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Herb, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:155533

The weather was fine and dry on the morning of my most recent photographic assignment, just as well as there is little or no shelter in the deserted canyons that make up the Banking District of the City of London.   Myself and my model colleague Pat had been booked for an advertising campaign for LINK, with a view to emphasise the need for taking care to make sure you keep pin numbers safe.  As with all the assignments given me by Models Direct, it was really enjoyable especially being the focus of attention of the increasing numbers of passers by as time passed, particularly those who needed to use one or other of the ATM's we had taken over for the shoot.  They do say everybody has fifteen minutes of fame, perhaps this was ours!  Working with Pat was a pleasure and I would like to compliment the crew Charlie Best and Josh Hughes for the excellent preparation, tact and patience they showed throughout - I hope we can all work together again!

Aakash, Model fee: £200.00, Ref:G4236BR2

My video shoot with The Walt Disney Company was great, and I am look forward to doing something similar again!  Myself and another dancer were asked to choreograph a short dance routine in a couple of hours, and then had to perform this with the 'presenter' of the TV show on camera.  Every time I complete an assignment, or perform in front of cameras, my confidence grows and this particular experience taught me to how think up a choreography to the music under time constraints.

I would definitely recommend this type of opportunity if you are interested in performing arts. Being placed on an assignment by Talent Management will give you an opportunity to increase your network of contacts, as well as really learn what is expected of a professional performer!

Steve, Model fee: £200.00, Ref:BT599341

I was a model for Vogel's Bread today which I thoroughly enjoyed.  Photos were taken of me enjoying a breakfast meal with the bread.  It took a bit of getting use to but I was fine once I got going, the photographers were nice and made me feel very comfortable.  The most enjoyable part of the assignment for me was acting out how enjoyable the bread was - I had to pull certain facial expressions which was funny in itself! 

I would recommend Models Direct if you're considering a modelling career - they are a reputable agency and very reasonable in their joining fees.  I personally joined Models Direct to gain some experience in the industry and I have always been very happy with their service and how clear and easy to use their website is.

Keith, Model fee: £180.00, Ref:152741

My second assignment with Models Direct was relatively short notice.   I was asked to take part in a fashion diversity photo shoot by a student at the University of Central Lancashire for her end of degree project.  I had to wear some of my own clothes and the rest were provided by the client.  The shoot took place in a purpose built studio which was a new experience for me and it enabled me to learn about the use of lighting etc.  It was a little nerve racking as the client had been let down in the past by one of her previous models, but I was so pleased to see the relief and then excitement on her face after a few photos were taken!

I think everyone should at some point in their lives try modelling.  My contact at Models Direct (Molly) is very approachable and having that contact at an agency is invaluable.  I decided to join Models Direct because it was on my '50 things to do before I turn 50' list - and it turned out to be a great decision!

Daniel, Model fee: £200.00, Ref:M201203

It feels good to tell people that you are a model and you have an assignment coming up.  I wasn't nervous at the shoot as I have done modelling previously.  The assignment consisted of doing simple poses, pretending to play with a phone, look happy, look deep in thought, enthusiastic.  The most enjoyable part of the assignment would be interacting with the photographer to understand the poses he wanted me to perform, we made a lot of jokes and had great fun overall.  I didn't learn anything new at the shoot, however it was good to brush up on my skill set.  All in all, this is something I would definitely do again.  I would recommend the experience to all aspiring models, the photographer was a pleasure to work with.

Chung, Model fee: £200.00, Ref:M158631

My photo shoot with Infinite Realities was really good fun.  I'm not a nervous person so I was really relaxed.  I've been to a few castings before so I knew what to expect. This assignment involved 3D photography - I was surrounded by cameras to capture every angle of me, as well as taking some stationery and motion shots.  The process was very quick and the shoot was complete in half an hour.  The most enjoyable part was completing the 3D shot and speaking to the photographer - he was a friendly down to earth guy.  I'd certainly love to do this again, it's good fun, you meet a variety of people and explore the country at the same time as usually it involves travelling to a destination.  I enjoyed learning about 3D photography which is very different from the conventional methods, it's really interesting to see technology being integrated into this field.  Learning to relax is something important at photoshoots and also good posture.

