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Tom, Model fee: £168.00, Ref:BL564326


Had a great day being an extra in a Clarks video thanks to Models Direct. There was a really nice crew who sorted me out with a good lunch. I met the other extras, and promptly assumed role of an extra walking in the background. The photographer was really polite and the day went well!

Kalu, Model fee: £198.00, Ref:P530658


Models Direct asked me to model for NHS Professionals where I posed as a doctor and an Allied Health Professional in a hospital setting with different outfits. I was a bit nervous at first when I got to where we where doing the photo-shoot, but the staff and other models made me comfortable. I had so much fun from the experience, the photographer made us feel at ease and I felt real good doing stills and action shots. I would definitely love to do it again. It was so much fun & Models Direct are a great team.

David, Model fee: £198.00, Ref:N548864


I thoroughly enjoyed the day modelling with Models Direct for an NHS shoot. I was not nervous at all, and would definitely do it again. The most fun part was walking through the hospital doors towards the cameras with the other models. I joined with the modelling agency to pursue modelling again as I had done this for about a year in Montreal and Vancouver, but as catwalk model. I would be keen to do some more similar modelling, and also perhaps catwalk, adverts, extras/TV commercials, film etc. Thanks for the opportunity, and I look forward to some more work from the agency.

Darren, Model fee: £210.00, Ref:P234440


This will have been one of many assignments I have completed in a very friendly and professional manner. I was involved in modelling for a promotion for NHS staff recruitment and as such modelled as a head surgeon. Models Direct are very professional and friendly and organise any assignment you are requested to be a part of very well. I have completed acting videos and more and look forward to building on my acting career as well.

Gordon, Model fee: £234.00, Ref:K250600


For this Comformatic shoot with Models Direct I was photographed in pyjamas in a double bed, with my 'wife', while reading a magazine, with the bed variously elevated both top and bottom, and when I was 'asleep'. The photographer knew what she wanted. All-in-all certainly different from the 'routine' and not an unenjoyable day.

Waleed, Model fee: £198.00, Ref:P523350


First of all thank you Models Direct for this wonderful modelling assignment, which was for the NHS's new uniform update. I really enjoyed it, and every one was supportive and helpful. I learnt a lot of new things like being confident while posing and creating strong facial expressions. This was my first assignment with Models Direct and it was fun; I think it's a good start and I have to learn a lot in my life. If you are thinking of becoming a model, I recommend Models Direct; it’s the right platform to boost your career.

Gareth, Model fee: £255.00, Ref:G202425


I would just like to say thank you Models Direct for the assignment, which was modelling quit smoking products for Johnson & Johnson. As always you were 100% with all your details and phone calls back to me. The day went well with the crew, who were all great and good to get on with, and we had an early finish! I hope to hear from you in the near future with other assignments for me. Thanks once again.

Darren, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:BB535619


I found the modelling assignment with Models Direct really exciting and was not nervous at all. I found it interesting being able to talk to other models on the assignment. It was great fun and I enjoyed the chance to try something new. This is definitely something I would love to do again, as I loved following the directions and being able to show what I could do. The assignment was for a TV commercial for Febreze. It involved wearing green jeans, which at times were rolled up to my knees. There was a set made up of different rooms and along with others I had to walk in one of the rooms in a circle. I was directed to walk in and out of other people, at times with my shoes off and then others with them on again. I gained confidence and learnt it is all about being yourself and having fun. I would recommend modelling to others as it is a great experience, you get to meet other people, try something different and is something to look back on in later life. If you want to try something like this is worth while to join a modelling agency like Models Direct. I have kept my e-portfolio updated and keep pursuing jobs that come up. I joined the agency to try to pursue something I have wanted to try for a long time. I hope to gain experience and have fun while doing this.

Jake, Model fee: £300.00, Ref:Z252295


I really enjoyed the day modelling on behalf of Models Direct! It was enjoyable to work with another lad for the day as I’m usually modelling on my own for this type of modelling job. The event we worked at was fun and I got involved with lots of different things.

James, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:Z532531


It was great taking part in the TV advert for Febreze. I was a foot model so I hope I'm distinguishable in the advert! It was my first time modelling for Models Direct, so I was quite nervous, but the staff were friendly and showed me what to do and where to go. This was a great modelling assignment to put on my CV.

Jake, Model fee: £145.00, Ref:Z252295


The modelling assignment for Models Direct, which involved promoting Aaduki insurance at a posh venue in Watford, felt good. My job involved giving out info in a pair of logo covered boxers.

