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Yasemin, Model fee: £156.00, Ref:253681


My modelling assignment involved being a hostess at Twickenham Rugby club. As part of the role I socialised with guests and assisted other members of staff in keeping the guests happy. The job was fun as I enjoy meeting new people. Dressing up glamorous was part of the fun too. I would definitely do the job again. Thanks to Models Direct for helping me get the job.

Thea, Model fee: £198.00, Ref:N538489


The modelling experience with Models Direct on the whole was both pleasant and enjoyable. The assignment required us to greet and entertain guests, escort them to their tables and ensure that they had everything they needed for the day. I found the hours fairly long but we were given a two hour break to compensate. I would recommend this assignment to others and look forward to hopefully working with the client in future.

Thao, Model fee: £198.00, Ref:A501164


Being a model with Models Direct for the day felt very good, much better than my day job! I felt nervous because I wanted to do a good job. I had a lot of fun on the day and I enjoyed making others laugh! I would love to do it again. The most enjoyable part was the feeling of being a full time model for the day! The assignment involved me dressing as a nurse for photos for an NHS brochure; I had to walk with other models and real doctors whilst photos were being taken. My confidence grew the more photos I had taken on the day. I do recommend others to try this out, it’s a lot of people’s dream to be model even if it’s just for a day! I’ve always wanted to do modelling work as people tell me I have a good face and body for it. I have enjoyed it for the experience.

Lara, Model fee: £156.00, Ref:Y508452


As this Models Direct assignment was my second time hosting at the Twickenham rugby stadium, my nerves were rather steady. I had a great time and loved meeting up with the other models again! The most enjoyable part had to be interacting with all different people and just generally having a good time. The assignment involved serving drinks and talking with the clients, which was great fun! As a hostess I received many compliments, which made me walk away with a smile on my face, I LOVED IT! I would recommend joining a modelling agency 100% as it was a great way of making money, doing things that you enjoy, being around friendly people and making/ meeting new friends. I would definitely say join an agency like Models Direct, as they help out as much as possible!

Morimda, Model fee: £198.00, Ref:Z522149


I had a great experience being a model for the day, it was fun. The most enjoyable part of the assignment, which involved promoting the diverse roles of NHS staff, was meeting others members of the Models Direct agency. Through this job, I believe I have developed my acting skills, and the experience has definitely given me more confidence. To succeed in this industry patience is the key.

Karen, Model fee: £198.00, Ref:BA526360


My modelling assignment with Models Direct was to be photographed for a recruitment campaign for the NHS. I had the role of being a doctor and there were 5 other models dressed as other medical staff, and photos were taken of us walking around the hospital. We were asked to look like we were happy in our jobs and to look professional. The photographers and everyone involved were friendly and helpful. I was a little nervous as this was my first assignment and I didn't know what to expect but I quickly felt very comfortable and really enjoyed the experience and would be very happy to do it again.

Pauline, Model fee: £234.00, Ref:M246133


This was my first experience of modelling, and, although I was a little nervous at first, I was soon put at ease by the other, more experienced models, and the film crew, who were very professional. I decided to join Models Direct agency, not just to boost my income, but to broaden my horizons - and it was fun! I actually enjoyed doing the shoot, which was filmed with me in a Comformatic bed, both sat upright and led down 'asleep'. The bed was actually so comfortable I could have easily fallen asleep! I now have the confidence to pursue this line of work and update my portfolio, which I have neglected to do to date, therefore I haven't really promoted myself. This will now change as I would like to do more as it was quite uplifting, and the money was good!

Susie, Model fee: £234.00, Ref:A146053


As a professional model undertaking many jobs in many locations, I was not nervous before this Models Direct shoot for Comformatic because I relied on my experience and professionalism. The day before the shoot, I spent time checking and packing my wardrobe and making sure I had plenty of choices of clothes for the client. I also packed make-up, hair essentials, my model portfolio, and took copies of maps and location instructions with me before I set out. I made sure I was on time, and introduced myself to the people in charge of the shoot. I conducted myself in a quiet, businesslike and conscientious manner. The assignment involved being filmed 1) at the front door of the house welcoming the bed fitter, and 2) in twin bed with a male model, reading magazines, pretending to be asleep, using the controls on the electrically operated bed. The gentleman representing the bed company was kind and courteous to us all. Each job brings a new experience, and of course, confidence comes from knowing that one is doing a great job. Would I recommend the experience to others? Yes, if they are comfortable with the camera, and prepared to put the work in beforehand, have huge amounts of patience, and understand that there is a lot of hanging around on the shoot day.

Karen, Model fee: £234.00, Ref:P535439


I enjoyed my second Models Direct assignment with Comfomatic very much, and I was delighted to be chosen again, with the possibility of more bookings in the future. As usual there was a warm welcome from the crew. I think the thing I enjoyed most was being told that the shoot was the best they had done and that they were very pleased with me. I learned to make my movements precise and to acknowledge timing for different aspects of the video. I think modelling is fun, but you must arrive prepared with at least two or three clothing options and be immaculately presented, to be successful. I chose Models Direct because of their diversity in representing all ages and types of people.

