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Al, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:R698621

It was great fun being not only being part of a team advertising and marketing a new product, but also being the face of that product.  The most enjoyable part of the day was working with a very expensive car (Tesler) and the cameras, which brought a lot of interest from people passing by.  The assignment was for a brochure linked to the car and was shot outside with lots of different locations and actions.  As this was one of my first shoots, I learnt a lot about working with the photographer and the client to get the best shot as well as the benefit of making it fun. I would this recommend this experience to others, especially if you like being in the public eye, as people will be interested in what you are doing.  My advice is remain adaptable, have a good sense of humour and enjoy what you are doing. I recommend joining an agency like Models Direct because of the feeling of being valued and having a professional team to support you. I joined the team to try something completely new and I am now pursuing a long term ambition.

Ray, Model fee: £175.00, Ref:P602160

This was the first assignment for me and to be honest, I was a bit nervous beforehand. I ended up however, having an interesting and enjoyable day, gaining more confidence as the day progressed.  This was down to the photographer, Bob, who was a decent bloke and very helpful.

The assignment was to have photographs taken for literature and posters etc, advertising and explaining about mobility vehicles. The initial photographs were taken in the shop, where an assistant was explaining the workings of a mobility scooter, and then I had drive round the shopping area (part of it was an pedestrian area and also road) of Worthing whilst photographs were taken as I maneuvered through people and obstacles, looking at shops etc. This was the most enjoyable part of the day.

I learnt a lot about myself and that you have to get into a different mind set when doing this type of work, and just be confident in your own ability to adapt to different situations.  I am very social, outward going and quietly confident so I like being the centre of attraction which comes with this type of work.

I would definitely do it again - I had a great day and would recommend my agency Models Direct to anyone!

Jason, Model fee: £130.00, Ref:BM695018

I had a great time being a model for the day - the people I worked with were fantastic and we had lots of fun shooting. The setting was superb and the area was full of sublime natural beauty. I was so happy to get the phone call from Models Direct - modelling is something I have wanted to do for a long time and I was very pleased with the outcome. Looking forward to my next assignment with Models Direct - thank you!

Daniel, Model fee: £100.00, Ref:R686320

It was great doing what I love (acting) for such a great cause. I was not nervous beforehand because of how at ease the company I was working for made me feel prior to the job, and I was working with professionals who had done it before who eased me into it.  Interacting with the kids was my favourite part of the assignment.  The day involved playing superheroes for KS1 AND KS2 students to teach them about their bodies and different diseases that could affect them or those around them.  I learnt a lot of new information that I would have otherwise forgotten had it not been for this assignment.  I would recommend this experience to any one, it was brilliant from start to finish.  It is a great move to join Talent Management - I have been offered assignments that cater to my performance skills. Ambition made me join up, and I hope it will make you too! :)

Josh, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:BM610067

My video shoot yesterday for V2 Cigs was my first assignment through Models Direct.  I was very impressed with the way everything was handled in advance by Molly, the Bookings Manager - she was quick to respond to any queries I had and passed all the details of the job to me with time to spare for me to make my travel arrangements (sounds basic I know, but believe me it doesn't always happen with other agencies!) The job itself was a lot of fun. We were filming an advert for e-cigarettes. The crew and other 2 models were really nice to work with and it was set in a lovely country house. All in all a nice day's work.....let's hope all my jobs are like this one!!

James, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:R664694

I really enjoyed the half day 'speed dating' video shoot for an e-cigarette brand.  I was bit nervous beforehand as this was my first video assignment, but I had a great experience and the people were really nice and fun to work with. I have always wanted to be a model/actor and thanks to Models Direct I can now pursue this dream.  I am very much looking forward to my next assignment. Many thanks, James

Mazin, Model fee: £100.00, Ref:CA648980

I had great fun on my video shoot for Delta Airlines, who booked me to play the part of a Pirate.  There was a full filming crew and production team on site, so everything was organised. The place itself stood on a grand complex area of compounds split into lots of studios and stages, so the challenging part was trying to stop someone to ask them where Studio C was!
The part of the acting I enjoy the most is preparing for the character. It can often bring absurdity and finesse within the comedy when a character comes to life.  There was a costume department person and make-up team who were all on standby. The essential part was just to get down to some role playing and getting an idea of the storyboard, as well as listening attentively to the Associate Director and the instructions between takes. Scheduling was another important factor, so nailing it everytime was also essential.

