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Bethany, Model fee: £200.00, Ref:CB674500

I was really excited when I found out that I had been chosen for this assignment with Disney Infinity. My mum and I got up early and travelled on the train to be at the studio by 9.30am. The team greeted us and straight away and put me at ease as I was feeling a bit nervous. We were offered breakfast and then I went through to the make up artist for a manicure! It was lovely, especially the hand massage. I met the boy that I was going to be doing the shoot with, he was younger than me but had been on lots of assignments before. There was a bit of waiting around but the crew kept checking on me and making sure that I was happy and needed anything. I was there until 3.30pm so it was a long day of doing the same thing over and over again, lifting a toy in and out of camera shot but I still really enjoyed myself as the people were really nice and friendly. When we finished the team gave me a Disney Infinity toy and some chocolates, which was especially nice as it was something to remind me of my first ever assignment. I am looking forward to seeing the finished advert on the Disney Channel worldwide! I feel much more confident now that I have done my first shoot and already I can't wait for my next assignment!  Thank you Models Direct and especially Molly in the assignments team for helping me start my new career in modelling!

Holly, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:1354

I wasn't nervous before going in for my voice recording session as I had worked with this company before - they made me feel very welcomed as usual. I enjoyed being in the recording studio itself as I had never been in one before and it was fun to see how everything worked with the sound etc. My assignment involved me doing a voice over for an NHS commercial which the company had been working on with myself and others. I learned how to work well in a studio and how to read my lines in the correct manner, fitting into my character. I would recommend this experience to anyone wanting to do recording work in a studio or anyone looking further into commercial work.  Thanks Models Direct!

Shannon, Model fee: £416.00, Ref:1031

For this job  I was asked to work as a promotional model for Lancaster Insurance. The assignment involved  posing as Miss America at the NEC Classic car show in Birmingham. My work was over three days so I really got to know the other employees. We helped to increase footfall and bring attention to the stand so I got to chat to various members of the public all day!
The whole experience was fantastic and the clients were lovely to work for. Thank you talent Management!

Amelia, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:1328

I was nervous before hand but after  getting my hair and makeup done, I started to feel more comfortable. Getting my makeup done professionally, was definitely the part I enjoyed the most!

I had to get ready and wear a bridesmaid dress for the shoot and I was asked to hold a basket which had a flowers in, I was directed on how to hold it and how to stand, for the photos.

I joined up with Models Direct because I wanted to pursue my hobbies professionally and It's always been an ambition of mine, also for the experience.

I have definitely gained a bit of confidence from this assignment , all of the people there were lovely and made me really comfortable and that I looked nice.
This shoot for Oasis Floral, was my first assignment,  I learned about how a shoot goes and what you have to do.
My advice for anyone thinking  of pursing work with a Talent Agency is just to go for it. It's an amazing experience and it will boost your confidence as well as teach you new skills.

Holly, Model fee: £250.00, Ref:1321

When filming for the NHS commercial, I did not feel nervous as I had been working with the same people several weeks back. I felt comfortable and had more of an idea of what I was doing. 

The assignment involved me having to be told what I would be doing in certain scenes, for example the scenario my character, Emily, was in so I could act out the right role for her.  The most enjoyable part of the assignment for me was acting out the actual scenes and being shown afterwards what the commercial had turned out like- it was really good and I was proud to see myself in it.  I gained plenty of confidence from this assignment and will definitely be happy to do some more filming work again now that I have an idea of what it's like and what kind of things I am meant to do.

I'd recommend this experience to any other models/actors, especially those who are new to the industry and need to gain some filming experience being on camera and trying to gain some confidence.  It's good to join an agency if you're looking to be a model as they can give you that extra push to get work etc, but it's also good to be independent and try and ask for work yourself.  You can also go to experienced models for advice on what to do to make yourself more known too.  I decided to go with Models Direct because they're local, and I really enjoy the modelling work I get and look forward to future bookings.  It is also good to earn money, and Models Direct are especially good at getting the agreed amount of money to you quickly.

Alexandra, Model fee: £400.00, Ref:1300

Before I met everyone on the Wandsworth Council shoot which Talent Management put me forward for on Monday morning, I was extremely nervous but also excited. When I met the cast and crew they were all so friendly and lovely it made me feel so much better. I had so much fun, it is definitely something I would love to experience again. For me, there was not one bit more enjoyable than another because everyone was so nice to me and made me feel so welcome.  I would definitely recommend this experience to others because it was so much fun!

