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Daniel, Model fee: £250.00, Ref:G521488


As this was my first assignment I was feeling rather nervous and excited at the beginning, but after meeting the people and once we started things the nerves went away. It was great speaking to all the different people and the hirer was very friendly. It was great fun taking the pictures as we had to pretend to cheer as if we were part of a football crowd. I highly recommend this type of work as you are surrounded by friendly people and its great fun. I joined Models Direct to gain experience and see what I could get out of it - I would very much like to do it all again.

Paul, Model fee: £105.00, Ref:BA556160


This was my first assignment, so you can imagine how nervous and excited I was - but once I arrived and met everyone the nerves disappeared. The assignment was for Sky Business to promote Sky TV in a hotel environment. I enjoyed working with new people and also the direction from the producer and camera man was great. So if you like the idea of meeting new people and having fun at the same time then give it a try you may enjoy it as much as I did. I joined Models Direct because I am ambitious and wanted to gain some more experience.

Andrew, Model fee: £105.00, Ref:BM604703


The assignment involved being filmed on camera acting as a businessman in a hotel room enjoying Sky Sports after a long days work away from home. I was then asked to talk on camera about the benefits of having Sky in a hotel room. This was really good fun, especially as I got to work for two hours in a very swanky hotel room! The crew were brilliant and made me feel very relaxed.

I would highly recommend anyone with some spare time to get involved with Models Direct. The booking process was extremely easy and very sleek with extensive instructions by email and phone. It was all handled very professionally and was another great experience :)

Tom, Model fee: £105.00, Ref:BC540461


The venue for the Models Direct assignment was a really nice hotel in Marble Arch and although the shoot only lasted around two hours it was very enjoyable. The photo-shoot involved acting as a couple on their anniversary away in a hotel, so there were a lot of shots involving the hotel room in various positions. It was quite a simple assignment, but a lot of fun!

Herbert, Model fee: £250.00, Ref:A569183


This was my second assignment for this company; the venue was a very upmarket furniture showroom in Nottingham. The assignment was a film shoot with voiceovers and I worked with some talented people including Kim the camera lady, who I had worked with on my first job for them. She is excellent at putting you at your ease and helping you to follow her directions. The product on this occasion was modelling an armchair, which is electrically operated and has a heated massage function. The video will show all the variations on offer, with full body and hand shots. This is my third assignment from Models Direct and they have all been enjoyable. I can truthfully say that as a relative newcomer to the business and having only taken it up when I retired, it is a great way to enjoy your retirement. I must say thank you to Mike McNicholas and his colleagues from the company who make you feel really welcome.

Francis, Model fee: £275.00, Ref:A248199


I was slightly nervous at first as I didn't know exactly what to expect but once I had linked up with everyone I was OK and yes I enjoyed the whole thing and would love to do it again.I was slightly nervous at first as I didn't know exactly what to expect, but once I had met up with everyone I was fine and really enjoyed the whole experience. The best part was working with the rest of the team and I would love to do it again. The assignment involved me playing the part of a cancer patient who was receiving an adhesive patch treatment on my arm as a form of chemotherapy. I was required to interact with the other models playing a doctor and a nurse. I certainly gained confidence from this assignment and I would recommend the experience to others as it was enjoyable and interesting. Although I have not been proactively seeking work, I would definitely say it is worthwhile to join an agency, particularly this one. I joined Models Direct to gain more experience and to earn some money.

Paul, Model fee: £275.00, Ref:P601266


My first assignment was a really good experience and it was for a worthy cause. I wasn't nervous and was looking forward to the day. I would welcome the opportunity of more assignments as an Actor/Model or either separately. The most enjoyable part was the camaraderie amongst the group of actors and production. The assignment involved posing for stills and a video promoting a new Chemotherapy patch. I did find that I grew more confident and started relaxing straight away. I would certainly advise anyone to join this talent agency as this is the best way to gain exposure and get more assignments if you have the ability. I joined Models Direct as I am ambitious and serious about my acting/modelling career and believe the agency can afford me the right opportunities to progress and gain valuable experience too.

Matt, Model fee: £250.00, Ref:K571994


I loved my assignment with Models Direct. It was a fantastic opportunity that was done in a professional and fun environment. Everyone involved in the photo shoot was a pleasure to work with. I would definitely recommend the company to anyone thinking of becoming a model. I got to dress up as a topless miner covered in coal dust to promote a calendar. It was great to be part of this shoot as it is something that I have not done before. The agency has been great and is a must for people in our industry.

