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ELA, Model fee: £133.00, Ref:N168225

I felt like a princess:).The assignment it was very professional.I had a very professional hair.The client (very nice ladys) were looked after us.The photographer was profesional and very friendly.they treated us really well. Being a model for the daywas a very nice feeling. It was a really lovely day.I can't wait for my next assignment. The best thing about the assignment was I had done my hair.I am very happy with new style. I had a lots of fun.The best think for me - nice and very professional people worked with me. It is a great idea to be a model.Very nice work. I wish to have a lots of assignments.I like to be bussy as a model.But my first assignment it was made very professional by Models Direct and by the client.Thank you for everything Amy and Shirley.For understanding my not very well english.

Gillian, Ref:V168537

The assignment was fantastic, great photographer, very professional atmosphere and superb make up artist. It was a great experience. The best thing was the photos they are incredible. Iwas asked for three different looks. Mainly headshots!

Carly, Model fee: £80.00, Ref:P190417

My photographic shoot went well, for my first time I tried to do it in a professional manor.

Ashleigh, Model fee: £140.00, Ref:Z207015

I thoroughly enjoyed my first job. The managers of the company were extremely friendly,  welcoming and helpful. Friendly, professional, helpful, enjoyable and a great experience all round. Thankyou very much for the oppotunity.

Pratiba, Model fee: £90.00, Ref:E130255

I really enjoyed the day and had alot of fun. People were very friendy. I had to perform a variety of tasks including the following: pretending to read a newspaper and do a cross word, pretending to feel very cold and shivery, and stay in bed with a hot water bottle, helping a lady walk down the stairs, helping a man walk with a walker, going outside and helping a lady with a walker go through the door. All in all it was a great day and the feedback on me was very good and they thought I was very photogenic.

Dawn, Model fee: £100.00, Ref:W206640

All went well, I really enjoyed myself. They were very nice and they were pleased with me.

Gyte, Model fee: £100.00, Ref:F154470

The assignment went very well. It is real pleasure to work for GMTV. I enjoy it very very much. The atmosphere is always extremely friendly and warm. Looking forward to work with them again.

Iman, Model fee: £147.00, Ref:P200479

Thanks for the assignment; I thoroughly enjoyed my time working. The other models were a pleasure to work with and all the clients were extremely polite and friendly towards us. The clients seemed very pleased with out work.

Shu, Model fee: £147.00, Ref:V184508

The assignment was fantastic. The other mpdels were so friendly. We had a great time together. The team was very friendly and made me feel comfortable through out the day. It was an enjoyable day.

Sasha, Model fee: £147.00, Ref:F143074

Photoshoot went really well , they released us about 2.30pm, and we all got on very well. Really enjoyed it, we've all swapped numbers too!

Sasha, Model fee: £80.00, Ref:F143074

All went well the clients were happy and we had a good time on the shoot.

Esther, Model fee: £147.00, Ref:M181646

It was a great day with lots of fun. I was glad that I had really nice model colleagues, Thank you for giving me this opportunity to attend.


Laura, Model fee: £67.00, Ref:E131802

The assignment was very interesting. The people were very friendly & helpful and it was a good day.

Sophie, Model fee: £100.00, Ref:V157818

The assignment consisted of a full morning of still-photography shoots with just myself and also with Kevin, in a variety of office-based situations, indoors and outdoors. The photographer seemed pleased with the result. Thank you for arranging this assignment; I will be very happy to do more again in the future.

Lorraine, Model fee: £350.00, Ref:P188043

My assignment went very well, really enjoyed the weekend. Thanking you very much.

Amy, Model fee: £320.00, Ref:A178669

The whole thing was done to a very professional level from the casting to the catwalk show. We were looked after very well and everyone involved was lovely which really helped with how long the day was. Hair cut and colour is fantastic and I am keeping it!

Sandra, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:A162003

I thoroughly enjoyed the shoot. It was all very professional and i also enjoyed working with the other models from Models Direct.

Leanne, Model fee: £100.00, Ref:F179583

The shoot went really well & were nice and friendly people to me. They seemed pleased with the shoots.

Dionne, Model fee: £133.00, Ref:V189393

The assignment  was to pose  whilst the client compiled a storyboard for a training DVD. Everyone made me feel very relaxed. The staff at the location made me feel really welcome and appeared to enjoy the day as much as I. The filming went well and the crew appeared to be pleased with the days work at the end of the session. I was told by the director of the shoot that there may be a chance of more work so it was nice to think that they thought me worthy of at least telling me that and potentially asking for me again.

Sarah, Model fee: £320.00, Ref:C165022

My experience of the Joico hair show was a good and exciting one. Initially I was suprised that I was very happy as well as slightly nervous and aprehensive. The prep-day was good fun, and I enjoyed meeting all the stylists and the colourists. They were all very encouraging and friendly, and made me feel at ease straight away, The catwalk choreographer was very patient with us all, and I especially enjoyed the team routines on the catwalk. I thoroughly enjoyed my few minutes of fame. and i'm looking forward to further jobs in the future.

Rebecca, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:N183032

The day involved photo shoots at various tourist, as well as retail locations, there were various internal shots taken within retail outlets and i was required to look like a tourist shopping. All in all i felt very comfortable with the photographer who put me at ease when i was unsure. It was a fun day and i look forward to securing my next assignment.

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Magda, Model fee: £50.00, Ref:Z202453

The day of my photo shoot was really nice, the photographer and his assistant were very friendly, helpful and professional.I enjoyed  myself and working with them both. Hope it will help me to move forward and get more opportunities like that.

Jenny, Model fee: £50.00, Ref:V183641

Today went really well, really enjoyed it. I had to wear autum/winter clothes and had photos taken at different locations on the beach. David was really friendly and professional and made me feel at ease.

Farideh, Model fee: £50.00, Ref:C177418

Thank you again for the assignment. It was my first photo shoot i really enjoyed it, the photographer was very professional and his  group were very friendly ..thank you so much model direct .

Nina, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:P182509

The job I thought went well! The other models were lovely, really friendly & helpful.The job fun & relaxed.Overall I enjoyed the job and I hope I did well!

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