Sarah, Model fee: £300.00, Ref:J53468


I really enjoyed the time that I spent at the studio. The modelling assignment with Models Direct involved posing as a client for an educational video for Adam Eason's School of Therapeutic Hypnosis. I was a little apprehensive before the assignment as hypnosis is not something I have ever considered. The assignment involved making 4 short video clips demonstrating the basic techniques of hypnosis that therapists use, such as holding a pen and not being able to drop it, and locking your arm and not being able to bend it. It was a really enjoyable experience. Adam and his photographer were a pleasure to work with and made me feel very at ease. I spent some time with Adam before we started shooting, and he talked me through the processes, so that I felt as comfortable as possible. It was a very educational assignment and I was fascinated by what can be achieved when you engage your mind. I am very pleased with how the assignment went and I look forward to more opportunities such as this. Models Direct are a great agency to work with and I have recommended to others who are interested in working in the industry.

Lizzie, Model fee: £260.00, Ref:M245917


I modelled for Johnson & Johnson for the day for their Nicorette brand. Although I have modelled before, I'm always quite nervous as you never know what to expect. The team were really friendly and professional and made sure we were looked after especially as we spent most of the day in a car with the windows open on a very windy day. I would definitely recommend Models Direct to others thinking of doing something different. Thanks so much for the experience.

Pippa, Model fee: £125.00, Ref:BB548395


For my assignment with Models Direct I was asked to take part in modelling a 4D baby scan for a new Harley Street clinic. It was an exciting and reassuring experience- an ideal assignment for a mum-to-be! I received constant communication from the model management team and their efficiency has shown them to be a worthwhile and trustworthy agency to work for. Thoroughly enjoyed this assignment and very happy with the results!

Joanna, Model fee: £190.00, Ref:P256243


The modelling job for Advanced Vision Care was very pleasant. The company was thoroughly friendly and professional and I was made to feel very comfortable. As an experienced model and actress I felt comfortable throughout the job, and enjoyed the friendliness of the clients. Thanks Models Direct! Another lovely assignment!

Kate, Model fee: £260.00, Ref:AY520634


I enjoyed being a model for the first time, it was fun. I don't get nervous generally, so this was not a problem. I really enjoyed working with the 2 other models, who were great fun. We made each other laugh to keep our smiles genuine for the photoshoot, which was for a Johnson & Johnson quit smoking product. I also learnt some new modelling skills on the shoot, such as learning the correct positioning to avoid the product reflecting light. I initially joined up for extra cash as I am studying for my Masters. Joining a modelling agency like Models Direct makes it so much easier to find work as I am busy with my studies otherwise. Thanks Models Direct!

Sue, Model fee: £205.00, Ref:F226328


I modelled for the Elys fashion show for the second time, and again it was great fun with the other models and the Elys staff, who were very helpful, fun and down-to-earth. I really enjoyed the assignment as I was very familiar with the work and it was easy to fit in as the staff were very helpful. They also had a good sense of humour at all times, and the most enjoyable part was that they cracked open the Champagne just before we hit the catwalk, so depending on your shoes it’s make or break! We had our hair and make-up done, tried on all our outfits then were given lunch and were free to roam the store for a few hours-dangerous as there were so many lovely things. Then we walked down a very long catwalk in front of lots of people. They had a large turn-out of men, women and children. I always get good reviews and feed back from ladies of the same age group as me as I am a very realistic curvy size 12. I am always confident in this setting as I think I am a good honest role model for ladies in my age group. I have to say I always enjoy the work I do - it is diverse and fun and if you can model a swimsuit and not look like Claudia Schiffer in front of hundreds of people you can do anything!

Georgia, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:A522863


I signed up with Models Direct for some extra cash and to gain new experiences. My first modelling assignment was to do a catwalk show in Croydon modelling clothes for the Good Housekeeping magazine. At first I was excited, then, as the time drew nearer, a little nervous as had I never done anything like this before! On the day I met up with five other models all ready for the assignment. They were a great bunch of ladies and felt at ease immediately, the time flew by with a practice run which included six outfit changes and displaying the clothes on the catwalk. Then we had the show! I would definitely do something like this again, it was good fun and I also earned some extra cash. I found the assignment well organised and would recommend to others to give it a go purely for the experience of it all!

Kate, Model fee: £140.00, Ref:S211402


I enjoyed my day catwalk modelling for Models Direct in a department store in Croydon. All the team were friendly, as were the other models. The day was well-organized and it was always clear what was expected of us - and we got very nice sandwiches and Danish pastries! I'd more than happily repeat the experience.

Karen, Model fee: £180.00, Ref:P535439


I thoroughly enjoyed my assignment with Models Direct. It involved modelling for an orthopaedic bed company, which required a lot of ‘lying around’! Still photographs were taken as well as a video with a presenter describing the bed’s functionality. I was directed to use the remote control to raise and lower the bed. I found it very interesting to see just what goes into making a short film, with regard to timing, positioning, lighting and background noise checks. I was treated very well, everyone was very friendly and welcoming, and I can't wait to do more shoots. Great fun, loved it!

