and Sandra Whitcher.  We had a route to follow (myself and my colleagues from TM - Emma and The Tomlinson family) and the photographers followed us as we found our way, with Susie's guidance around this glorious location, stopping every so often at a particular place of special interest, then a picnic lunch, and finally the piece de resistance a ride on a steam train, with Barry running alongside the
train, only to disappear into the undergrowth and emerge further down the line for more photographs.  This assignment was different from any of my previous work with TM but very enjoyable, it was a pleasure to work with Emma again and I will certainly be going back to Exbury Gardens in the early summer for a repeat visit, but this time at my own expense.


Dorian, Model fee: £200.00, Ref:163447

It felt great being a model for the day, I was nervous when I got there at first but then when I started to make conversation with everyone that was there, it made me feel more confident. The best part of shooting for Steelcase Furniture was meeting people you would never usually meet and making new friends.
I had to make it look like I was studying with my fellow models and  was asked to do what I would normally do when studying.
I gained a lot of confidence throughout the day, I would definitely recommend this experience to others because it is a great way to interact and meet new people. For anyone that is thinking to join an agency, I would say go for it, it is really enjoyable work and you get to go to some amazing places and meet so really great people. I personally joined Models Direct because I saw that they gave opportunities to so many people and the feedback was very reliable.

Dean, Model fee: £200.00, Ref:165755

Shooting for Steelcase Furniture was my first shoot for Models Direct. It  was so fun and easy, I was nervous to begin with and worried I wouldn't get things right but it was so simple and the people there were great, so nice and helpful.
I made friends and enjoyed myself, I learned that you don't have to be nervous or  worry of how you look, just  be natural. Some advice I would give is: be yourself and do your best you can, it's all you have to do! I can't wait for my next shoot!

Ramone, Model fee: £400.00, Ref:164369

This was my first assignment outside London; Cambridge to be exact, doing a photo shoot for Steelcase furniture. It was an awesome and eye-opening experience!
 At first, I was a bit worried about finding an easy route but obviously Google-Maps stepped in and sorted it.
In this assignment, getting outside of my local area, meeting the other models, directors and photographers etc,  was fantastic! This experience is a 'must recommend' from me.

This is only my second assignment but with every assignment my confidence and modelling skills grow; so more assignments please Models Direct!
For any and every assignment, I would advice anyone and everyone to simply relax, listen to and follow the instructions, by doing this, you feel comfortable straight away and things work a lot faster.

I joined Models Direct because I was and still am excited and curious about modelling, I cant wait for my next job!

William, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:165307

The assignment for Crate Co Ltd required me to work as a commercial model, however I also have the ambition to take up acting roles aswell as catwalk.  On the day, I was a little nervous beforehand as it was my first time however I soon got into swing of things and relaxed.

I was required to model with a small Dachshund which was new and great experience. I enjoyed getting to know 'Kai' the dog.  The aim was to model Topless with 'Kai' in a fully lighted room standing up, kneeling down and lying down holding Kai close to me.  I learnt how to work with difficulties/challenges around the dog to produce great results for the camera, especially by using treats and holding the dog in a comfortable position which has now increased my confidence in front of the camera whilst working with animals.

I would advise new models to prepare properly - bring makeup, body cream and other body products as spare in case of any disruption, for example I was scratched by the dog very lightly causing white scratch marks meaning I had to touch up a little to maintain smooth and even surface skin tone.

I would recommend this type of assignment, a particularly good experience for new faces.

What made me decide to join with Models Direct was my ambition to to work in the modelling industry on the side while working on my day job as a Rocket Engineer.  I've enjoyed keeping fit at the gym and have been approached twice by Hollisters as well as competition runners who suggested I approach some modelling agencies, and I decided to go with Talent Management. The finance is always helpful too!

Stuart, Model fee: £200.00, Ref:160571

I was really looking forward to the job mainly because, we were not told who or what the scenario was about due to confidentiality agreement.
I was informed by Models Direct  it was a "well known energy company  So therefore I was intrigued and excited about what was to come.