John, Model fee: £82.50, Ref:P511296


I believe that the modelling job with Models Direct was a good experience for me. I really appreciated Katie's input as Manager of Models Direct's Assignmnet Team, as she was supportive and helpful. She organised every thing beforehand. The job was to be a portrait model for adult education course. I was asked to sit on a chair while the class drew me and took pictures. Although I was a bit nervous, I found it easier than I thought I would. All the people on the job were nice and friendly with me, and allowed me to take break between each class. I found it quite interesting when I looked the drawings, as they were very close to my look. I really appreciate Models Direct for this opportunity, and would like to continue to working with them in the future.

Jake, Model fee: £75.00, Ref:Z252295


I really enjoyed another day doing promotional modelling from Models Direct for Aaduki Camera Insurance. The modelling assignment was local for me this time and it didn’t even feel awkward, even though I was wearing minimal clothing.

David, Model fee: £130.00, Ref:A261061


I really enjoyed the modelling assignment at the Ricoh arena. I was asked to help promote Aaduki, an insurance company. I was dressed in the Aaduki branded shorts and spoke to visitors handing out promotional literature. The best thing about the assignment was the opportunity to engage with a section of the public that I have not worked with previously and the chance to meet some really interesting people. I particularly enjoyed working with my on site contact who I found to be very helpful and fun to work with. It was also nice to be recognised on numerous occasions from my appearance on celebrity Come Dine With Me. I look forward to the next assignment from Models Direct.

Greg, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:Z212198


It was exciting to be a model for the day for Models Direct; I couldn’t wait to get there! The best thing about the modelling assignment was getting to see all the equipment. I was asked to sit in a chair and wear a hat so my hair didn't stick out, they then took a scan of my face.

Gurdas, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:M218086


The modelling assignment for Models Direct was all in all a very enjoyable experience! It was very easy going and short, as I was informed. I was asked to sit in various positions as the photos were taken. The gentleman taking the photos was very friendly and easy-going; he explained what the photos were for and how the computer graphics work.

Jake, Model fee: £260.00, Ref:Z252295


Due to an upcoming Models Direct event, I’ve been training and dieting well recently, so felt comfortable modelling at the Brighton Photo Festival for Models Direct. The best part of the day was when my 2 year old girl ran up to me with a big surprised face screaming 'Daddy' and then having a BIG hug.

Sanjay, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:K243837


It was a good feeling to be a model for the day and a privilege to represent Models Direct, especially as my physical appearance was acknowledged and found to be suitable for this particular assignment. During the shoot, the client asked that I sit in different positions in order to capture various angles of my face. I was also asked to wear tights over my hair, as several face shots minus the hair were required. This was my first experience of modelling, and the assignment on the whole was very enjoyable. Hopefully I’ve gained some valuable experience, which will help me to gain further opportunities within the industry.

Stanley, Ref:Z226253


It was an amazing experience to be a model for the day on behalf of Models Direct. The photographer was very friendly and interesting to talk to. I felt great and confident. The assignment itself was very straight forward, I only needed to sit and face different directions and have my photos taken. The photographer was really professional and I liked the overall experience. I am happy the job was assigned to me.

Elliot, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:Z212964


The shoot with Models Direct was very interesting. I was asked to sit in a chair with a blank facial expression as 6 different cameras took photos from different sides of my face. After this I was asked to stand on a rotating board as a full body computer animated image was made of my figure. Seeing myself as an avatar was pretty cool!

Sasan, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:H228560


The modelling assignment was very good. A 3D model was created from pictures that were taken of me, so this was very different to your normal modelling shoot.

Jake, Model fee: £140.00, Ref:Z252295


It felt great to be a model for the day. It was a really enjoyable promotional day. The best thing about the modelling assignment was seeing my picture on all the promotional magazines and advertising from the previous photo shoot.

Bryan, Model fee: £128.00, Ref:259776


The modelling assignment was quite easy; there was no pressure at all. I had to sit and look at the camera. At first I was a bit nervous because it was my first assignment, but after I met the photographer everything settled down. The photographer was a nice guy and his approach was very calm. The best thing about the assignment was that I got the chance to travel to a new place. It was quite an adventure and I got the chance to have a glimpse of the countryside.

Kyle, Model fee: £480.00, Ref:G210441


I felt the shoot went really well. I was pleased they were able to get the shots that they needed for the outfits. The group of people doing the shoot were fantastic, a great laugh and very friendly. I had to wear different fancy dress outfits. It was very enjoyable and I hope to work with them again.

Herb, Model fee: £202.50, Ref:V155533


Firstly, the modelling assignment was very enjoyable, Mike MacNicholas and his colleagues made me very welcome and we were well looked after. Secondly, the venue was a beautiful country house and the owner was always on hand with cups of tea etc. The stills photographer and the video lady were very clear with their directions and patient if I didn’t exactly come up with the goods first time round. The assignment was to highlight the various benefits of beds and chairs, in nightwear and daywear highlighting the flexibility of the various products on view.

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