I'd certainly recommend this experience to others, as you get to meet a variety of people, gain confidence in yourself, and experience something different.  The advice I'd have for someone is to follow what they believe in, be committed and dedicated. Most of all just enjoy what you are doing.  I understand it's a difficult industry to get into so it's useful to take as many bookings as possible while you're available.

I would definitely recommend going through Models Direct as they will source work for you which would otherwise be very time consuming, especially without the networks they have.  Models Direct were advertising the assignment so I made contact with them.  They were extremely helpful and easy to work with.

Thanks, Chung

Robin, Model fee: £180.00, Ref:BM563483


I was a little apprehensive about this assignment as I was asked to play the father of a family on holiday… There were six of us in total - grandparents, parents and two children, and we spent the day as one might on holiday, relaxing and catching up. I haven't worked with others before but this experience was a lot of fun as we basically spent the day pretending to be on holiday in the blazing sunshine!

I learnt a lot about the different challenges of working with a group (including dogs!) as opposed to being on my own, but the other models were really nice and we all got along well during the various shoots. It was also a novelty meeting my wife for the first time and being introduced to our children! The shoots took place in a chalet, having a picnic (playing swingball and badminton with the kids), having lunch, and finally splashing around in the pool and jacuzzi - as far as work goes it was a good day!

The shoots were all done using film rather than stills, and this was a new experience for me. I think I prefer this technique to straight stills because it's much easier to capture realistic moments rather than staged images - I think we were all able to relax and get on with things whilst the camera was rolling. All in all we had a lot of fun, it showed me a fun side of the industry, and it was great to meet new people and extend my family!

If every Models Direct assignment was like this I'd be a happy man!

Mohamed, Model fee: £125.00, Ref:BQ604757


I felt fabulous working on this assignment from Models Direct. The team was very friendly and the atmosphere was fantastic. Alex the photographer was pleasant and he really got everyone going. Everything was nice and relaxed and I had fun playing the businessman – I think my versatility really came through.

Edward, Ref:R622780


Having been a member on Models Direct for only a few months, I wasn't expecting to get work so soon. I was really excited (if a little nervous) when I had the call from them. Having arrived on location my nerves were instantly put to rest having met with a very knowledgeable and friendly photographer and a welcoming client not to mention the other models.

It was a multi location shoot but the preparation the photographer had put into it prior to our arrival made for a smooth and well planned out day. It was a relaxed friendly environment. The majority of us were fairly new to modelling and this made the day even more enjoyable as we swapped tips, ideas and generally got to know each other. It was a fun experience, not just for the financial gain but also for the experience independently. It has certainly helped boost my confidence and appetite for future assignments.

One piece of advice I would say is, remain flexible. I was called up last minute, and situations changed on the day. Thankfully on the advice of Models Direct I had plenty of clothes to change into that were out of scope to the original assignment.

To anyone thinking they have what it takes I'd say go for it. Through doing just one shoot I've had my initial investment back and so now anything on top is profit, but more importantly the experience itself it fun, enjoyable, varied and interesting.

Francis, Model fee: £275.00, Ref:A519498


After a small hiatus of just forty (yes, folks - FOUR OH!) years it was good to be back in the modelling saddle again on Tuesday. I had just about given up hope of getting a job as I signed up with Models Direct ages ago, but everything comes... as they say.

Although the assignment was about 150 miles from where I live, as luck would have it, it was near my sister's, so I was able to stay with her the night before.

With only a little Sat Nav guidance I found the venue easily enough, and was glad to arrive bang on time - at what turned out to the (rather beautiful) home of the photographer, Andrew, who had a studio set-up in his basement.