The job had a good lenient approach, not too much of a militant style but enough to keep everyone on their toes! The set designer often coming on stage to put the nooks and crannies onto certain areas as often when the overall creative magic and entire vision came from the Executive Director and somewhere very rarely when he came up to say 'good fellas, keep the energy up'.

Character wise, I think for a Pirate is exploring his weakness which is the gold and the infamous treasure chest so we had to appear like scavengers with a hawk eyed prey for anything bad!

I absoutely love Models Direct, Molly (the Booking Manager) is always endearing over the telephone and I enjoy staying in touch with the team. It is recommended to always put the latest portfolio pictures and description as you never know what opportunity is around the corner!

Adam, Model fee: £220.00, Ref:Z511246

I had a good experience on my shoot for Avalon Vodka Untamed & Protege International and was treated really well.  I was a little nervous beforehand but was put at ease by talking with the staff over coffee. I created a number of poses and expressions in a soldier outfit to advertise the product.  It was very fun, so something I would definitely do again. 

My advice to others looking to work in the modelling industry would be to keep an open mind and enjoy the experiences.

Thanks Models Direct for the opportunity!

Aizat, Model fee: £450.00, Ref:1026

I was very grateful when receiving news from Models Direct last week - that I had been booked to work as a promotions person in the local area to promote a good night out in our region.

I was booked alongside a female model who I had previously worked with - we are both outgoing and energetic people which helped towards making the job a success.  We were instructed to put up large posters in local shops and bill boards and to hand out flyers to people who we thought would be interested in the night out we were advertising.  We interacted with lots of people on the streets of Great Yarmouth and got lots of interest for the event.  Lots of people we spoke to were not actually from the area, but were still appreciative of the information for future reference and we found that the public really enjoyed our face to face style of promoting the event.

I really enjoyed the work and it has helped me conclude that face to face promotion is the best way to sell an event - the public definitely enjoy some good old fashioned direct communication and a warm and friendly face. I would jump at the chance to do it again as I am very much a people person and I love being on the move.

I highly rate Models Direct as an agency - they have been very helpful in kick starting my modelling career and I can't thank them enough for this!

Ryan, Model fee: £180.00, Ref:P673776

On the way to the shoot I was very nervous, as I have never done anything like this before. Once I arrived however and met the other models it was like I had known them for ages - everyone was really really approachable and welcoming. It would be difficult to say what the most enjoyable part of the assignment was as every aspect of the shoot was absolutely fantastic.  Meeting the other models was great as it was most of their first time also, so we all seemed to click and get on well together.  We were given a variety of tasks - pretending to meet and greet our "parents", followed by being served dinner.  Much of it was filmed as well as still shots being taken. We then went to the spa and pool which was magnificent and we couldn't have asked for better weather!  Beach walks were included as well as cycling, playing in the sea with our "children" and we finished with a wonderful picture of us all on the edge of the sea.

I've always found myself to be fairly confident, but never in front of camera as much. After this experience that has changed.

I would most certainly recommend modelling to others as I had such a great time and meeting new people is always good. The locations and different scenarios the client provided were brilliant. I'm really glad I didn't bottle out like I thought I would!  All I can say is go in with a relaxed attitude and make the most of your time - enjoy the experience many other people would only dream of and let your hair down. When I receive the photos I will be putting them straight on to my portfolio, as there were some excellent shots taken.

I joined Models Direct as they seemed the most popular and organised agency around. I have only been with them a couple of months and they have already got me my first job. Really really happy!

Antony, Model fee: £180.00, Ref:R670540

I had a wonderful time at the shoot, the people doing the filming were very helpful, and my fellow actor / models were terrific, we all had great fun - meeting new and interesting people is always a pleasure!

We were playing the part of a family enjoying a holiday at Medmerry Park, a large holiday complex of chalets on the South coast near Chichester. On the first afternoon, I was joined by three other models. I played the part of the grandfather, a charming lady played my wife, a very nice young man played our son, and finally a beautiful young lady played his wife (our daughter in law). We all became great friends. The next morning we were joined by two lovely children (a boy and a girl) playing my grandchildren. We swam, rode bicycles, enjoyed a jacuzzi, paddled in the sea - all the things a family does on holiday.

This is the first time I have been on a film shoot, previous work has been studio stills. This was a great new experience which taught me a lot.

