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Jenny, Model fee: £100.00, Ref:183641

The assignment today went really well, i had several uniforms to wear predominately Beauty and Hairdressing. The client was very proffesional and made me feel at ease. I really enjoyed the morning.

Nicola, Model fee: £183.00, Ref:176761

Filming the Bensons for Beds commercial was a great experience, I learnt a lot. It was the first time that I had shot a TV ad, so it was all new to me. So much goes on behind screen that you don't even think of! I enjoyed working alongside my 'boyfriend' Dan, and Kim was lovely too. It was a very long day (arriving at 7.30 finishing at 6.30), but Vidu and all the crew were really nice and they kindly put on food for us. The make up and wardrobe girls were really helpful too.
I'm excited (if not a little nervous?!) to see the ad once it has been put together!

Lauren, Model fee: £100.00, Ref:192000

It was not as busy as the last event but it was still a great day. I just had to give out leaflets and chat to people really. I worked with the same girl I did my last assisgnment with which was nice as I got to see her again. Looking forward to more work in the future. Thank you Models Direct!

Liza, Model fee: £100.00, Ref:186690

The assignment was the same as the one I did previously with the same girl as I was with last time, it was much more relaxed as I knew the people who I was working with, all in all, was a good day. I have been asked to take part in Rally Day on the 20th of September which I confirmed that I am able to do.

Louisa, Model fee: £225.00, Ref:192066

The job today was great fun and lovely to see everyone again. The shoes were amazing and I enjoyed learning about the processes involved with their manufacture and retail.
Look forward to doing more!

Denise, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:160819

This was my first assignment with you and I wasn't sure what to except but I felt very at ease once I got there. The two other male models made me feel comfortable and so did Pam and her colleagues. Getting measured up for the uniform and putting it on was all Ok. The uniform was heavier than i expected, with a blue shirt, bullet and stab proof vest, fleece,a fluorescent jacket, hat, plain blue trousers and flat black shoes. We ended up having photos taken around the Constabulary and then we moved into Wymondham to have some pictures taken with the public. Also, whilst the pictures were being taken a video camera was running, for them to use on the in house video they are making.

Overall i enjoyed the experience and hope that they got the pictures they required. Thank you for the assignment.

Lauren, Model fee: £100.00, Ref:192000

We went to Castle Coombe race circuit for "Japfest" which is a Japenese car show. I dressed up in a cool outfit and gave out leaflets to people aswell as having our pictures taken lots and talking to passers by. It was a really good day, I really enjoyed meeting new people and the other model was really nice. Thank you models direct for giving me this opportunity and I hope to get some more assignments further to this one!

Katie, Model fee: £100.00, Ref:179152

I had a thoroughly enjoyable day doing my first promotional assignment and representing models direct. I felt that we promoted the company well doing our own market research involving us going to the information centre to ask them where would be an ideal place to hand the leaflets out and where they recommended we took leaflets too. It was a shame about the weather as there were not as many people in the town shopping as we hoped due to the rain, however this did not stop us from being enthusiastic and communicating to the general public about the apartments we were promoting and we encouraged them to visit the sales office or to to give them a call to arrange a viewing.
The company representitives were very kind and helpful and fired our enthuisasm to want to promote their business.

Lyndsey, Model fee: £100.00, Ref:172904

The day went really well, we started off around the town and it was pretty slow due to the weather, but we got through quite a few leaflets, (I think people were put off by the size of the leaflets, they were probably a bit too big to put in handbags). We thought about house dropping as the weather got worse so went to the local information centre and found where some young people live who would be the target audience, so we did that and quite a few people were interested. Then we finished off in stratford. Overall it was successfull but probably would have been better with better weather.

Liza, Model fee: £100.00, Ref:186690

I found Nina extremely friendly and helpful and she kept me up to date with everying that was happeneing. I received directions by email as well a picture of the outfit I would be wearing. I arrived at the meeting and found the other model who was to take part in the same event. She was a lovely girl and we got on really well. It was really nice that it was the first assignment for both of us. We were later joined by Caroline and her partner. They explained what would be happenening and gave us our outfits to change into. We were then picked up by the event organiser in a Rally Day car and taken to Castle Coombe and given £10 each for food.
Our job for the day was to promote Rally Day which is taking place on the 20th of September. We were also asked quite a number of times to have photos taken. It was a really good day. We were both asked if we were avaliable to do other promotional days up to this event as well as the day itself. I said that I would definately been keen to do this and that they would go thourgh Models Direct and ask for us.
Can't wait to the next assignment!