To say I was nervous would be an exaggeration, but stepping into an unknown situation and meeting new people always feels a mite tricky. However, Colin and Rachel from the marketing company made their friendly introductions and put names to faces and explained who was who and what the job entailed. Before this, I only knew I was to be 'a doctor' and that there would be a female 'patient', but that was about all. To amuse the others, I brought along a photo of a shoot I'd done back in 1971 when I'd last posed as a doctor - a very junior and more hairy one than now.

My 'patient' turned out to be Jenny, who was expecting her A level results this week, so was very much in the grand-daughter category in relation to my advanced age. This was her first ever job, so I felt doubly the old soldier, and determined to try and help to make her feel at ease. He mum was with her, reading Jane Austen to pass the hours of waiting.

The product turned out to be a new range of asthma inhalers, and we were to pose for shots to be used in the promotional material in the Europe-wide launch due later this year. One can't help but be a little impressed that one's image is going to be distributed around so widely - but our heads were soon brought back to earth when we saw that the product was going to be very much in the foreground of the shots and our images would appear, very blurrily in the background! Still, no matter, a job's a job and we're not doing this for our own self-aggrandisement. At least one felt that this product might improve the many thousands of asthma-sufferers - my youngest son being among them. In my former modelling days in the early 70's, I was often struck about the irony of being well paid to promote stuff that usually amounted to luxuries for the developed world - when at the same time my day job involved working with London's thousands of street-dwellers...

So, to the job itself - Jenny and I were perched on a couple of bar-stools in front of a mock-up of a typical GP desk, and instructed NOT to bump into the scenery, which was very precariously erect! (I nearly blotted my copy-book a little while into the session, when I put a hand on the bench to shift my position on the stool, and the whole lot wobbled as in an earthquake, nearly giving the photographer a heart-attack!).

So the shoot started, with Jenny and I being asked to move a hair up or down or to one side or the other, and we worked through the six different products in the range. This took a painstaking few hours, with a break for coffee, and later, lunch. (Incidentally, despite being advised to bring our own tucker, we found that this was kindly provided by the client.)

Really, one has to become like one of Nick Park's little plasticine models of Wallace or Gromit, and surrender one's mind and body to be manipulated as the photographer and director want. I think a model needs to go very much with their flow and listen very carefully to instructions and not make any suggestions of one's own unless the moment is exactly right. This might imply that there is minimal scope for creativity as a model - that one is like paint or brushes to an artist, and this is largely true, especially if one is new to the game. One also has to be prepared to be thick-skinned if one picks up comments when the shots are being picked over to select the best... one can sense if one's efforts are being appreciated and most photographers and directors are good at encouraging and acknowledging - one usually knows if they're happy with one's modelling.

One major innovation since I last modelled is of course the use of digital photography and the opportunity it gives to assess each shot instantly on a laptop screen. However, although this may make things more immediate (and I guess more economical) it doesn't mean that models don't have to concentrate. Time is still money and no technology can compensate for uninspired posing... a word which in itself is more often the butt of humour, but which anybody involved in the business knows is the very essence of the exercise.

At one point, when Jenny was flagging a bit, I whispered to her "This is the easiest money you'll ever earn" Not really true in one sense (see above) but she got the point...

After several hours, our task completed to the satisfaction of Andrew, Colin and Rachel, we all went our separate ways, possibly never to meet again. But, as anybody who has been involved in any kind of creative endeavour knows, one feels an instant sense of camaraderie in these situations, and a little sense of loss when it's time to say goodbye. In fact, because I was needed for some solo shots, I never got to say goodbye to Jenny, my fellow model - which I regretted, as I wanted to wish her success in life - with her A level results, her ambition to go to university, and of course any modelling she does in the future... but she might just read this...

Why did I seek to revive my modelling career? Not just for the money, not just because (I confess!) I'm a natural show-off - more because it thrusts one into new and completely varied little adventures and gives one encounters that often linger long in the's looking forward to the next one!