Pinar, Model fee: £130.00, Ref:P530615


I enjoyed my modelling experience at Windsmoor Catwalk show. Everybody was really friendly and helpful, from the staff organising to the styling. The other models were also nice and it made the day fun. I would definitely do modelling jobs like these again. The most enjoyable part of the day was getting in and out of clothes, as I adore fashion, and the sociable side with the stylists was very entertaining. Throughout the day the girls bonded very well and it made the day so quick and easy to get through. I signed up to Models Direct purely for extra pocket money, but I think the added bonus is laughter and joy with a few girls having fun.

Danielle, Model fee: £130.00, Ref:P221127


I was excited about this modelling assignment with Models Direct as it was my first catwalk experience. But I was also a bit nervous, as I didn't want to fall on my face or anything! We were modelling outfits put together from the Windsmoor clothing line. The organiser was really welcoming and the stylist gave us good instructions during the run through. I met four other lovely models and intern assistants. Mine was really helpful, I wish her all the very best with her internship and I hope she finds her path in the modelling industry. It went by quickly and I think we interacted with the audience really well. The stylist told us she was very happy with how things went.

Vanessa, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:Y229768


I had a wonderful day catwalk modelling at an in-store fashion show event in Croydon. I met some lovely ladies who I modelled with. All the stylists and staff were very helpful and gave out very simple instructions so that everything in the fashion show went extremely smoothly. The ladies watching the fashion show really loved the beautiful clothes that we all wore and commented on every outfit. I would definitely recommend Models Direct to everyone. This is the 2nd catwalk show I have modelled for this year with the agency, and I can't wait to do another one, thanks again Models Direct!

Elena, Model fee: £220.00, Ref:K182320


Travelling to Brighton 3 hours prior to my modelling job at the White Company, the last from a succession of five, on one of the most beautiful days of the year, is a great way of starting the day. The weather is absolutely amazing! It's as if I am in the South of France on a holiday. On the beach in Brighton I breathe the sea-salted air and have a moment of complete gratefulness to Katie at Models Direct for sending me on such a cool job. I soon realise I can now easily construct the scenario for the ideal job because I am living it: a fun holiday-like location, chilled people to work with, clothes to model that make me feel special and an agent I work with that honours her job in every possible way. On my last assignment for the White Company I felt great: relaxed, in control, and full of energy. I received lots of compliments for the clothes I was wearing and was asked lots of questions about them. I might as well work for the White Company now, for all the great advertising I did for them... :-) On my way out, I resisted buying the poncho I modelled despite the huge temptation (it really feels great to wear) but I couldn't stay away from the clothes for kids. I ended up buying lots of clothes for my 4 year old nephew and for my best friend's little one year old girl. I have caught the White Company bug!

Elena, Model fee: £207.00, Ref:K182320


Day 4 of modelling for the White Company, this time in their shop in Marylebone High Street, was yet another pleasant experience. Having the luxury of working with the same people really makes things easy for me. Sophie, the make-up artist from Jemma Kidd, whom I had met the week before in Symons street, was there and applied gorgeous glam make up on me. Everything was well organized with an immaculate focused presentation. And I got to work with Natalie again. She and I were the two Models Direct models chosen by the White Company to introduce some of their new range of autumn/winter clothes for ladies. No better arrangement really! Each of us contributed in our own way to the success of the evening. The shop sold quite a lot that evening. I myself met many ladies who ended up buying the clothes I modelled. I even had people asking if I could bring them the items I had on earlier as they were looking for the small size that I wore. It was funny, as one of them had sold already! The job went really well. I would love to do that again. It is wonderful when you are surrounded by warm people. I got great feedback. Customers in the shop kept asking me if I am the White Company model. And that is when I introduced them to Models Direct.

Elena, Model fee: £215.00, Ref:K182320


The modelling 'mission' for The White Company (no 3) that Katie at Models Direct has assigned me was a lovely opportunity to meet more friendly people and do another fabulous event. Lots of people turned up, the till was very busy and we ended up doing the presentation twice - we had become so popular! All in all, I had a great time in Marlow. I would definitely go back and work with the same team again.

Ruby, Model fee: £54.00, Ref:G198022


I had a great time doing art modelling for a lovely group of talented artists. I have never done art modelling before. It is a skill in itself trying to stay as still as possible and I am grateful for the experience and would love to do this type of work again. The most enjoyable part of this assignment was seeing the outcome – 15 paintings of myself and seeing how talented the artists were - amazing. I gained positive feedback from the client and artists. I felt I carried out the assignment well and what was required of me. I think it is a good thing being part of Models Direct as clients can view your e-portfolio and you can get selected for assignments and I personally find it very enjoyable. I was very happy to represent the modelling agency and I look forward to other assignments in the future.

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