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Toby, Model fee: £111.11, Ref:BX626540


This was my first photo shoot with Models Direct. I was very nervous beforehand but after meeting the team on the shoot I felt much more relaxed and they made be feel welcome throughout the day. I think I have gained a lot more confidence and will be much more prepared for my next assignment. I would say to anyone thinking about this sort of work - stop thinking and do it. A big thank you to all the team on the day.

Benjamin, Model fee: £180.00, Ref:A542232


This was my first job and I was excited but also nervous about what was going to happen on the day. When I arrived I found there were other models from different agencies and we got to know each which helped with our confidence. The photographer wanted to take a range of photos for a cinemas brochure, some models were asked to wear a uniform whilst others were put into groups or couples. It was great fun and the photographer made me feel really relaxed. My advice to any one thinking of going into the talent industry would be, be prepared to travel on your own, be well organised to get there on time and be prepared for a long day. I would join Models Direct as you are safe in the knowledge that the job you are going to is a good one. I had a fantastic day and have gained some experience which has improved my confidence.

Mahatir, Model fee: £250.00, Ref:Z516047


It was fun being a model for the day despite the fact that I was feeling very nervous beforehand as I had never done it before. I very much enjoyed the experience and will happily do it again. The most enjoyable part of the assignment was when I was up on set posing for the pictures!

We were asked to pose as football spectators. We changed into lots of different clothes as the pictures had to seem as generic as possible. We were then put into different groups all representing a different team with a change of colours. We were told that these pictures would be used in for the next FIFA World Cup.

I would recommend this experience to others as it is good for increasing confidence and it is enjoyable! My advice to anyone wishing to pursue work in this industry - be very proactive. It is important to always be alert and to constantly search for the right opportunities. It is probably a good move to join an agency as they are the ones who keep their eyes open for the best opportunities. I personally have not been very proactive in looking for work or in updating my portfolio, which I believe has been my downfall. Had I have done so; I probably would have got a job a lot sooner.

I personally chose to join Models Direct as I have ambition and wish to gain all the experience I can, which will hopefully one day be useful in assisting me to become a world renowned journalist!

Aisha, Model fee: £510.00, Ref:Z542360

My first assignment with Models Direct was a bit nerve wracking as it was for a major broadcasting company but I had a great time. Everyone made me feel very welcome especially when I was doing things I was unfamiliar with, such as acting in front of a green screen. I also had to shoot scenes in a school environment, on the street and on a bus which was a lot of fun because of the variation. It is also a great way of earning a bit of extra pocket money!

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Charlie, Model fee: £300.00, Ref:Y513260


I was apprehensive at first, but I joked around with the director and eased up. It made me confident knowing that I can perform and made the producers happy with the material they were getting. The best part was just the day of laughing and joking with everyone involved. The assignment involved me doing rotations and various 'mug shots' before moving onto running past a green screen and down corridors while stills and film were taken. I had to wear a wig, but you have to do what you have to do! I joined up with Models Direct to gain some experience, and obviously a bit of money here or there is always nice. Hopefully now the ball is rolling I will get other assignments.

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Jasmin, Model fee: £576.00, Ref:P534728


At first I was nervous, as it was my first assignment with Models Direct, but everyone made me feel comfortable and welcome. I learned new skills and the experience made me feel a lot more confident. I would recommend an assignment like mine to anyone. I enjoyed myself very much and am looking forward to doing future assignments!

Ashley, Model fee: £144.00, Ref:A559285


When I was contacted about the assignment I was very excited, as it was the first booking that I had through Models Direct. The Assignments Manager made me feel very relaxed and made sure I knew exactly what I needed to do before the day came. When I arrived at the venue, I was very nervous but the other girls soon made me feel at ease and made sure I knew what to do and told me they'd be there to help me if I needed it. When the assignment started, I felt extremely comfortable within the first 15 minutes, and really enjoyed the day, thanks to the support of Models Direct, the other girls and the venue. I would definitely recommend Models Direct to any aspiring models, as they make sure that everything goes as smoothly as planned.

Soni for Sharan, aged 14, Model fee: £565.00, Ref:P254860


The modelling assignment for Models Direct was a very positive experience for my daughter Sharan. Lots of help and advice was provided in terms of what the shoot was for, drinks and facilities. The people on the photo shoot were very friendly and Sharan enjoyed it .She was a bit concerned about what the shoot would involve at first, but when the client spoke to her, she was perfectly OK. I would recommend others join Models Direct and look forward to working with the agency in the future.

Adam, Model fee: £160.00, Ref:L256962


I travelled to London to arrive at the Tate Britain gallery for 7.30 AM to participate in an assignment for modelling on behalf of Models Direct, who were able to get me the work. I first got in touch with Models Direct via a search engine where I was directed to their website and was able to set up a portfolio of photos that companies could look at and possibly offer me assignments/work. I felt very excited and privileged to have the opportunity to model at the Tate Britain and the experience helped me improve my professionalism and comfortableness around the camera. The best thing about the assignment was posing with the various 'props' such as the iPad near real paintings in the gallery, and on top of that we even had occasional audiences of passers by in the gallery which really made me feel pro! When I arrived I was asked to just wait and then prepare for some photos (i.e. freshen up etc). We then posed both in groups large, small and individually in different positions in the museum whilst the photographers directed us and helped us maintain and achieve natural and effective shots. It was all a great learning experience and a lot of fun as it was something new and different for me.