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Lewi, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:R234535


I was quite nervous beforehand, but as soon as I got there I was made to feel welcome and was quite relaxed quite quickly. I would definitely look at doing it again as it was quite simple and rather quick! The assignment involved standing and posing in every day poses like being on the phone or sitting on the bus etc. The images will be used for adverts and video games. I would definitely recommend it to others because of how relaxed the atmosphere was and how comfortable it made me feel, I walked away feeling pleased with myself and I would love to do more. I wanted to join Models Direct because of my ambition to get my face out there and see what I could achieve on a large scale. Every bit of experience I get is valuable and helps me in whatever I do and of course the money is a nice little bonus!

Tom, Model fee: £144.00, Ref:BC540461


Once again it was a very enjoyable experience and I felt my previous Models Direct shoot helped me to know what to expect. The client was very friendly and helped us enjoy the experience. The assignment took place at the BayerCrop Science facility in Norwich and we were asked to wear fluorescent jackets, safety goggles and hard-hats for the shoot. There were various photographs at different areas around the plant, taken for what will eventually be a stock catalogue. A very enjoyable day on the whole.

Sam, Model fee: £350.00, Ref:E512205


Enjoyed the Models Direct shoot; standard fitness modelling style work. Good client and the computer images look great!

Marc, Model fee: £180.00, Ref:Y513588


On the Models Direct job I had no nerves as such, it was just a matter of being in a new situation for the first time. On the assignment I was photographed for a holiday village brochure. The other models, one also a first timer, were great company, as was the photographer. The most enjoyable part? Everyone was as easy going as me! I would be very happy to do it again for sure and would recommend it to others. Why did I sign up? I've been lucky enough to have people say nice things about me and ask if I'd ever tried modelling before, so I thought if you don't try, you don't find out.

Herb, Model fee: £180.00, Ref:AS569183


The assignment was all you could ask for; hot sun, sea breezes and a happy team to work with. The job was creating a brochure for a Seaside Beach Resort and was well planned and ran to schedule - even a beach sequence with a dog, highlighting the animal friendly side of the resort, who really didn't quite grasp exactly what was required of him, but it all worked out in the end. It isn't often you meet the same models and photographic teams again but I would be very happy to work with them in the future.

Tom, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:BC540461


Before the Models Direct shoot I was really looking forward to it. I did have a few nerves but I soon got over them after we got started. Even though the shoot itself only lasted about half an hour I thoroughly enjoyed myself and would love to do something similar again. I'd say the most enjoyable part of this assignment was being able to actually stand and pose in front of the cameras instead of the bathroom mirror. It felt a bit surreal, but pretty awesome.

For this assignment I was asked to bring a couple of outfits - one casual and one smarter choice. It was a shoot intended for 3D use so there were cameras coming from all angles. I had to do various poses ranging from simply standing still and looking straight ahead, to doing 'a robot pose'.

When the shoot finished the cameraman told me I had ‘the model look’, which obviously boosted my confidence a huge amount. I'd never really considered myself to be good enough to be model material, hence why I was so excited about this assignment, but that was definitely an encouraging note. The experience was fantastic for me. I would definitely recommend it to someone if the chance arose. Even if it's only a small assignment, it's all experience and will undoubtedly give you a platform from which to build. If I were to advise someone in this industry, from my limited knowledge, I would point to the fact that joining an agency is a great way to get noticed. I myself have been guilty of being casual and sitting back when it came to updating my e-portfolio and pursuing work, so I would advise people not to follow suit. Having enjoyed my assignment so much, it has inspired me to be more on-the-ball in future. The reason for joining the agency was to test the water and seewhether I would actually be good enough to be successful as a model. I'm very ambitious and would love to go as far as I can in this industry, working my way up from the smaller low-key assignments is a process that I think would offer me great experience.

Gordon, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:K250600


I've done modelling assignments for Models Direct before, so I had no misgivings about this shoot. I joined the agency as I was advised by friends.

Stephen, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:231298


I was apprehensive beforehand because it was the first assignment I have done - definitely a very interesting experience though. The photographer was really friendly and helpful and it was really interesting because he was doing stuff that was different. Overall an enjoyable experience and very well organised and efficiently handled by Models Direct staff.