Bethany, Model fee: £500.00, Ref:1282

Arriving on location at the hospital, the crew were very welcoming and friendly. I sat with the other models and chatted with them for a while which made me feel at ease. It was the first time that I had been an extra for an advert so I was feeling a bit nervous. I was on location for 2 days filming for the NHS and really enjoyed it. I met some lovely people which helped when we were waiting around as it made the time go quickly. Whilst we were being filmed, I played table tennis and even had a hand massage!  It really was a great experience and one that I won't forget. Thank you to Molly at Models Direct for booking me.

Cheynne, Model fee: £500.00, Ref:1273

I very much enjoyed the day working for Models Direct to produce a short film for the NHS.  I was a little nervous beforehand as it was my first job and I didn't know what to expect, however I was instantly made to feel at ease and loved the two days of shooting. I would love to do it again!

During the two days of shooting, we acted as extras and were required to act naturally in numerous scenes. Some of these scenes involved eating lunch, socialising and playing several games/ activities such as table tennis, pairing and doing exercise in the gym. In some scenes, we were required to improvise speech and make it look as if we were having a normal conversation with one another.  The most enjoyable part of the assignment for me would be working with the people I was with, everyone was lovely and I got along with them all very well.

I definitely gained some confidence from this assignment, it was a really good opportunity for me to get a feel of working in front of a camera. I also gained some acting skills as there was some improvisation involved at several points. I also learned that taking part in assignments isn't as scary as I thought it would be.

My main bit of advice to other new faces would be to have fun on your assignment, as well as turn up to every assignment feeling positive and ready to learn. I would definitely say it is a good move to join an agency, just make sure it is the right agency for you as an individual, and is the agency which will most likely help you progress and develop in to the industry. So far, I have not had many jobs as it is hard to find the time to whilst under taking 4 a level at college, however I hope to find more work in the future.

My mum and I made the decision to join Models Direct simply because they appear to encourage all kinds of models, actors and dancers all from diverse backgrounds. When speaking to the agency on the phone, they appeared to be very welcoming and friendly, and that was what immediately appealed to us. Additionally, the agency has some great clients and that is what you need from an agency in order to receive substantial work which will look good on your portfolio and make you of interest to other clients.

Thanks, Cheynne

Holly, Model fee: £250.00, Ref:1269

At first I was nervous coming on set to act for the NHS's latest video, but the crew made me feel very comfortable and at ease.

I was told what outfits I needed to change in to for certain shots and when filming a shot what I needed to be doing or looking like.  I gained confidence during filming and got more relaxed after knowing what I was doing and understanding my role there as their actress. The most enjoyable part of the shoot was getting to meet others and also the actual filming itself.  It was a good first time experience, and I would be interested in doing this sort of assignment again. 

I would recommend the experience to others, especially ones trying to build up confidence and understand filming and commercials better.

My advice to other aspiring actresses and models would be build up a good portfolio with the help of a professional photographer or videographer, and to join an agency. Keep trying your best to push yourself to get work and always look after your image too.  I decided to join Models Direct because they were local and the people that will be helping me get jobs are friendly and always there to help.  Models Direct offer work nearby and/or far away so I can get a variety of assignments.

Luke, Model fee: £500.00, Ref:1271

I thoroughly enjoyed my latest acting role, although I was slightly nervous beforehand as it was the biggest job I have had, however the team really made me feel at ease. I enjoyed shooting all the scenes. I filmed for an NHS information film and had to be filmed using the various facilities around the hospital. I gained some new insight into what it is like to be an actor i.e. how long scenes can take to film.  I also gained confidence from the experience and feel it will help with my future bookings. I would recommend the experience to others as it was a useful and enjoyable experience. I would tell anyone looking to get into the talent industry to join an agency, which is a very useful move as well as maintaining a quality and up to date portfolio. I am always on Models Direct's websites and social media keeping an eye out for jobs as being proactive is important in order to obtain more work. I joined up with Models Direct to gain more experience and pursue my dream career as an actor and model, and they have really helped me to move forward in this field.