Emma, Model fee: £100.00, Ref:180383

I really enjoyed it everyone was really nice and friendly.
When i got there in the morning I got shown around the show flat that the company was trying to sell the last 5. It was gorgeous, then when the other Emma arived we blow up loads of balloons some to take with us others to stay, then when we arived in Slough we walked arounds handing out the leaflets n balloons to people.
It was a really good day and i really enjoyed would have been better if it didn't rain.

Lysbeth, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:151842

I had a brilliant day yesterday. The organisers were very kind and attentive and gave us lots of praise and encouragement. Inded when I said goodbye to one of the camermen he said I was the star of the day. It can't have been for my looks! Grannies are ten a penny.
I met some nice people and had some fun.

Gillian, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:178815

Thank-you for the assignment. The day went excellently well, plus good weather, and working with a very friendly professional team, which made every thing all the more enjoyable.
Time was spent on and off the train and stations, all relating mainly to a happy family day out, buying tickets asking for information etc.
All in all an excellent day, with very friendly people with whom we all got on really well.
It would be lovely to have some similar assignments with you!
Yours very sincerely Gillian.

I recieved the cheque yesterday for assignment No: A11104.
Thank-you very much and hope to have some more work with you in the future.
Sincerely Gillian.

Monica, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:161803

i really enjoyed myself i had a great time and don't mind doing it again. We had 8 models I paired up with a guy so we were boyfriend and girlfriend in the shot. We had grand parents, mum and dad, children. its was great fun getting to know the rest of the models there.

Sarah, Model fee: £100.00, Ref:183592

Thank you for organising the promo work in Slough on Saturday 26th. All went fine, arrived at 9.30 to sort balloons and flyers. Got on really well with Emma and had a nice sunny day in Slough.
Thanks again, hope to hear from you soon.

Diane, Model fee: £157.00, Ref:151186

I really enjoyed it as they were very nice people they really made me feel comfortable so if there would be any work from them in the future it would be a pleasure.

Fiona, Model fee: £157.00, Ref:145048

Just to let you know it all went really well on friday. We had to model about 70 different outfits in total was so much fun. . We were there until about 7 o clock and were totally exhausted by the end :) We did shots inside and outside and it was a great experience.  Everyone was really friendly and I met some lovely people.. they really looked after us and even bought us lunch! :)
They said the website will be going live in a couple of weeks so ill have to let you guys know.

Melika, Model fee: £157.00, Ref:185845

I had a great time and they were really friendlyI really enjoyed working with them. It was fun.

Melika secured her first assignment within 4 weeks of registering.

Rebecca, Model fee: £400.00, Ref:M168411

The assignment was fantastic. The other models were very friendly. The members of staff from Jasmine Direct are a great bunch to work with, looking forward to working with them again, soon.

Stacey, Model fee: £270.00, Ref:N183490

I arrived early in Harrogate at the Majestic hotel and met up with Ashley, my room mate and good friend for the next two nights. At first I was very nervous but after meeting everyone I soon calmed down and started to enjoy myself. Standing in front of everyone is scary but I was soon growing confidence posing and walking up and down in some lovely dresses for people to look at and apart from one minor incident where I fell over my own feet I have thoroughly enjoyed both days in quite a busy environment. I have gained valuable knowledge and experience, and in the process made some good friends that I will always remember. On the last day I got a lovely picture of everyone in the wedding dresses, we now all have a copy of to remind us of the great time we had and I would love to come back and do it all again.

Stacey secured her first assignment within 10 weeks of registering.

Laura, Model fee: £400.00, Ref:K138893

Thankyou for the jasmine designs bridal show i enjoyed doing the the show and it was a pleasure working with all the team and the models again, i hope that i get to do it again in September.

Ashleigh, Model fee: £400.00, Ref:K164317

I had a fantastic time at the British Bridal Exhibition with Jasmine Designs. The days were long and very tiring but the time flew by because we all had such a great time. The other models were friendly and professional and I shared a hotel room with one of them as well which was a really nice expreience. Thank you so much, I hope that I can do more work like this in the future.

Margaret, Model fee: £185.00, Ref:N184120

Thank you for the assignment it was a great day. The team was very friendly and made me feel comfortable through out the day. It was an enjoyable day.

Margaret secured her first assignment within 3 weeks of registering

Hayley, Model fee: £87.00, Ref:F178542

The job was a good experience and the group of people I was modelling in front of were lovely.  It would be a pleasure to work with them again and now that I have completed my first assignment, hopefully there will be many more.

Abbie, Model fee: £185.00, Ref:N178780

I absolutely loved it, it was so much fun. The location was gorgeous, the photographers were very professional and the clients & other models were lovely & very easy to talk to.

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