Luke, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:A519404


The Models Direct assignment was fun! I did not get nervous at all. It was very simple and I gained confidence.

Jason, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:B526528


For my first assignment as a model for Models Direct I was nervous but soon became very comfortable in front of the camera and really enjoyed it! Direction and organization was great both from the photographer and Anna (booking agent at Models Direct). This is something I’d love to do again, thanks for a great day!

Barry, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:BA546304


On the day of the assignment, it did not take long to find the venue. The photographer was very friendly and professional and I felt I was involved in some groundbreaking work. I really enjoyed the experience; chatting to the photographer and doing the photoshoot. I was asked by the company who commissioned the photographer to take on a number of poses in some casual clothing of my own and in clothing specified by the company. I learned to pose in front of a camera or cameras and gained confidence. I thoroughly recommend the experience to others because I enjoyed the work and the company of the photographer. It was a very good move to join an agency; I joined up with Models Direct mainly for experience.

Jayden, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:P550052


The whole modelling experience was great and exciting; all of which was made possible by Models Direct. The assignment involved shots being taken while wearing formal and casual outfits, with poses demonstrated by the photographer. I recommend anyone perusing a modelling career to use Models Direct, as their platform is professional and their team friendly to work with.

Steve, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:A527476


Thanks Models Direct for a great day – I had a lot of fun! The assignment was for pictures for a virtual model campaign, surrounded by 70 cameras. It was a great way to get paid for 30 minutes work, with added experience and extra cash to earn. Highly recommended!

Gregg, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:BL553287


I absolutely loved the modelling assignment with Models Direct. I am definitely not an attention seeker, but it was a really good feeling to know that the cameras were on me, and a feeling I would like again very much. It was brilliant fun. I wasn't nervous at all, because I knew I had been chosen on the strength of my e-portfolio, and all I had to do was follow instructions. I most enjoyed being told that I looked good, and that I was doing a good job, and being in that sort of environment; a white studio with lots of cameras. It felt professional. The assignment involved striking various poses while standing in the middle of a circle of cameras. The poses were demonstrated by the photographer first. I was given props for some of the poses. The whole experience was great for my self esteem, and I learned a few more things about what models are used for. I would recommend it to everyone, because I got a real buzz from it. My advice to anyone thinking about pursuing work in the talent industry is to give it a go, and forget about any insecurities you may have, because you never know what will happen. I originally decided to join up with Models Direct for a bit of exposure, in the hope that it could lead to bigger and better things, so that I might have something to tell my son one day, that he could be proud of his daddy for.

Robin, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:BM563483


This was my first modelling assignment, so I was initially nervous but also quite excited. The assignment was a straightforward photo shoot lasting just over an hour - ideal for my first time. The client and photographer were both very nice and made me feel relaxed and at home. We spoke about what the job would ultimately be used for and what was required for the shoot. For the shoot I had to act as though I was talking on Skype - nothing too complicated - and adopt various poses sat in front of the laptop. If every job was like this I’d recommend it to anyone interested in modelling! I'm certain I wouldn't have found this job without an agency, and I joined Models Direct because their website and info was helpful and put me at ease in an industry full of pitfalls! So far so good!

Andrew, Model fee: £198.00, Ref:BE534885


I was very excited about the shoot with Models Direct. I wasn't sure what the shoot was going to involve at first, but I really enjoyed the whole day. I'd definitely jump at the chance, if given the opportunity, to do modeling again. The most enjoyable part of the assignment was meeting new people and the photoshoot. The assignment involved me dressing up as a male nurse, which was fun and also posing individually and in a group, which I enjoyed very much. I have definitely gained confidence doing the assignment. I'd recommend if anyone is looking to get into modelling, not to hesitate and jump at the first opportunity. I'd advise anyone that is looking at getting into the talent industry to join an agency and to also regularly update their portfolio. I decided to join up with Models Direct to experience modelling and to hopefully have more assignments in the future.

Jake, Model fee: £168.00, Ref:Z252295


I really enjoyed my day promoting Aaduki camera insurance for Models Direct. The job involved attracting the public to their stand by wearing just a pair of Aaduki branded boxers. The day was a success for the company and me, except I accidently handed out my own boxers in one of their hand out bags! Lucky for me, they let me wear a pair of theirs home... Lol.

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