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Carrie, Talent Fee: £1.00, Ref:1194

The 4 of us were lucky enough to be offered a shoot for 'Away Resorts' in the Isle of Wight.  This is something that we'd never done before but thought this would be a memorable experience for us to share as a family, and of course the fee was a great incentive.  When we arrived we were made to feel extremely welcome by the team.  The main advice we were given was to just have fun, smile lots and not to look at the camera.  We had such a fabulous time and all of us got to try activities that we'd never tried before such as kayaking, raft building, paintball target, cross bow etc.  We all had such a great laugh together and it was all very relaxed.  I'd highly recommend this to others as we were made to feel so special for the time we were there, we had so much fun with the team and we have got some some lovely memories to cherish. We can't wait to see the brochure.  Thanks Models Direct!

Sharon, Talent Fee: £150.00, Ref:1192

Firstly l was a bit nervous before l arrived but when l arrived l was welcomed warmly.  The cast crew were friendly yet professional and introduced me to the crew and other models.

I enjoyed every bit of the shoot and getting to know the other models.  I enjoyed the acting bit so as to bring out more natural pictures.  The assignment involved me playing a doctor talking to a mental health patient as well as to an elderly patient.  The photographer asked us to talk to each other as he took pictures so as to make the pictures look natural.

I definitely gained more experience as in acting and talking to the client to bring out a more natural look and confidence as in being told by the photographer when l had done a good job and just encouraging me throughout the shoot.  I certainly would recommend others to try modelling especially since it was very easy to work under such good direction.

The advice l would give to anyone wanting to pursue modelling would be to be positive, be willing to listen to advice and follow directions, be able to ask questions when one does not understand what they are meant to do and to just have fun work at the best of your ability in all jobs.

I have been pursuing work by applying for jobs on the Models Direct website and l personally decided to join Models Direct because l wanted to be represented by an agency that is the best but that also has a personal commitment to their models.  I enjoy modelling and that was the reason l initially started modelling but l would also like to go as far as my talent will take me.  Money is also a perk that comes from something l enjoy.

Nikki, Talent Fee: £450.00, Ref:1186

Just had an amazing day modeling with a lovely family and pretend husband for a holiday brochure. We had the opportunity to use all the facilities and my favourite was definitely the abseiling which I had never done before!  Photos were taken of us all just having fun as if we were on holiday... swimming, playing golf, eating fish and chips on the beach - what could be easier?!

Each new assignment is like stepping into the unknown - there's a little apprehension but mostly excitement and the chance to work with fantastic people and you have the comfort of knowing that working through Talent Management you will be well looked after! So if you are looking for new adventures I would thoroughly recommend joining this agency.

CHRISTINE, Talent Fee: £150.00, Ref:185

I had a great time. I posed as an NHS professional for a recruitment company at a major London hospital. I was not nervous beforehand as the call sheet brief was clear so I knew what was expected of me. I worked alongside an experienced production team who were patient and clear about what they wanted me to do for the shoot.  I was asked to improvise in order to help produce the images they were looking for. This helped me get into character so to speak, which was a new experience. I would definitely like to use one of the images for my e-portfolio.

I joined up with Models Direct because after working for over thirty years in an office environment, I wanted to work in a totally different sector that allows me to be more creative!  I spoke to Kara at Models Direct and she convinced me that it was a genuine company that provided the type of opportunities I was looking for.

Faith, Talent Fee: £150.00

It was a good feeling being booked to model for the NHS and posing as a nurse within the hospital.  It was enjoyable and I had lots of fun working with the other models and staff.  It was a good experience and I learned new things and gained more confidence acting in front of a camera.

I will advise my children and friends to sign up with Models Direct because not only do you earn money but you gain experience, learn new things, build more confidence while meeting great new people - this is why I chose this industry as my secondary career choice.

Rosie, Talent Fee: £320.00, Ref:CB682039

I was excited to be given another promotional assignment, if a little nervous as I had only been given the details of the job the night before. Normally Models Direct are really good at giving several days notice even for last minute bookings, so this was an unusual situation.

I definitely learnt a lot from this assignment, parts of it were a lot of fun. Myself and the other model had to greet guests with complimentary drinks and encourage them to use the onsite bar during their stay. We also were photographed and videoed whilst modelling the facilities, such as the cabins and tents guests could stay in, and the swimming pool available for their use. This was to be used as promotional material for the company, so we had to look like we were very relaxed and enjoying ourselves, which was incredibly easy thanks to how lovely and professional the photographer was. It was also a treat to work with my fellow model, Serena. I had worked with her once before a few months ago and found her to be both professional and a lot of fun.

