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Gilda, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:W193652

Thank you for my assignment. It was a really lovely day and we were looked  after very well by the client!! The other models from Models Direct were all very professional and we had a great laugh. Look forward to my next assignment!!

Iman, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:200479

The assignment was really good. The photographer and the others were professional and friendly and treated us really well.

The others models from Models Direct were very friendly and interesting, great bunch and we worked really well together.

It was a great day but hard work.

Gyte, Model fee: £100.00, Ref:154470

Just to let you know, that everything went well on GMTV this morning.

Donna, Model fee: £100.00, Ref:185756

Firstly, thank you so much for securing me this amazing photo shoot Amy! I had a wonderful, amazing and unforgettable experience!
I was graciously welcomed by Andrea (The PRO and client of this prestigious upmarket Mayfair, London establishment) who was very professional and spoilt us with her great hospitality, food and drink. I really loved working with Lorraine and Linda of "Models Direct" and us ladies had a great and fantastic time. The guys Chris, Andy and Slim also of "Models Direct" were great and we all worked very well together. The highlight for me during this upmarket and extraordinary photo shoot was being photographed sitting in a Rolls Royce outside the club and sipping on champagne! The most exceptional shoot I have ever experienced and what a bonus to get paid on top of it! I believe we achieved top results and what an honour to have been a part of it all - Fabulous! Thank you so much "Models Direct" for this incredible experience, which I will never forget!

Linda, Model fee: £100.00, Ref:183807

I thoroughly enjoyed the assignment. The photographer, at Aspinalls were great to work with. They ensured we were well looked after all day.

Lorraine, Model fee: £100.00, Ref:188043

I had a really great day it was a lot of fun. Andrea was lovely, and all the people I worked with, we all got on so well. It was a great experience for me. Thank you.

Lizzie, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:182901

My assignment went really well working professionally and proficiently. I had a really good time and was greatful for the opportunity.


Liza, Model fee: £100.00, Ref:186690

Photos taken, stand on stage during interviews and hand out flyers etc. The sun was out and everyone seemed to have a good time. Got to meet a few celebrity drivers too.


Abi, Model fee: £100.00, Ref:176644

I worked at Castle Coombe as a rally day girl, the day mainly consisted of handing out leaflets about the various interviews that were taking place throughout the day, we also had to stand onstage whilst those interviews were taking place.
There were lots of people that wanted pictures taken with us and many media photographers that wanted pictures for specific magazines and papers. We had to wear black crop top and a matching black skirt. The day was fairly relaxed we got a break around lunch time, and we were given food and drink and some time to just wander around and watch the races.
I really enjoyed the day the other staff members were really nice and the atmosphere was really buzzing.
Thank you

Donna, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:138280

I had a thoroughly enjoyable day. The other models you provided were lovely and we all got on very well. The photos seemed to look really good. I really enjoyed it and look forward to receiving more assignments from you.

Kiran, Model fee: £100.00, Ref:184964

I am so happy to have done my first assignment with models direct and it was a fantastic experience had a great time with everybody I was myself the whole time it turned out to be a lovely day. Looking forward to my next assignment. Thank you Models Direct.

Kim, Model fee: £100.00, Ref:197276

Everything went fine, It was interesting and i had fun.I'l say it was a success. Looking forward to having more assignments.

Kerry, Model fee: £100.00, Ref:178337

The job was excellent, I really enjoyed doing it and meeting so many people.
The girls i worked with were so friendly and helpful and we all got on great.
We had a number of photos taken with the public and some with the media which was very exciting. Again this was an excellent opportunity which I'd happily do again.

Gillian, Model fee: £100.00, Ref:178815

The assignment went very well and in a very friendly atmosphere, which always helps to create more natural poses.
All in all a very good day and hope to have some similar assignments in the near future.

Wei, Model fee: £100.00, Ref:193750

The organizer was very helpful and all the models were very friendly. We had so much fun. The photograph was very professional. Everything went really well and I really enjoyed myself.
Thanks Models Direct for giving me this great opportunity!

