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Grainne, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:H215926

I enjoyed my day, being a hostess - I met some interesting people. The other 'models' were great to work with. We were asked to greet the clients, take them to their tables, put their coats in the cloak room, and serve them drinks

Laura, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:K173501

I was asked to take part in some hostess work, which involved taking coats, seating and greeting guests. The main part of the day involved making sure the guest enjoyed themselves. I enjoyed talking to the guests and the overall atmosphere was exciting. I also enjoyed working with the other models.

Lucy, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:Z239530

Hostessing at the VIP suite at the rugby event was really good fun! The other hostesses were great to work with, and the client organising the was approachable, friendly and nice to work for. The assignment involved dressing up in a black skirt, and black stilettos, and ensuring the guests at the event were having a good time, chatting to them and keeping them topped up with drinks! It was nice to feel pretty and made-up for the day. All in all I thoroughly enjoyed the assignment - and have attended another casting this week which was also very enjoyable and good experience - even though I didn't get the job this time - But I'm looking forward to doing more hostessing and being selected for more modelling jobs through Models Direct!

Charlotte, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:N167348

I had an enjoyable day meeting new people and making sure the guests had a really good time. I was asked to make sure that everyone at my tables had everything they wanted and if they required a drink, I should get one for them.
The best thing about the assignment was my guests thanking me and telling me they had had a fantastic day.

Ellis, Model fee: £50.00, Ref:W226616

I really enjoyed being a model for Karen, she was really friendly and we got on well, for my assignment I had to get my make up done by Karen then have pictures taken of me. Overall I really enjoyed the experience and i hope to do more work in the future.

Wendy, Model fee: £121.00, Ref:A244129

I loved being a model for the day. Design Council were lovely people, very professional and friendly.I learnt a lot and also the whole morning was a joy and a pleasure.
I was asked to model the new Ben De Lisi hospital gown being launched by the NHS for GMTV and BBC. I was in and out of bed, standing on a podium whilst the exhibition was carried out, walked about and answered questions on the feel, the usefulness etc.. of the new gown being launched. Had a large number of photos taken by the press for various newspapers. Thank you so very much for putting my name forward. Many Thanks once again.

Laura, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:A166010

I really enjoyed hostessing at the sporting event. I best thing about the day was meeting new people and gaining more experience for my modelling profile. I was asked to manage the cloak room and to help the other hostesses serve drinks to the guests. I really enjoyed the work.

Monika, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:C183418

The best thing about the assignment was meeting new people and gaining new experience.

Vicki, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:F177581

The assignment was a fun day and I loved meeting the other models.  We were asked to take coats, serve drinks and just to make sure everyone was happy. Thanks for the opportunity.

Diana, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:P205136

The assignment was wonderful. I was asked to greet the guests, to show them their tables. Everybody was in a good mood. It was a pleasure to work with other girls, they were honest, friendly, polite and nice.

Gemma, Model fee: £330.00, Ref:K160998

The assignment was really good. I had to work with a baby model, this was a new experience for me. Everyone was very helpful and really friendly. I was asked to do two very different shoots for a poster which i really enjoyed.

Min, Model fee: £90.00, Ref:Y218533

For the assignment I had to pull various faces which were photographed and then fed into a computer programme. The client was courteous and work quickly and the whole experience was good fun.

Amy, Model fee: £90.00, Ref:S216458

The assignment was really good fun. I was asked to pull different facial expressions to be turned into a 3d image.

Alice, Model fee: £90.00, Ref:N174278

The assignment was really good, I enjoyed pulling the weirdest facial expressions, it was really fun and I would love to do it again.

Samantha, Model fee: £90.00, Ref:K227514

I really enjoyed my assignment. I was asked to pull different expressions so the designer could use them to make a digital version of me. I particularly enjoyed seeing a snapshot of what I could look like in the digital world! A fun and different assignment

Siobhan, Model fee: £90.00, Ref:P186002

I thought that the assignment was really good,The shoot was only for an hour but it was fun. I liked the video camera which showed me in 3d. I just had 2 pull different facial expresions for the cameras but I really enjoyed it.

Louise, Model fee: £105.00, Ref:S217454

I Had great day, I worked with a lovely women from furniture store, had lots to talk about and I also learnt a bit about the furniture which was interesting. I had to stand at the front of shop and have to get people interested to come in and have a look.

Nirmin, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:Y210482

It felt extremely good to be recognised as a model. The best about the assignment was getting to meet new people and interacting with them on a professionally friendly level. We were asked to take people to their seats and take their coats.Then were also required to serve them drinks

Grainne, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:H215926

The assignment was very interesting and enlightening experience. I really enjoyed meeting the other models. I was asked to meet and greet VIP guests, and to make sure they had an enjoyable evening. 

Emma, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:G217138

I enjoyed the assignment, it was a good experience. The best part of the job was meeting all the people and keeping them happy and making sure they had a good day. I got given set tables to look after and i got asked to keep my tables happy with drinks, also when the guests were arriving i got asked to take there coats and show them to there seats. All in all I had a good day and the people that were running the event were really nice and helpful.

Pamela, Model fee: £180.00, Ref:A202808

It was a very good assignment. The photographers were great to work with as were the other models. Everyone was really friendly and helpful. The best part of the assignment was the people who were on it. We were shot as a group in different scenarios throughout the cinema complex, to look like we were patrons, for example, in tickets ques, in the food area, in the screen seats and interacting with one another.

Diana, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:P205136

My first assignment from Models direct. The job was very easy and nice. Me and other 7 girls worked as a hostess. we had to meet customers, smile and be honest. It was a great experience for me.

Maria, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:Z203113

I enjoyed the assignment. The best thing about it was talking to the guests & having a laugh with them. I had to take coats from the clients, serve drinks and make sure the guests were okay.

Caroline, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:G213394

The day was very fun. I have made a new group of friends. It was nice to be surrounded by other pretty girls and merry men enjoying their night. The best part about my night was receiving compliments and appreciation from the guests I was looking after. I look forward to the next event I have scheduled with models direct.

Lucy, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:Z239530

Working as a Hostess for the day was enjoyable and I felt smart and pretty. My job was to make sure all the people at the event were having a good time and made sure all their needs were met. I had to greet and talk to the guests and serve them drinks. The client was friendly and gave us a good brief which meant the day went really well.

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