Sanna, Model fee: £180.00, Ref:BM611724


To be honest at first I was a bit nervous, but I soon began to feel comfortable thanks to my colleagues and the photographer. I had fun and really enjoyed it and I would love to do it again. The assignment was to act like we were watching a movie in the cinema.

I learnt a lot from this experience and would recommend it to others because you gain new skills, have fun and you meet new people – it was amazing.

I have always wanted to be a model and a football player from a young age, so when I moved to London I made some new friends. As I got to know them better I told them about my dream to become a model and they recommended Models Direct to me. I joined this agency because I want a career in modelling.

Richard, Model fee: £125.00, Ref:P599646


I have just had a fantastically entertaining day meeting some great people! I also learnt a lot about business, advertising, photography and PR. Am I overstating this? No, here's why…

Today was a photo shoot to capture images to promote a new kind of travel concept to as many people as possible. The job was to create believable and positive images featuring all ages - from children to the retired golfing type. We had a lot of fun creating characters with specific likes, dislikes and dialogue, so that they came to life and were not wooden or static. For myself I have come to call this the art of modelling. Colour, tone, gesture, light and shadow, it all matters and all of it is fascinating.   

We also acted as a group of passengers, this was really enjoyable, so much so that it seemed a shame to have to stop...! We were being picked up outside the various houses which required subtle modelling and acting, each place asked for different body language and slightly different social niceties.

Joining an agency is vital, only an established agency can match someone to the array of clients many of us would never think of approaching.    

Would you like to do this?  I can only recommend it - it is fun but hard work, needs stamina and a love of detail.  Ideally you need to have interest in life in the broadest sense... and be willing to learn and adapt. Like any other skill or art, there is a lot to learn.

Models Direct offers the chance to create and update an e-portfolio - the essential ingredients are excellent pictures and other media... the agency has a neat saying, asking whether you would employ yourself?

Believe me, it is worth the effort!

Kalu, Model fee: £125.00, Ref:P530658


When I arrived at the location the client explained the role I was to play in a shower promoting a special kind of wash cloth. This was my first video shoot but due to the previous experience I have had with photo-shoots made possible by Models Direct I was not nervous. I was able to just get on with it straightaway and it was really fun doing different poses in the shower - and having a good free wash!

This experience has encouraged me to work harder, not just to be a model, but to also pursue a career in acting. I know with an agency like Models Direct that dream will be a reality - but remember it’s competitive in this industry so be ready to work hard. This agency can help you gain experience to fulfil your ambition, if your interest is in this industry join them.

Rob, Model fee: £111.11, Ref:BM611695


It was a very interesting day and a completely new experience for me as I had never done anything like this before. I had to climb right to the top of one of the biomes at the Eden Project and pretend I was pointing at something. I had quite a small role but I found it most enjoyable when getting involved.

Everyone on the job was very welcoming and friendly. I was very nervous at the start because I had no experience or confidence in that environment, but I quickly relaxed and enjoyed the experience. I joined up with Models Direct just to see what, if anything, might come of it. I would definitely recommend others to give it a try as its all good fun and I would advise anyone interested to join an agency and just see what happens. I personally need to be more proactive in updating my e-portfolio as hopefully more opportunities will come from this.

Andy, Model fee: £275.00, Ref:BB578404


I would recommend this experience to other people thinking of joining the happy band of Models Direct! Being involved in the photo shoot was great fun and an opportunity to watch a project evolve. The clients that hired us were extremely friendly and supportive and succeeded in generating a warm and welcoming environment. The shoot itself was very relaxed, mostly due to the manner of the photographer who set up all the lighting and staging of the shots with the minimum of fuss and with more than a touch of humour. My own speciality was "man looking into cupboard" and I never realised there were so many ways to position your hand on a cupboard door. In all, for my first assignment it was great fun with lovely people and I would not hesitate to do something similar again.