There were also some challenges during the job itself; which gave me opportunities to learn new skills. The company we were working for were a little unorganised, particularly on the first day, quite often it seemed as if they weren't sure how to use myself and Serena, and would give us contradictory instructions on what we should be doing. This meant we sometimes ended up just helping to set things up around the site rather than do the promotional work we had been employed for. From this I discovered how important it is to ask questions if you are unsure about anything during your assignment, even if it feels silly at the time. Once I started double checking instructions with all of my bosses, they were able to speak with each other more clearly about what they actually wanted us to do.

This was also the first time I had to deal with turning down inappropriate advances from customers whilst in a professional setting, which was very uncomfortable but taught me I can be confident in my personal boundaries whilst still fulfilling the requirements of the job to a high standard.

I would definitely recommend joining Models Direct, particularly for promotional work such as this.  Being with an agency gives you stability and security if the assignment you are doing is unpredictable, and Molly is so lovely I knew I would be able to let her know if there were any problems. This truly makes all the difference to how you feel during the job.

Claire, Talent Fee: £600.00, Ref:CK739965

I had such a great experience on my assignment for Henri Lloyd.  Thee nerves I had before I got there were unreal, but within 5 minutes of being there I was fine. I met some lovely people, got to wear great clothes and just had a fantastic time whilst being paid so well!  I would recommend this experience as well as Models Direct as an agency very highly - Claire

Eszter, Talent Fee: £120.00, Ref:A699873

Thank you Models Direct for this opportunity.  It was great being a model for the spinal touch video shoot.  The team made me feel welcome so I wasn't nervous at all.  The best part of the shooting was when I got the spinal treatment - it felt really nice.  I feel I learned a lot from this shooting and would really recommend this experience for everyone who wants to give a try modelling. - Eszter

Serena, Talent Fee: £320.00, Ref:N669829

I LOVED doing this kind of work! I was working at Glastonbury Festival on behalf of The Pop Up Hotel - it was such a good experience and a very good opportunity.  At first I felt very nervous, but everyone who I was working with was very welcoming and made me feel very comfortable. I would do this kind of work again because the people were lovely and we spent much of the time laughing over the past 2 days - it was amazing!  I took part in videos links and photo shoots around Glastonbury and another model Rosie and I had to walk around giving out cider shots.  I would recommend the experience to anyone, because you will have such fun and you gain more confidence while working with a great bunch of people. Molly, my booker at Talent Management, is a lovely lady - she always rings you to make sure you're ok and ready for the assignment - she's a diamond!

Molly, Talent Fee: £600.00, Ref:BQ632618

I really enjoyed the assignment from Models Direct - it was my first job and I was booked for 3 days in Luton on behalf of Arjo Huntleigh to play a healthcare professional as part of a product demonstration shoot.  The assignment went very well - friendly people to work with and great team work!  We were trained first on what to do which improved my confidence as I worked in social care before but the equipment was new to me. The client was very nice person - so kind and helpful. One of the best parts was lunch times - all of the crew sitting together, sharing stories and eating lovely food.  The second model from Models Direct was nice to work with and we were both treated like professionals and learnt a lot. Thank you Models Direct for giving me this opportunity and for Molly for being so friendly and professional. I would recommend this experience to all the models and I look forward to more assignments.  Molly Meakin

Matisse, Talent Fee: £600.00, Ref:CA674410

This was my first assignment through Models Direct and I only have good things to say about the whole process. Molly, my assignment manager was brilliant - very informative and kept me in the loop with everything that was happening. I decided to use Models Direct as I liked the idea that they would be pro-active in finding me work and they stuck to their word - they not only got me on a great assignment, but also agreed a great fee for me. I would definitely recommend them if you are looking for an agency that you can trust will be working behind the scenes for you.

The assignment I was put on was for a pharmaceutical company and it involved demonstrating a new piece of equipment through photos and a demo video.  Myself and another model from Models Direct were acting as care workers/nurses and we had to demonstrate the correct procedures on how to transfer a bariatric patient from a hospital bed to a chair and vice verca using a sling and the new machine they were promoting. I can honestly say I never thought it would be so much fun and so educational.  Everyone on set were absolutely brilliant - relaxed and funny yet professional and I knew I was in good hands. The work itself involved a lot of attention to detail and quite a lot of skills to learn in a shot space of time, but this was great for me as I love a challenge and there wasn't a dull moment.

This experience has certainly increased my confidence and skill set.  The feedback I received after day 2 was that I pick up things really quickly - this was wonderful feedback to receive and I certainly feel ready to do it all again.