I would certainly recommend this experience to others, it was great fun. I would advise anyone wishing to work in the talent industry to sign up with Models Direct and to have the best possible portfolio with excellent professional pictures. By all means use any contacts you have to pursue work yourself too. Keep in touch with your agency, let them know you are keen and willing to work and build a rapport with them. I was recommended by a friend to start modelling - obviously the money is a bonus, but I wanted something new and exciting to do - and to meet new people.

Gaetano, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:BV645175

I loved my assignment with Penny Dreadful Menswear.  Everybody was nice, friendly and professional and made me and my other colleague feel relaxed.  The experience was fantastic - I was required to model a new brand of boxer shorts on a sailing boat with various poses and tasks. I would like to thank Models Direct for this opportunity.

Adam, Model fee: £220.00, Ref:Z511246

I had a good experience on my shoot for Avalon Vodka Untamed & Protege International and was treated really well.  I was a little nervous beforehand but was put at ease by talking with the staff over coffee. I created a number of poses and expressions in a soldier outfit to advertise the product.  It was very fun, so something I would definitely do again. 

My advice to others looking to work in the modelling industry would be to keep an open mind and enjoy the experiences.

Thanks Models Direct for the opportunity!

Steve, Model fee: £200.00, Ref:BT599341

I modelled for Inspired Homes for the day.  The location was a very beautiful house in North London, and the shoot involved six of us having various photos taken in different rooms of the home.

I wasn't nervous as this was my 4th modelling assignment with Talent Management, so I feel as though I'm getting a little more confident and comfortable after each job, and gaining more experience is helping me a lot.

Photos were taken of myself and a female model, acting as though we were a couple enjoying our new home.  This was new for me but I adapted fairly quickly. The other models and crew members were very friendly and easy to get along with, which helps towards being relaxed for the shoot.

I enjoy modelling a lot and the variety that comes with it, it is always a little different to what you've done before which makes it that much more exciting to do.

Joining Models Direct has been an enjoyable experience and one of the best decisions I have ever made. It is a great organisation and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in modelling.

Jake, Model fee: £200.00, Ref:1005

This was my first job via Models Direct and I hope it is the first of many.  I got a last minute call for a shoot in London and after agreeing to the job I received all the relevant documentation very swiftly with all the correct info including the postcode and contact numbers. The client I was shooting for was very professional and the day went as smoothly as can be hoped for.  I was modelling for a high end floristry company in London alongside 3 other guys who were all a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend anyone to sign up with Models Direct and I hope to receive many further jobs through them.

Tom, Model fee: £220.00, Ref:BC540461

I had an enjoyable shoot yesterday with Avalon Untamed Vodka - great crew to work with and the set was interesting.  It was very different to previous assignments I have been on, which provides a bit of intrigue.  A good experience - thank you Models Direct!

Hayden, Model fee: £220.00, Ref:A563188

It felt great once again to get a modeling assignment with Talent Management. The location was exceptional at a racing stables with a clay tennis court. The assignment involved modeling for a designer called Freddie Parker with another female model. We both had lots of fun together and the team made us feel very relaxed.  It's not as easy as many people think being a model, but it's something I feel very comfortable with.

Lamin, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:Z513723

I had an amazing day on set on Saturday, shooting for Level39.  The crew were fantastic, the cast were brilliant and the location was number 1!  Molly, of Models Direct, is the best agent ever.

Daniel, Model fee: £200.00, Ref:3046MK8

It feels good to tell people that you are a model and you have an assignment coming up.  I wasn't nervous at the shoot as I have done modelling previously.  The assignment consisted of doing simple poses, pretending to play with a phone, look happy, look deep in thought, enthusiastic.  The most enjoyable part of the assignment would be interacting with the photographer to understand the poses he wanted me to perform, we made a lot of jokes and had great fun overall.  I didn't learn anything new at the shoot, however it was good to brush up on my skill set.  All in all, this is something I would definitely do again.  I would recommend the experience to all aspiring models, the photographer was a pleasure to work with.

Richard, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:C683372

This weekends photo shoot for Level39 was my first assignment, but I was with my wife Michele so I was not too nervous.  It was great fun!  The other models were really interesting and from diverse backgrounds.  We all got on really well and chatted easily which made any nerves disappear - it was more like hanging out with a bunch of friends.  The client was really friendly too and put everyone at ease.  The photographer was there but not there - you hardly noticed him and this also made the whole experience really relaxed.  I found that I gained lots of condidence throughout the day and I would definitely like to do similar work again.  Thank you Models Direct!

