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Cally, Ref:M176752


I feel very pleased that I completed this assignment, i really enjoyed it. I felt great to be a model, its something I've always wanted to do. The assignment went well; the clients made you feel comfortable and they made you fit in. It was also great to have my photo taken and knowing so many different people have my photo. I was asked to promote MCE by handing out cards and walking around the show. I also had to have my photo taken with people who requested one with a model. If your thinking of modelling I would say follow your dreams all the way, everyone can make it. Models Direct were very helpful.

Milly, Ref:F191315


The assignment was inspiring and as a first shoot the experience was very positive.Being a model was fun & enjoyable. The best thing about the assignment was gaining a better understanding of what modelling is about, and finding I like it! I was asked to do Close up shots of designer jewellery (mostly earrings and necklaces) in a coastal setting.

Alyssa, Model fee: £170.00, Ref:Z213232


The assignment was the best experience ever, I loved every minute. It felt brilliant, being on the catwalk was amazing. I had to perform various sets and model different clothing to music on the catwalk with the pugs. Some thing I would say to someone thinking of being a model is definitely go for it - the thrill and excitement is the best feeling ever. Models Direct were fantastic.

Joseph, Model fee: £80.00, Ref:N199446


I really enjoyed the assignment, it felt terrific,would love to do it again. The best thing about the assignment was I was made to feel special. I was asked to smile and run about.

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Siane, Model fee: £106.00, Ref:N203810


I was standing in front of the camera posing which I love to do. Its was a good experiance I felt really excited and would love to do it again. I had to advertise a fostering campaign. I found models Direct very helpful.

Cameron, Model fee: £106.00, Ref:H200276

The assignment was an enjoyable one. The best thing was being in front of the camera professionally & also being part of a very friendly team. Models Direct have been very helpful. I was asked to do many different facial shots in a variety of clothes in front of coloured backgrounds. I had to adapt myself to show different levels of emotions. Some thing I would say to someone thinking of being a model is try it, its a great experience to see how these things are done. Models Direct have been very helpful with this assignment and any questions I have asked have been more than adequately dealt with. 

Fay, Ref:K161363

The assignment went very well. It was great to be a models for the day I loved every minute of it! The best thing about the assignment was the unusual shots the photographer took. I was asked to get into the character of a very powerful women. Go for it and give it a shot!

Maria, Ref:E162989

The photoshoot was fantastic, I thoroughly enjoyed it.The best thing about the assignment was the beach setting & meeting the photographer. I had to do different poses in different settings eg. beach huts, and by a river. Something I would say to someone thinking of being a model would be go for it abd see what happens. and apply to Models Direct.

Charlotte, Model fee: £320.00, Ref:K197118

The assignment was a very enjoyable day! It was exciting. Models Direct were really good on the assignment. I was asked to have my hair cut and coloured and then participated in a photo shoot. It is amazing and is rewarding when you finish the assignment. Models Direct were really good on the assignment.

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Yasmin, Model fee: £266.00, Ref:A190140

My Nintendo photoshoot went very well, the clients were very helpful.It felt amazing, dressing up, pretending to be a princess, you can't complain! The best thing was the clients telling me that they were very pleased with my performance. I was asked to act like a princess and dance as if i was at a ball, smiling and feeling excited to see my prince.

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Robi, Model fee: £851.00, Ref:V149827

I feel really good and proud of myself about the assignment for Wii I've complete. In one sentence being a model for the day was the best experience ever and I would do it over and over again any day. The best thing was modeling for such a big company such as Konami. I was asked to play the game that I was modeling for while they took still photos. Some thing i would say to someone thinkinh of being a model modeling is great fun for all ages and is a brilliant way to give you a chance to show how good you really are infront of the camera.

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Mary, Ref:A205092

My photo for a website was a great experience,I enjoyed the assignment. In one sentence i felt wonderful to be a part of the assignment. the best thing about the assignment was just to be involved in the assignment. I was asked to pose for the camera to show the hair and make-uo that was done to me. It is a wonderful experience to be part of in general and you get to learn alot of new things. The people i was with are veryfriendly and nice. They made me feel at ease and it made a difference on how I did in the assignment.

Shellby, Model fee: £133.00, Ref:P187515

It was my first job that I had been picked for and was very excited. They did our hair and make up and took some shots of us. All in all it was a good experience and they were all very nice people. Thanks for an enjoyable day. 

Leanne, Model fee: £426.00, Ref:K187338

The assignment I felt relaxed, comfortable and welcomed by all the members of the team. Everything ran to time and there was a constant supply of food and drinks available.
Overall, the Hair Show gave me a greater understanding of the work needed to be done by everyone behind the scenes for a show like this to run smoothly. It also gave me more experience in hair modelling and in catwalk work. I really enjoyed this assignment and learned so much from it which I will hopefully be able to use in the future.