Nicola, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:186016

Had a really great day, the people that I was working with were a really nice bunch of people and I felt really relaxed and at ease. It was a very relaxed shoot and I felt really comfortable.
Thanks for everything and fingers crossed I will hear from you again very soon.
Once again thank you and I had a really good day.

Bianca, Model fee: £117.00, Ref:185804

The people were very friendly and welcoming. I was quite keen just to follow the photographers instructions, because I was using a box as a prop...and it is quite interesting trying to make a box and storage shelves look sexy!

I must say it was a fun and definitely a learning experience and I look forward to the next challenge.

Karen, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:202110

It was a good day. Photographer was very good. The group was good, got on well.
Some of my scenes were: Sat at bar talking to friend, Sat at table with friends and etc.
Good day all in all.
Many thanks for the assignment and I look forward to working with you again in the future.


Karen, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:202110

The client was good. Brian the photographer and Hayley his assistant are great.
Many thanks

Kim, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:180791

I really enjoyed my assignment. The other models I worked with were a really good laugh. The photographic team were really good to work for, ever so pleasant. The whole event was really good I enjoyed every minute of it and look forward to my next assignment I just hope it comes sooner rather than later.

Rebecca, Model fee: £157.00, Ref:150365

The assignment was a success. I arrived bang on time and found the place fine. The location was picturesque, beautiful.

We had great weather which definitely helped!

The photographers Joe and Karen where fantastic and very professional.

Barney the male model was lovely to work with as well.

I was really well looked after and couldn't have worked with such nicer people. and genuinely believe that they achieved everything they set out to.

I was required to model swimwear, nightwear, underwear, socks, and t-shirts and personally felt very happy and comfortable with all of these.

Morgane, Model fee: £130.00, Ref:182037

The assignment on Friday went very well.  It took me about an hour and a half to get there and I kept passing the venue as it wasn't very clear.  I called Cecil and he was just standing a few feet away from me so I was in the right location in the end.

I met Cecil, Gerard and Paul on arrival and were quickly briefed about the day, we had a coffee, got changed and started the set-up at reception, then the communications wall etc..  We briefly met Anna to see if she was happy with our outfits and had the all clear to start filming.  Cecil and Gerard were really nice to work with and I think very happy with the result. 

The set up of the lighting did take quite long sometimes, but I guess that is normal.  After the communications wall we filmed us sitting in the lobby, then me filling out an application on the web and Paul filming the manual in one of the bedrooms. 
We went on to the bar were we pretended to have a beer with the barman, a very sweet guy and free actor lol.  After the bar we did the chill out room were Paul and I played table football, it was all very natural and easy going.  We then had lunch in the restaurant were again a scene was filmed of us dining. 

After lunch we did some walking scenes, I did a pool scene and Paul a gym scene.  We were right on schedule and finished at 4.30pm.

I really enjoyed the day, it was my first assignment so far and it went very well. 

I hope BAT will be happy with the results.

Lysbeth, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:151842

Thank you for sending me on the assignment. I enjoyed myself. Everyone was very kind and helpful. The photographer, who was in fact an ITU doctor said that I had made it much less stressful than he had anticipated.
All I had to do was look cheesed off, which I think you will agree was successful. When they plugged me into all the machines I'm glad they didn't think to add the cathetta.
Any time you want an old crow, I'm your girl.

Sacha, Model fee: £300.00, Ref:131697

I really enjoyed working at the show was so much fun. The people i was working for were lovely and very down to earth, they really looked after me and made sure i was ok with everything i was doing!They took a few pics of me and they are going to email them to me so i will upload these on to my profile on models direct, and hopefully may gain some more work in the near future.
Thankyou for your help in all the organising for me to do what i did much appreciated.

Kim, Model fee: £167.00, Ref:188934

The commercial for Bensons Beds. I had such a fun day and can't wait to see the ads! They said that we could get a DVD of both the ads when they are done.

Hope to get another job soon!

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