Rianna, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:1179

I was very excited before I got to the location. I was a bit nervous to be working with other people who were older than me, however, once I got there and met everyone, it was so fun. It was so exciting and I had lots of fun meeting new people. It is something that I would be very happy to do again and again. The most enjoyable part of the assignment was getting to meet other models like me who were doing their first job as well. The assignment involved us getting on trains and buses around London and taking photos of us helping elderly people and offering them our seats. It was mainly to show that teenagers should be helpful around the town and equality and social etiquette should be promoted. I gained a lot of confidence from the shoot and realized that it was a lot more relaxed than what I thought it would be. I would recommend this experience to others as it was so fun and relaxed. It was great having the shoot with other people, we were able to socialize and make each other feel comfortable. I would suggest that anyone who wants to get in modelling should do so as soon as possible. It is so fun and really helps you gain a lot of confidence. Different clients want different looks so it good for everyone to give it a go. I joined Talent Management as I would like to pursue a career in modelling when I'm older and I thought that this would be a great place to start.

Sebastian, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:R699153

I enjoyed being a model for the day, it was a great first experience and it's really made me excited to hopefully get another opportunity. The best part of it was the fact it was done in public so I felt  famous  being photographed.
Although quite an easy shoot we were never sat down for too long, always kept changing position, it was fun to keep active. We were directed to interact and socialize with the other models, most the time while on public transport. I've gained confidence from this first shoot and am eager to do it again as I feel like I've had a good experience on a photo shoot. I'd definitely recommended this to others because it's such a fun experience, you get to meet new people and possibly venture to new places.
I recommend joining an agency like Models Direct, because of the work they do you feel as if you're in good hands and they're doing the best they can to find work.
I joined up with talent management because I've had an interest in modelling and performing and I thought it would be great for experience.
Thank you Models Direct!

James, Model fee: £300.00, Ref:K596848

It was a great experience to be part of such a professionally run shoot.  The client made sure that I was looked after at all times, as well as made sure that a high quality of work was maintained all day.  I would highly recommended working with Models Direct and Away Resorts and I look forward to seeing the photos.

Olivia, Model fee: £1800.00, Ref:BM722574

This was our first assignment through Models Direct and we were very excited and nervous beforehand - we didn't really know what to expect.  We completely relaxed as soon as we met the photographer and the director of the shoot. The assignment involved me and my family doing things that you would typically do if you were on holiday, i.e. having a BBQ on the beach, going for swim and having lunch at the restaurant.  We were asked by the director just to have fun as we would normally as a family.  We learnt so much on this shoot, especially as it was our first one.  One of the funniest things (and hardest at times!) was not being allowed to look directly at the camera during the shoot. We absolutely loved this experience and it has made us more determined and hungry to succeed in this career.  - The Friend family

Ty, Model fee: £200.00, Ref:BM664341

Ty said "I really enjoyed my time with Ichi for the Disney Infinity project. This is the third time I have worked with the team and I had no nerves whatsoever. They are all very welcoming and put me at ease instantly - they are a great group of people to know!"

Bradley, Model fee: £200.00, Ref:CB682959

It felt fantastic being an actor for the day - I was very slightly nervous, but so excited about doing it!  I had a great day and will hopefully get the chance to do this again.  My tasks involved acting a part for a new card game striking poses and doing the voices.This helped me with confidence in front of the cameras and how to play parts of different characters. I am doing GCSE in drama so this will help me I hope. The most enjoyable part was being in front of all the cameras. 

I would definitely recommend this type of assignment to other people - it is such a great experience!  If I could give any advce to anyone wanting to do something like this it would be GO FOR IT!  I have not tried hard enough to pursue this in the past, but I will be now that I have done the shoot and I am glad we went through an agency as this makes things a whole lot easier - they really help.  I joined with Talent management as I have ambitions and I knew they would try to help me.

Aaron, Model fee: £200.00, Ref:CB694925

My first assignment was surreal - I was interviewed by The Sun newspaper for a feature on Brooklyn Beckham.  I was asked to do photo shoot in my home, which was transformed into a studio.  The photographer arrived and we proceeded to set up his equipment, which gave us a chance to break the ice, and within minutes we were happily discussing the assignment.  I was asked to model outfits similar to that of Brooklyn Beckham and pose in different positions whilst looking natural.  I loved the whole experience, and already can't wait to do my next modelling job. I would recommend it to anyone, not just for monetary side or the fame, but for the confidence it gives you.  My booker Molly was amazing, and I would recommend Talent Management to anyone.