Anda, Talent Fee: £150.00, Ref:Z505684

Modelling for the day felt kind of amazing. I was very nervous at the beginning, but the crew was so friendly and very professional, that it quickly put me at ease.  Being chosen for this role felt great, and really inspiring to continue with this kind of work. Having done the shoot has made me much more confident about my appearance.

I would recommend for everyone to not to give up on their dreams, as having experienced it is really worth the wait.  Models Direct organised everything for me, all I had to do was to show up.

Thank you very much for this opportunity!

Lauren, Talent Fee: £200.00, Ref:BM624243

I had a fantastic time modelling for a bridal shoot at Edinburgh Castle.  It was an amazing experience which really helped my confidence.  We worked with a fabulous team which made all the difference. The location was beautiful, and the tourists were stopping us between each set to get pictures taken!

The Historic Scotland team were a pleasure to work with and made us all feel at ease. I was accompanied by another model bride and two grooms. We all worked great together and had lots of fun on the shoot. My role was to pose as a bride and get pictures taken at various locations throughout the castle.

I would definitely recommend Models Direct to anyone looking for an agency. The whole process was seamless and Molly was fantastic keeping me informed via email and telephone. She also answered all queries promptly.

I joined up with Models Direct to improve my confidence and get noticed. I hope to do further work for them in the future.

Lisa, Talent Fee: £200.00, Ref:CG733294

I had a great time at Edinburgh Castle promoting their bridal theme.  I met great people and felt like a celebrity when a ton of tourists thought we were actually getting married and wanted photos of us all, including selfies which was such fun!!  I have been modelling and working in TV for the last 7 years, and have been with Models Direct for the last 4 years and haven't looked back!  I totally recommend being proactive and keeping in contact with the agency as you can gain so much more experience when going for jobs like this.

Patricia, Talent Fee: £225.00, Ref:CB695733

A wet day - what better to do then appear in a video to explain the use of a medical product that helps relieve the symptoms of skin discomfort after radiation treatment!  I arrived at the venue - a new small private hospital about to be opened - to be welcomed by the 'crew'.  Over coffee we had a discussion regarding filming requirements - I now have a fair amount of experience of video shoots, having been on Talent Management's books for several years, but each assignment brings something new and exciting - a new group of people to work with - a new product to promote and another chance to learn about presentation and appearances.  Apparently patients using the medical product need a video to show how to apply and use correctly, so I and my male colleague from Talent Management were involved in a shoot showing a nurse applying the medication to our skin in the correct way.  We did a short rehearsal to make sure everything was correctly in place and then completed the shoot in record time as all went according to plan!  This was another paid assignment that was interesting and rewarding!  If you think this is for you - do contact Talent Management and speak to them - they will give you lots of help and advice. There are all sorts of opportunities including film extra bookings, modelling assignments and many more.

Patricia, Talent Fee: £180.00, Ref:CB695733

A windy and sometimes wet Southwold on the Suffolk coast was the venue for my latest assignment. A TV company was making a film for Ancestry UK and required two old ladies to be onlookers as the researcher - a professional actor - described his grandfathers house.  What fun we had!!  The makeup artist soon transformed myself and my colleague from Models Direct into two windswept grannies and we were then given direction as to how the role was to be played out.  The whole team worked so well together and everyone was so friendly.  It was a privilege to work with the team and I look forward to seeing the end result.  If you have ever considered being involved in this sort of activity, do give Models Direct a try.  Thank you, Patricia

Gillian, Talent Fee: £180.00, Ref:BM703705

For this assignment myself and another model from Models Direct were booked by Toast TV as extras Ancestry UK.  We met the actor and film crew outside an old house on a very windy seafront location in Southwold, Suffolk.  Both of us were dressed as elderly ladies and I had a shopping trolley - we had a good laugh at how we looked!  The actor was supposed to be the grandson of the original owner of the house and he had come to visit it. We were asked to walk passed him whilst he was standing looking up at the house and he was to comment to us about his grandfather once owning it.  We had to look surprised and then continue to walk on.  The film crew were very friendly, professional and grateful for our help and seemed pleased with the results. They kept apologising for making us look so old but we had a lot of fun and laughter whilst doing it.  I can thoroughly recommend anyone getting involved in the industry and I think it helps if you are prepared to be adaptable.  Gillian

