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Michael, Model fee: £210.00, Ref:K260289


The people at Columbia Sports were very friendly and welcoming. The focus for the day was to pitch the new sports plus ski range for the next season to Blacks. This involved wearing the outfits to display the 'look' of each product.

Jake, Model fee: £90.00, Ref:Z252295


I had an enjoyable day doing the photoshoot. Everyone was really friendly and i felt totally comfortable.

Luke, Model fee: £140.00, Ref:K228387


I was pleased with how the assignment went today. I would love to do it again. I enjoyed getting into character for the specific task presented to me. I portrayed a person suffering with cold/flu. I had a prop for this and dressed suitably for the role so that the shoot was more realistic.

Alan, Model fee: £140.00, Ref:174091


It felt great to be a model on this NHS assignment. The shoot gave me an opportunity to use my acting skills. The best part of the assignment for me quite apart from the pleasant friendly people I was working with, was the closeness to my home. I only had to go ten miles!

Robbie, Model fee: £80.00, Ref:248766


The photoshoot arranged by Models Direct went really well. I was asked to model a fridge that will be used in supermarkets. Everyone was friendly and the client got what they required. I really enjoyed myself.

Thomas, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:C175421


The assignment for Hill and Knowlton was a really nice experience and awesome. The best thing about the assignment is that the client was very friendly and polite. We were asked to remove our shoes and socks and sit on the grass with bare feet and have some photos taken in different postures. It was very interesting and am looking forward to the next opportunity.

Sam, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:A234776


The experience was great and a very laid back and enjoyable shoot for The Cobra Group. We were shooting for professional marketing i.e. website, brochure business images.

Christian, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:A235482


I felt good being a model for the day, as it was my first shoot - the shoot was for The Cobra Group. The other models were all very nice and so were the photographers. The best thing about the assignment was having a laugh with the models so we could get the required look for the picture. We were asked to act as sales reps, and look like part of the business.

Ben, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:M185784


To be a model for The Cobra Group was great, feeling like you are that someone which is a little bit special compared to everyone else makes you appreciate what your doing even more. For this assignment the best bit was the chance to work outdoors, normally only being in a studio where there is artificial lights. Our main roles where to pretend that we were doing door to door sales, with group meetings involved in the day to see how each was getting on.

Jake, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:F182814


I had a really great day at the assignment for The Cobra Group. Everyone was really relaxed and friendly, so I didn't feel nervous at all, even when it was my first shoot. I liked how the photos were of us all together, this put less pressure on us i think. We were asked to just chat and pretend we were in a business meeting, while smiling and laughing the photographer then just took photo's.

Chris, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:P182233


The assignment for The Cobra Group's new website went well. The photographer was great to work with. We modelled poses like their workers i.e in work, at meetings and having fun. Overall the Models Direct assignment was a good day - I enjoyed it.

Jahmel, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:Z201535


I had a great time at the assignment from Models Direct. The client 'The Cobra Group' was friendly and easy going. The other models were cool too. We went out on location and took a bunch of photos whilst doing role playing. The client allowed us be creative and they were very flexible with our ideas. I can't wait to see the photos.

Jake, Model fee: £75.00, Ref:Z252295


Being a model for the day felt great. I was asked to hand out promotional bags whilst wearing a pair of the company's branded shorts. I felt a bit conscious at first but soon got into it, would be fine doing it again and to have photos taken with people and for the company Aaduki Multimedia.

Michal, Model fee: £240.00, Ref:A248412


Being a model for the day felt really good. The best thing about the assignment was being in the spot light with people. I was asked to play the role of a computer game character called Rick, a muscular man, for the client Namco Bandai.

Peter, Model fee: £910.00, Ref:D228908


I was very well looked after and treated with great courtesy. My accommodation was excellent. I was part of a presentation at a sales convention in which I performed a monologue and role play live, in front of an audience of 800 foreign delegates.

Andy, Model fee: £225.00, Ref:Z222222


I really enjoyed the assignment, it was a great experience. The best thing about the assignment was the experience invoked by the catwalk and the people were great . Alan and Helen the clients (The Ultimate Pet Show)were nice and Charlene and Lana were great (other models). I was asked to model clothes such as bags, hooded tops, and beech wear on a catwalk.

John, Model fee: £115.00, Ref:F153658


This was my first assignment. We were whisked off to a private dining room to film the first few scenes. I knew I had a walk on part but had no idea we would be ad-libbing as well as eating on camera. Once this was complete we were driven to another location to film at the murder scene for Crime Watch. The other 'actors' were far more experienced than me but were easy to work with. The experience was invaluable and I hope to do more soon.

Nicholas, Model fee: £200.00, Ref:K165899


When I arrived at the house the photoshoot took place at, I felt very welcome straight away and completely comfortable with the people there and the surroundings. The clients Hillary Fletcher were very professional, also completely down to earth and all seemed very lovely people. The best thing about the assignment for me was the fact that I was doing something I really loved and enjoyed doing! I was asked to sit on a stool pointing slightly toward the left hand side, a shot of the right hand side of my face was required whilst holding a phone. For each individual shot i repeated the line "It's the black one" several times before changing to the the line "it's the green one" in order for the photographer to capture the right expression on my face so that the image could be conveyed correctly. The picture was supposed to show me trying to explain something to someone. The second and last shot required was a medium close up of the left hand side of my face. This photo was supposed to show me happy and smiling, as if a problem had reached its solution. The photographer seemed throughly organised and experienced, he knew exactly what he was doing and so together we managed to get the job done very efficiently. I truely had a lovely time, so thankyou so much for providing me with the great opportunity!


Daniel, Model fee: £200.00, Ref:P171296


Being a model felt great and the assignment was really exciting.The place where the photo shoot was held was really nice and everyone made me feel welcome. I was asked to pose sitting on the bed holding the calender. All in all it was a really good experience and would be happy to work with the client Hillary Fletcher again.

Mike, Model fee: £135.00, Ref:P200765

The assignment was very enjoyable. I was asked to pose for stills in a Library to create a portfolio of pictures that Hampshire County Council can use.

Nick, Model fee: £135.00, Ref:K226884

I was warmly welcomed on arrival to the assignment & was made to feel comfortable. The day was explained to me in detail. The best thing was working with the kids as they were great to work with. The client Hampshire County Council asked me to have pictures taken of me reading books, listening to music, choosing a CD, working on the computer, playing with the kids in the play area, and reading with the kids. All contacts on the day were polite and friendly. I would be happy to be assigned here again. Models Direct have been excellent at providing suitable roles in photographic and video assignments. My agent is very friendly and great with communication. I was paid the day after the shoot, which is unheard of with other agencies. They are highly recommended.

Jahmel, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:Z201535

The assignment was great.When I arrived I was greeted by the client Science Museum and shown around the shoot. I really did enjoy myself. The client were friendly and the make up artist was talking to me about how he got into his field. The photographer was cool and we all were vibing really well together and coming up with different poses and structuring my face to get a better outline for the photo's.

Michael, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:K136218

It was a very modest assignment. I was asked to smile at the camera. Models Direct service was very professional. 

Adrian, Model fee: £140.00, Ref:P179283

The assignment was relaxed & professional. I haven't had that much fun for a long time. I got on well with the photographer and the client Taylor Herring.

Carlos, Model fee: £90.00, Ref:Z234592

Being a model for the day felt good, I really enjoyed the assignment, some of the other models I met there where really nice. I was asked to walk around the four connected rooms not including the changing room for 3 hours wearing different clothes in each lap I was able to find someone who helped find the right place.

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