Marc, Model fee: £180.00, Ref:Y513588


I had a really good day with some nice people, both in front and behind the camera. The assignment Models Direct arranged for me was for Cineworld and its partners Starbucks in one of the screens, foyers and cafe areas. I had the impression that it might be for a corporate brochure. The photos were shot with and without 3D glasses in screen, walking through foyers and gathered around coffee tables. All in all, a pleasant and entertaining day!

Darryl, Model fee: £130.00, Ref:BB578386


I met up with the other models and the client and the atmosphere was really relaxed and had a good vibe. The assignment involved me modelling different kilts along with a stand-in wife and daughter.

The overall experience was really enjoyable and the photographer was very good to work with. He had some great ideas - as did the other model who was playing the part of my wife - and we were able to bounce some good ideas around.

I've come home feeling on cloud nine, I would really love to pursue more projects with Models Direct and I am so grateful in their faith and trust in supporting me and putting me forward for projects.

When looking for an agency to join I searched on the internet but just found lots of showcase agencies - I knew then that I should just leave the search and let the right agency find me. However, three days later I stumbled across an advert for Models Direct which I had to look at twice before the penny dropped! I contacted the team later that day and within a week I was offered a 3 year superstar contact.

I would recommend this service to anyone, looking to either gain some extra money, or to work through self confidence and self worth issues. With Models Direct it’s effortless, so much goes on behind the scene that doesn’t even affect me – I am so grateful.

Herbert, Model fee: £275.00, Ref:A569183


This is my fourth assignment on behalf of Models Direct and one of the many interesting experiences on an assignment is the locations you work in. This one was a top floor apartment in a converted warehouse in Docklands with magnificent views of the City of London.

The assignment was for IMC Healthcare Communications and was a photo and video shoot highlighting a new product, a medical patch. The shoot involved four models and the atmosphere was very friendly and professional, not quite clockwork but almost.

We were made very welcome by Zoe, Sarah and Colin, who together with photography and video teams gave us all the encouragement and direction needed to make the day both successful as well as enjoyable.

The more jobs you do the more you learn, but one thing is always the same, listen to the direction and follow it as closely as possible. For someone like me in retirement these assignments are like a working holiday, really enjoyable and if you envy me there is an easy answer, sign up with Models Direct.

Jaroslaw, Model fee: £180.00, Ref:Z258779


I was feeling very good on the day and I wasn’t nervous at all. I had fun and it is definitely something I would like to do again. I was playing the part of a builder and was asked to paint walls or fix lights and other similar activities. I learnt a lot and I would definitely recommend others to join Models Direct for the money, ambition and experience.

Shujaa, Model fee: £250.00, Ref:R592778


At first I was nervous, as I didn’t know what to expect given that this was my first assignment, but meeting the Action Images team and the other models made it really easy for me to just get on with the job. The best part of the assignment was having the pictures taken and acting out scenarios - the experience as a whole was brilliant. The assignment was for the FIFA 2014 World Cup campaign. We were asked to wear colours of the teams that were participating as well as having our faces painted. Once we were all dressed up we had to pretend to celebrate a goal, or jump in the air etc - acting like fans would at a real game. I gained a lot of confidence, as the team made it really easy for me to be myself and just get on with it. I would definitely recommend my experience to others, in fact I already have because I got a lot out of it, and it would be nice if others could so as well.

I would highly advise anyone pursuing a career in the talent industry to join an agency, as it just makes the whole process much easier and for a fraction of the cost. My main reason for joining up with Models Direct was because my friends told me I should do modelling and this agency was very appealing to me. I don’t regret it one bit.

Steve, Model fee: £200.00, Ref:BT599341


I decided to join this agency as it looked like a great agency to join; they are very reasonable in price and very professional. This was my second assignment as a model for the day organised by Models Direct, so I was not as nervous as I was the first time round. I really enjoyed the shoot and would really like to take part in a photo shoot again.