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Khade, Model fee: £1470.00, Ref:O163429


Khade has enjoyed 7 modelling assignments with Models Direct for well-known retailer M and M Direct Ltd.

Here’s what his mother, Natalie, had to say about the experiences:

“From the moment we arrived M and M Direct Ltd we were made to feel very comfortable, and the company's hospitality was fantastic. The photographer and staff enabled Khade to relax quickly; he had lots of clothes changes during the shoot and thoroughly enjoyed every minute.”

“Another fantastic day doing the front cover for the Christmas Brochure. Very well looked after again, a great experience working for M and M Direct.”

“M and M Direct couldn't treat us any better and make it a thoroughly enjoyable experience for him each time!”

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Emma, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:F152789


It felt great to be a model for the day, I got on really well with the other models there. The best thing was being able to experience being a model for the day. I was asked to act casual and pretend I was going to the cinema with friends and be as natural as possible and act as if you were having lots of fun.

Katy, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:P240785


Really enjoyed the experience being a model. We were treated so well by everyone!! We were modelling for a cinema so we were just asked to pretend we were watching a film and stuff, was fun!!

Shaun, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:M229088


Really enjoyed the assignment. I met other models and got some good advice and tips. The job was for Cineworld and the photographer took lots of photos from different angles to advertise their cinema and products. The client was really nice and helpful and made me feel relaxed and comfortable. It was very enjoyable and it was great to meet other models.

Ryan, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:P198401


The assignment was fun. I particularly enjoyed being treated with such importance throughout the day, we started off in a cinema screen and simply had to use facial expressions when instructed to. After our lunch break we took photos standing in the main entrance of the cinema.

Amy, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:X197862


The assignment was a very enjoyable experience. I really liked being apart of the team working as a model along with the other girls, creating good feedback for the team. The best thing about the assignment was hearing the excellent feedback I received from the guests to the official organiser, and her praising me for my work. I was asked to take the guests to their tables, get them seated, take jackets etc. explain the order of events for the day, and make sure each table was satisfied with their service and had everything they needed. Some thing I would say to someone thinking of being a model is make sure you are well presented and polite at all times especially for hostess work.

Daisy, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:G207864


The assignment was great fun. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the people. the best thing about the assignment was the experience it has given me, its made me feel alot more confident in doing modeling. I was asked to hostess a vip function.

Katharine, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:V187614


I feel the assignment was exciting and exhilarating and made to feel an important asset to the shoot. The best thing about the assignment was learning about the different culture of the Japanese style and ways of communicating and particularly freestyle modelling. I was asked to pose in free form way with different hair styles and clothes, both in and out of the London studio.

Georgie, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:M200270


The assignment was enjoyable, fun & rewarding. I was asked to do indoor photo shoots with various poses standing & sitting.The best thing about the assignment was working with a different culture, being pleased with my look and grateful to the company. Some thing I would say to someone thinking of being a model is enjoy any opportunities that come your way, be polite & punctual. Models Direct were very good with the information supplied.

David, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:A204140


The assignment made me fell proud of myself. It felt good that my appearance got me recognised. The best thing about the assignment was getting paid which made me very happy. I was asked to pose in different positions and to smile.

Courtney- Leigh, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:R223145


I was asked to act like a normal teenage i.e listening to ipod and texting on my phone, as well as playing in a park with other kids whilst photos were being taken.I found it very exciting & fun.I was very impressed with the whole assignment.

Harwinder, Model fee: £100.00, Ref:H223745


I had to act like a teenager. It was great fun and successful. Being a model for the day was an enjoyable experience and I liked meeting new people. Something I would say to someone thinking of being a model is go for it!

Carrie, Model fee: £130.50, Ref:P215184


Being picked to do an assignment in the first place makes you feel great! The best thing about the assignment were the crazy raver-style outfits we were wearing. They were eye catching and certainly stuck us out from the crowd! Me and one other girl were asked to advertise their rally day bye giving out leaflets, chatting to people and having our photos taken with people.


Pagan, Model fee: £75.00, Ref:A203402


The thrill of my first assignment was so great, and it was an enjoyable experience. The people that I worked for were very friendly and made me really welcome. I was asked to try on different outfits and then go in to a different room and model the outfits one by one. If your thinking of being a model, do it! The trill of your first assignment is amazing and the people are so friendly, after actually doing the assignment you don't know why you were so nervous at the beginning.

Hayley, Model fee: £240.00, Ref:F176272


The assignment was great, I had a lot of fun. It felt great meeting new people. I had to hand out leaflets and have my picture taken with people. If your thinking of modeling the only thing I can say is it's a great job, lots of fun and you need to be confident.

Tesharn, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:V163622


I feel good knowing that I modeled for a forester care assignment. This was my first time and i feel it went well. The people were friendly and funny so it made it easier for me to do what they required, which was alot of smiling. This assignment was about foster caring. What I had to do was pretend to be the child with a foster carer.

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