Andrew, Model fee: £360.00, Ref:P528124

The two day shoot with Latham Trust was a great experience.  Myself and the other models posed as a family on holiday at a caravan park and, despite a cold first day, it was really fun.  I have done some similar work in the past and this was a good confidence booster to help me back into it and has certainly encouraged me to stay on top of my profile to gain more assignments like this.  Models Direct made it easy in terms of organising and sourcing the work, so I just turned up and got stuck in. The best part of the assignment was the shots of our 'family' on bikes - I could have done that all day!  The children and women there with me had not done any work of this kind beforehand and clearly enjoyed the experience too. I am very glad that I got involved!

Martin, Model fee: £360.00, Ref:P573163

The assignment was a 2 day photo shoot for a brochure promoting holiday caravans in Skegness.  I knew that I was going to be a member of a family and was relieved to find I was the Grandad (as I'm 57)!   The other models and the real parents of the children were very friendly and the photographers made everything relaxed and were good fun to work with.  We were asked to play out various scenes of a happy family on holiday, which involved sitting out having meals, playing games with the children and a trip to the beach to get ice creams.  A few of the models were more experienced but we all gelled and got on well and one of the most satisfying things for me was hearing the owner say that he was really pleased with the shoot.

I signed up with Models Direct because I thought it might be an enjoyable experience and very different to my normal life - this assignment, which was my first, was both those things.  Thanks Models Direct - I will update my portfolio now in the hope of getting more work like this.

Mazin, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:CA648980

A fabulous session, I did not anticipate just how enjoyable the experience would be. A few of us stayed behind because we got on so well!

The location had a spectacular view across London. The best part of it was getting paired up and then through just a natural flow of conversation with one another, the session had already got underway!
It was amazing because we were having a conversation with each other without realising that photos were being taken in the background.

Philip was just looking at a casual dining experience with a backdrop of the stunning views behind and various shot preparation of the mise-en place that was prepared for us on the tables.

We were asked to sit and talk at the small tables. Dishes and glasses of wine were then brought out to the tables from the lovely Sarah and we were then asked to keep a conversation going as much as possible. As simple as that!

We then went over to the larger round tables to accommodate for a larger group sitting and were asked to the same throughout with the person sitting next to us. We had a group meeting in one of the more contained private rooms where we asked to perform bodily and gestural type communication whilst paying attention to the lead person at the front when they were communicating back to us.

For Executive type work, I would recommend taking with you a change of clothes as there could be specific scenes required for certain ideas. Also, keeping to a clean, professional attitude throughout as well as paying attention to listening to further instructions from the photographer really helps. If you are someone who likes to have a conversation then rest assure that Models Direct will be key to finding your future success in leading work out there. A person desiring to get into the field of modelling doesn’t need to have the look seen in films or TV - they just want people who they are at ease with and can relate to.

Rob, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:K571280

Having just taken part in my first photo shoot I thought I'd better put pen to paper, to explain how much I enjoyed it. I was lucky enough to be selected to attend a photo shoot for the Canary Wharf Group, for a marketing campaign for Level 39.  Although a little apprehensive on the way to the assignment, any concerns I had were quickly forgotten once I'd met the other models and the photographer.  They were all fantastic.  The assignment involved us posing at work and socialising in various locations on Level 39.  Although we were photographed almost constantly for over three hours, the time flew by.  The chemistry between us models was amazing and the whole photo shoot felt very natural.  It was hard to believe we were being photographed and that for many of us, it was the first assignment.  The assignment reaffirmed to me why I joined Models Direct; to have fun, meet great and interesting people and to give modelling a go.  I'd definitely recommend it to one and all.

Keith, Model fee: £175.00, Ref:BV616636

Yesterdays shoot with Mobility Operations was a fantastic experience for me. I have never done anything like this before. I was nervous but everyone was so nice and friendly which made it so easy.

I enjoy meeting new people and this was an excellent opportunity to do just that. I was having my photograph taken as part of a customer’s journey when acquiring a new car. Everyone was so organised the time flew by so quickly.

This was my first assignment and I do hope I get the opportunity to do more,..

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