Jason, Model fee: £80.00, Ref:A156525

The booking went really well and I enjoyed every minute of it. The clients were very friendly and made me feel welcome and valued. They were surprised that it was my first time and said how well I had done.I had to wear three different outfits and had to have my hair flat and spiked. They took 281 photos and said they would sent copies of the final ones. Thank you for helping me get the booking,

Laura, Model fee: £133.00, Ref:E131802

It was a very good experience and all the people were really friendly and welcoming. It was a really good day.

Katherine, Model fee: £133.00, Ref:A176349

I feel the photoshoot with the Japanese hairdressers went well and i really enjoyed the day. They were extremely nice people, they treated us well and with respect even though there was a huge language barrier(funny at times). Thank you, that was my first booking now looking foward to anything that comes up.

Charlotte, Model fee: £426.00, Ref:K197118

The Joico hair show was really exciting, and such a great experience. I was nervous about having my hair cut and coloured at first but once they started doing it, i loved what they had done. The catwalk show was amazing and was such a good experience.  The two days that i spent there was really good and most importantly i had fun.

Harriet, Model fee: £133.00, Ref:184490

I really enjoyed the day and loved every minute of it.

Antoniette, Model fee: £532.00, Ref:139409

First i got a call from the agency saying I had to go for a photoshot with lee the photographer. I was so excited to just take the photos because this was the first time the agency got back to me. He was really friendly, he explained everything that was happeing. After a few days i was told i had the part and had to go for a wardrobe check! The day i went i was so excited but nervous about what i would be asked to wear. But when i was there the people were so nice and helped me with everything, i even got breakfast! On the commerical day they did my hair and make up, i was feeling like a star alreaddy haha! i was looked after the whole time. It was an amazing day and if i had the chance to do it again i would!

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Leanne, Model fee: £160.00, Ref:144568

I enjoyed this experience because it was new and exciting, I was able to work with children of all ages. I found it interesting the way they used different ages ranges in the same project. I had a lot of fun while taking the photos and David was very helpful in transporting us back to the train station. I look forward to more work with models direct.

Bina for Aman aged 13, Model fee: £166.00, Ref:153730

We arrived early but were made to feel very welcome. We were briefed on the nature of the photo shoot and expectations, etc. Aman had some individual shots taken, we then went onto a local park where group and individual shots were taken.  Everybody was very friendly especially David and the photographer Steve. Aman had a great time at his first photo shoot and can't wait to do it again. 
Also David said that we would be able to view the pictures either through you or by contacting him, could you let us know maybe we could then add these to his profile? 
Look forward to hearing from you.

Jordan, Model fee: £160.00, Ref:187397

I really enjoyed the shoot. The people there made me feel really comfortable and relaxed. I was a little nervous at first but when the camera was in front of me I just got into it and had some fun.
When we arrived there we entered a small waiting room with another model (Leanne) and her mother. It was their first time too and they were really friendly. It was a pleasure working with her and the rest of the models. Then I was called upstairs and I had my individual shot taken. I was a little bit nervous at first but then just let loose.
Then when that was over we headed to the park. At the park there was a little skate ramp. We all had our group photo taken there.  Then After that we went to this little shed thing at the park and had another group shot taken there.
Then we had another individual photo taken. I was one of the last to go and everyone was having about 15 photos taken to get the right shot and then it was my turn. I only had 3 taken and he said perfect and I was like "Oh My God, that was quick"Aha.
I really enjoyed the experience and I hope I get another opportunity to do it again. I Love Modelling and I hope it can play a big part in my future.

Jake, Model fee: £156.00, Ref:186500

I completed my first modelling assignment for Models Direct on a photo shoot for South Western Railways. Everyone met under the clock at Waterloo Station. We all then boarded a train to Southampton and Basingstoke. En route photos were taken and from then on until we arrived back at Waterloo in the afternoon. From start to finish I had a brilliant day, plenty of fun and really enjoyed working with such friendly, very nice, and extremely professional people. I got on great with John the Photographer and Alice and Gary the directors. They seemed very pleased with my contribution to the day.   Many Thanks

Emma, Model fee: £266.00, Ref:184403

Both days went well Saturday was lovely, was a nice chance to be out making the most of the nice weather and Sarah the girl i was with was really nice and easy to get along with which made the day go a lot faster, even with sore feet! Sunday was pretty good too, when i went in at 10 i was told they'd had some interested in one of the flats we were advertising in the leaflets, and one couple wanted to buy which was encouraging and made it seem more worthwhile to get on and hand out some more leaflets even though it was raining that morning! The lady there, i think her name was Hilary, was really friendly and relaxed which was nice and they took a few photos on the Saturday which was cool too.
So overall, a great weekend for my first experience doing promo work, i'm and i'm glad to have been offered the chance and look forward to what's thrown my way next!

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