Playing the parts of a Surgeon and Radiographer were the most enjoyable parts of the assignment for me. Pictures were taken of us of doing various job roles within the NHS, so we wore different uniforms to demonstrate this. We played the parts of a surgeon, radiographer, doctor and even a patient, and pretended to use equipment and tools that would be used to represent each job.

I learnt how to act and improvise on this assignment and I would certainly recommend others to do this - you'll have fun, enjoy the
shoots and get to meet new people. I joined mainly to get some experience, why don’t you join and see what adventures may lay ahead!

Vadim, Model fee: £250.00, Ref:A510300


This was my first and a very nice experience as a model. On the day everyone was a bit nervous but we all had fun and it would be nice to do it again. The most enjoyable part was smiling and posing for funny pictures. The assignment involved smiling and showing the different emotions we use when we are at a football match - basically to live the moments at a football match.

I learnt a lot and gained some more experience and skills and it would be nice to do it again. The make up woman on the shoot also told me to not stop here and look for something more in the industry. The confidence I have gained from Models Direct and my friends has improved my desire to get in to modelling.

Gerard, Model fee: £250.00, Ref:J532250


Being a model for the day was very exciting. Although at first I was nervous because I didn't know the people I was working with but shortly after getting to know everyone it became very relaxing and fun. Working with people around the same age group, some children and different cultures made the job even better and I would love to do it again.

The most enjoyable part of the assignment wasn't taking the shots but getting to know who you're working with and who you're working for. For me the job was enjoyable but getting to meet new faces was the fun part!

We had our pictures taken in various agendas. Having different clothes put on and face paints to act as if we were football fans for different football clubs. I was asked to pair up with other models during the shoot which was great and we also had some group photos taken.

This was my first assignment and so it was only natural that I'd be nervous but after this experience it has made me much more confident. This shoot also adds to my experience of working with others, working as a group, being a team player and showing how well I can communicate with new faces.

I would definitely recommend this experience with others. It's not an everyday lifestyle that you'd have your picture taken and really enjoy working for a client. The experience you get in something new will always be different to each other, you just have to apply yourself and see if you'd love it, which I did!

Never give up! In my personal experience with Models Direct, I've been with them for about 2 years. I've only had one job from them so far but you only get out what you put in. This means, update your portfolio! I was too scared to work as a 'model' so I stopped with updating my portfolio but then I had a job offer and loved it, so then I went back to my portfolio and then started updating it more and more!

My mum made me join and agency, I was on holiday in the Philippines having lunch with my family at a restaurant. When you're there and they find out you have a foreign accent they pay more attention to you. Apart from that a lot of people thought I was a model, asking to take pictures with me which was very embarrassing, having to explain I was just a normal person on holiday. I even had TV presenters asking if I wanted to be on a show. My mum came up with the idea that I should join an agency/ be a model. I don't regret her decision because from the one job I had, I very much liked it!

Marian, Model fee: £250.00, Ref:P566031


I had a really good day on this video shoot for FIFA and we all had lots of fun. We had to laugh, scream and shout and dress in different colours and wear different clothes which was fun. The funniest part was when we painted our faces. I joined Models Direct because I'd love to be a model. I have played handball for 12 years so I like the attention and to be in front of a camera.

Kalu, Model fee: £250.00, Ref:P530658


The atmosphere was really relaxed when I got there which took away my nerves. The photographer and his team told us of our roles and what was expected. I would definitely like to do this again as it came naturally and was so much fun. The best part was the face painting, different action poses and change of costumes showing different football teams.

I would definitely recommend this kind of experience to other people as you learn a lot on how to pose for pictures without being nervous and the outcome looks fantastic. Any one pursuing work in the talent industry should join an agency like Models Direct as they earnestly fight to get you work with the best price rates in this competitive industry. However, you must also work hard to update your portfolio to get the right look for assignments. I joined this agency because they have the best reviews in the industry and they have helped me gain experience to fulfil my ambition of being a top class model.

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