Most enjoyable part of the shoot was getting to know everyone. As it was a small crew with only a couple of models, we all got on very well and in fact the photographer and I had a very good friend in common. So we had plenty to chat about.

I think in any new assignment you will always gain new skills and confidence IF you are prepared to listen.
If someone I knew was thinking about doing modelling, I would indeed recommend for them to go for it, especially if they had self confidence issues.

My advice would be to join an agency that you have good feedback from.
Models Direct has offered me the opportunity gain great experiences. This particular job I indeed, enjoyed immensely. Thank you.

Gregory, Model fee: £200.00, Ref:164548

At first, I was a bit nervous about what to do but when I met the people I was working with, I gained confidence and really enjoyed the day as well as  making new friends.

The assignment involved modelling  modern table and chairs by Steelcase furniture  whilst pretending to be students.

I would recommend joining an agency to anyone wanting to get in the industry, because it was a really enjoyable day and lovely meeting new people.

I joined Models Direct because I got told by a lot of people I should try modelling as I  have an unusual look. I look forward to my next assignment!

Nathan, Model fee: £200.00, Ref:165572

The day began with an early start, getting a train from Nottingham to Cambridge at 6 am.
As this was my first  modelling shoot I was nervous as well as tired, however as soon as I got to the venue I felt extremely welcome.
I worked with a young team of models from Models Direct, who were all nice and very easy to get on with.
The shoot consisted of us acting as students in a classroom, advertising Steelcase Furniture.
The producers were extremely keen on making the set look as futuristic as possible with iPhones and iMacs spread across the set. We kept getting told we were doing an amazing job and were able to finish early because of it.
It was an unforgettable experience and I throughly enjoyed it. To others new to the industry, I would advise to be optimistic, not everyone in the modelling world is strict and harsh as portrayed on  TV, also try and be your self , relax  and all should go well.
I've been with Models Direct under a year and have already been put forward for paid work. So this is a promising start. I hope this is the beginning of bigger and better things.

Lukasz, Model fee: £200.00, Ref:162684

The day was fantastic. I was a little bit nervous before the assignment started but as soon as it started I was all fine. I had great fun and definitely would do something like this again.
I enjoyed every minute of the day but the most enjoyable was when I had to express feelings, this was really fun.
I was asked to pose as an office junior together with two more office colleagues. When the shots were taken I was asked to portray that I was very hot and angry because of the heat.
Taking part in assignment gives new life experiences and more confidence. I would recommend such experiences to everyone. It is so different from everyday  life and a real pleasure to meet new people and to be able to find yourself in new situations.
I would recommend  modelling  through an  agency such as Models Direct  as this gives you many  more opportunities and advice is always available if needed.
My dream is to become a professional model and Models Direct helps me to make my dream come true.

Peter, Model fee: £200.00, Ref:166004

I had a really great time on my first commercial assignment, for Steelcase Furniture, I believe I have gained alot more confidence because of the people I was working with. I would recommend working with Models Direct as this is my 2nd job In the past month which is great and I can't wait for the next job. This really is a job to get up In the morning for.

Andy, Model fee: £200.00, Ref:158840

Taking in a role as an actor for this Steelcase shoot,  was great fun, it gives you a chance to be someone that you are not normally which is great fun and very enjoyable. I was a bit nervous to start with but then I soon got into the part, relaxed and had fun . I'm always happy to act given the chance.

 Acting as a professor of a college was good fun. I was mainly seeing that the students were doing there studies and listen to them interacting with each other about other assignments.
I like to think I always gain new skills  and continue to have more confidence in what I do.
I would recommend to others to give this a go,  being an actor will brings out a talent you didn't know that you had and show what character you have so  it's well worth while. Go for it!

 Signing  up to and agency like  Models Direct is good, they are very helpful in so many ways and  they will get you going in the right direction so its definitely worth while. . I know that I need to do a bit to my portfolio which I hope to do very soon.

Harry, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:51346

I took part in some catwalk modelling for Ansar Rahman - a very good experience all round!  Thanks Models Direct.

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