Maddie, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:K607970

I was very nervous before the job, however I really enjoyed the day and would love to do it again! I think the most enjoyable part of the day for me was when we shot the pictures.  We had to sit on bean bags and look like we were at school. I learnt that it's better to be confident and expressive than shy and boring. I would recommend this to anyone who hasn't had any experience before as it is a great starting point.  I have always wanted to be a model ever since I was little, so this is one of my dreams being completed thanks to Models Direct!

Morgan, Model fee: £200.00, Ref:C699028

I had a day video shoot for Disney Infinity  I was doing hand modelling for a new game commercial and was even given a manicure!  I got there an hour early and everyone was so nice helpful and friendly.   Breakfast, lunch and snacks were provided throughout the day.  I was a little nervous beforehand but I soon relaxed as everyone was so nice.  I thoroughly enjoyed my modelling experience through Models Direct and would love to do more.   Molly (the booker from Models Direct) has been so helpful, informative and organised. Thank you Molly and Models Direct - can't wait for the next one!

Ty, Model fee: £200.00, Ref:BM664341

Ty attended his second assignment from Models Direct.  This, again, was for Disney Infinity.  As before, the crew made Ty feel absolutely welcome. Some of the crew we recognised from the previous shoot so it was nice to see them again. Ty said "I also had a partner to work with this time called Morgan, so it was nice to have someone my own age there. Victoria and the crew just put me at ease straightaway, giving me all the confidence I needed. I'm really enjoying the experience - thanks Models Direct!"

Megan, Model fee: £260.00, Ref:395152

I always love taking part in hostessing work at the Twickenham rugby games. I have taken part in these events many times now and would love to carry on in the future. Although I have to work hard throughout the course of the day, it is always fun and enjoyable and I have met lots of new people. I get allocated 5 tables and my job is to be the hostess for these tables - to ensure that they have everything they need throughout the day and that they are happy and comfortable. I have even learnt how to carry 10 pints on a tray without dropping it - which I must say took me a little while to master!  This sort of work definitely helps you to build confidence, so if you are looking to gain some or even if you are a confident person already, I would say go for it!

I signed up with Models Direct to gain more experience in the modelling industry.  I would highly recommend joining them as they have been a great help to me so far and I trust that they will continue to do so in the future.

Jenny, Model fee: £275.00, Ref:K577024


For my assignment I was advertising a new medical product. I was instructed to pose in different positions with the product, some of which were with another model and some by myself. As this was my first assignment with Models Direct I was nervous beforehand, but as soon as I arrived on site I was welcomed by the directors of the shoot, who were very nice and calmed my nerves straight away. The other model I was working with had a lot more experience than me which was very useful and I felt very welcomed into the modelling environment. It was a brilliant day and I learnt a lot of new things. I would definitely recommend the experience to others as it was a fun, new experience, and a great opportunity to meet and work with some experts.

Morgan, Model fee: £111.11, Ref:BB554125


I was very nervous beforehand as this was my first job, but it was a very enjoyable experience. There was a lot of waiting around but the actual shoot was really fun. I had to act as a university student who had built a solar car with two other Models Direct models. The team were very helpful and nice and it was a great experience - it has definitely made me feel more confident to do further jobs.  I decided to choose this agency as it gave me a wider choice of work, not just modelling, but also dancing and performing.

Courtney, Model fee: £85.00, Ref:Z586074


I personally joined Models Direct as I have always wanted to do modelling. This was my first modelling assignment and it is something I would definitely like to do again.

I was really nervous to begin, but all the staff were very welcoming and made my time there enjoyable. The best part of the assignment was being able to try different clothes on while the stylist decided what looked best. The assignment was based on mother/daughter relationships which involved me having an informal interview over the phone answering questions about my mum, before travelling to the studio in London. There I had clothes chosen, a hair and make-up stylist and then a photo shoot.

I gained confidence in this shoot, thanks to the welcoming staff, and gained the skills of posing in front of the camera, and socialising in a different environment. I would definitely recommend this to others - everyone enjoys a bit of pampering and this is exactly what happened! The whole day was informal and friendly and it was an experience to remember, especially having everything done for you.

Jamal, Model fee: £111.11, Ref:K584766


This type of modelling was really fun; it wasn't all glamourised but it was very easy and relaxing. I would definitely like to do something like this again. I loved meeting the other talent and the hirer (Casper&Co) was very cool and friendly! I was asked to take part in shots where it looked like we were checking a car with a Lenovo laptop. I would definitely recommend joining Models Direct as it is full of opportunities.

more teenagers modelling reviews  /  other categories

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