Nikki, Talent Fee: £180.00, Ref:CA645033

It was fantastic to be part of 2 TV advertisements - I had great fun!  The first advert involved me being the wife of the main character pottering around in the kitchen in the background in a smart Victorian house.  The second advert I was a body double for the main actress and got to drive a gorgeous orange 1972 VW Camper Van.  I would thoroughly recommend Models Direct to anyone - just go for it.  Sometimes you will not receive the full details of what's in store until the day, which is always very exciting!  My confidence is building with each assignment, and once I knew what I had to do, the nerves disappeared.  I signed up to Models Direct as I wanted to promote myself and have some totally new experiences, which has definitely happened!  Nikki

Serena, Talent Fee: £300.00, Ref:N669829

I have had an amazing time working with RGB Building Supplies last week at the ToolFair Exhibition in Exeter.  At first I was a bit nervous, but everyone was so welcoming and down to earth. Myself and Rosie (the other model) were required to attract customers to our stand and take photos with them in a photo booth with lots of funny props - which the customers got a copy of afterwards!

I would recommend this experience to anyone - everyone was left with a smile on their face!  I had an amazing time and hope to do it again soon.  In this industry it's not all about being serious - you can have a really good laugh with the people your working with - even customers.  Thanks Models Direct!

Sangi, Talent Fee: £120.00, Ref:BW626422

I had a great 4 hours on my shoot for Duracell - the crew and team were friendly, helpful and very relaxed.  I was really looking forward to it from the moment it was confirmed.  I was excited on the day and thankfully not nervous.  I was the main person in the commercial, which made me feel great about myself and helped to increase my confidence.  I was told at the end that "you made our lives easy as you were great to work with", which is so great to hear!  I predominantly had to sit behind a computer and pretend to be working and looking at the screen, the mouse was then taken away and I had to recreate the position of the mouse for several takes, which was challenging but fun to do.

I enjoy being in front of the camera whether it is for adverts, videos or photography.  It is something so unrelated to my full time job that I thoroughly enjoy the opportunities that come my way.  I would absolutely recommend Models Direct to those who are looking to get into the industry and sincerely hope more assignments come my way!

Gillian, Talent Fee: £120.00, Ref:BM703705

On arrival to my assignment with Duracell, everyone was very friendly and I found it exciting doing something I had always felt I would like to do.  I enjoyed being on a film set with such a nice and professional group of people, and learning how to act on the film director's instructions in front of a camera. I was asked to act out putting on a hearing aid, then actually putting one on and listening to my model grandaughter reading to me. The film director and crew seemed pleased with what we had achieved and I look forward to seeing the video in due course. I really enjoyed the experience and would love to have the opportunity to do it again. 

Prior to signing up, I had looked at a few agencies but decided that Models Direct had the most friendly and professional approach and I would definitely recommend the agency to others who are interested in pursuing a modelling career.

Rosie, Talent Fee: £300.00, Ref:CB682039

I was very excited to hear from Models Direct again and pleased to find out I would be doing promotion for RGB Building Supplies; this would be a change for me as I previously had more experience in photographic and video work.  This change was one of the most enjoyable parts of the assignment.  When I arrived I was given clothing to wear and met the team I would be working with, including the other model from Models Direct, Serena. We spent the two days at ToolFair handing out brochures for the company and giving away free pens and t-shirts each morning as people arrived, then encouraging customers to come and have their photo taken with us in the photobooth next to the company's stall.

The nature of this work required us to approach a lot of customers and maintain their attention long enough to get them interested in the company we were promoting. This meant as models we needed to be both confident and knowledgeable about what we were selling.

I would definitely recommend this experience to other models, the people I worked with were not only highly professional but also a lot of fun and I would gladly see them all again. Of course being part of Talent Management is something I would also recommend for models looking to take part in this type of work. It gave me a feeling of safety, particularly as a young woman working in an environment with a lot of strangers. I knew who my onsite contact would be ahead of time, and I could contact my agent Molly at any point if I didn't feel comfortable. This is invaluable when travelling to somewhere new.

Heather, Talent Fee: £300.00, Ref:BC579347

I was booked by Models Direct to film promotional material for a spray tan brand and also model for before/after photos of the product. It was a fantastic experience!  Everyone was really friendly and positive - the assignment was well organised and a pleasure to do!

Shannon, Talent Fee: £220.00, Ref:R656743

Working with Models Direct allows you to work flexibly around your lifestyle. I am currently studying and was recently booked for a skincare campaign. The shoot was in Devon and the other model and team I worked with were wonderful and really friendly. The staff at Models Direct are also very helpful and easy to talk to - I would recommend this agency for anyone thinking of pursuing work in the talent industry!

Charmaine, Talent Fee: £300.00, Ref:A702041

I really enjoyed this weeks filming assignment through Models Direct.  Thanks for helping me to live out my dream!

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