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Sarah, Model fee: £87.00, Ref:V176737

I attended the assignment. I was told what i was required to do and told of what types of clothing i was modelling. I tried on a range of garments and was told as and when to change. All of the staff were polite and welcoming.

Emma, Model fee: £410.00, Ref:N166454

For the assignment we headed to champneys spa, which in itself was the perfect location! We spent two days shooting lifestyle and products shots in and around the whole spa.It was a great two days and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I look forward to working with them again.

Livia, Model fee: £410.00, Ref:F180472

Regarding the shoot everything went perfectly well.  The photographer was very professional and I felt really confident with him.
The models were really nice as well and I hope to meet them soon.
Catherine (the client) is a lovely person and she always asked if everything was fine with us.
I hope to work with them again.

Emilia, Model fee: £87.00, Ref:M173852

Just wanted to give you my feedback from the Mark Wilkinson Furniture assignment .  I think it went very well, I enjoyed myself. The client was excellent, everybody made us feel very welcome and I had a very enjoyable afternoon.
Thank you

Delisha, Model fee: £143.50, Ref:C169416

The photographer had a wide range of ideas for the shoot, and male model Chris who is also with your agency all made me feel really welcome. It was a great atmosphere and i was working with really genuine and pleasant individuals. The shoot itself consisted of me trying on a whole different range of forever famous t-shirts and jumpers. Overall it was an excellent day, and I really felt comfortable with shoot as well as enjoying myself at the same time. I also got a freebee top to take home with me which was excellent as the merchandise was stunning! It was a great way to spend my first bit of work with Models Direct which had been provided for me. Thank you.

Helena, Model fee: £87.00, Ref:K166456

I had to model skiwear for new ranges to 3 buyers for outdoor clothing specialists. 
I was made to feel very welcome. It was my first assignment from the agency and I really enjoyed it.
Would definitely do it again! It was a good afternoon and I left with a buzz.

Val, Model fee: £167.00, Ref:A134671

The photographer was really nice and helpful and the other models easy to work with. There were a number of costume changes through out the day, the client provided some items for me and I was also asked to bring a range of my own clothes, although many were not used. Overall I did enjoy it.

Lyndsey, Model fee: £70.00, Ref:W130869

We were promoting Drambuie drink for bacardi . The night passed really quick as we were having so much fun. The venue was fabulous and there were some celebs there. Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to do this,i had a really good night . 

Fiona, Model fee: £70.00, Ref:L145048

It was a great pleasure to represent your company. Everyone was really lovely and we met some very friendly and helpful people. Thank you for your continuous support.

Lucy, Model fee: £50.00, Ref:V182405

I feel the shopping centre exhibition went really well - some interest was shown and people were happy to approach me and ask questions.

Donna, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:V185756

I thought everyone involved gave it their all! The "Norwich and Peterborough" staff were exceptionally friendly and helpful especially James. He went the extra mile by making sure we were catered for and has a great sense of humour. The models, Chloe, Isla and Aris were very professional and we all got on famously. Brian Storey was fantastic and made the shoot an enjoyable experience. On the whole I feel it was a very positive experience and I thanked everyone for their efforts and time.

Donna secured her first assignment within 2 weeks of registering!

Isla, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:K178208

The shoot went really well - everyone in the branch was very understanding of us taking over their staff room with clothes, shoes and makeup! All the other models were lovely, especially little Chloe who coped really well with all the sitting about.

Brinde, Model fee: £217.00, Ref:A153897

I arrived early at 0845 hrs and met Matt and the other models, make up artist Yvette and John the photographer at 0910 hrs.

I thoroughly enjoyed my day and found Matt, Yvette and John a pleasure to work with and got on well with all. I was required as suggested in my brief to have several shots taken as a traveler in both relaxed and business mode to help promote the new Easy Jet travel card.

I would have no hesitation if the situation arose to work with Matt and the Easy Jet team again and would also hope to be offered more work with Models Direct in the near future.


Leidimela, Model fee: £167.00, Ref:K165954

The assignment went really well, everyone was very welcoming and the other models were approachable and gave me some tips.
This was my first assignment and it involved promoting a card called Easyjet Plus Card which allows speedy boarding at Luton Airport. The photographer took several pictures of us holding the card in different  positions and locations.
Overall, it was tiring but very enjoyable.
Hope to do some more work because the team was good.

Laura, Model fee: £300.00

"Thank you again for the assignment, all the team were extremely polite and friendly.”

Sally, Model fee: £165.00

“I really enjoyed the photo shoot. Models Direct were also very helpful.I would definitely work with them again.”

Shaz, Model fee: £240.00

“The event was amazing. The company I worked for were very friendly and supportive towards me.”

Jackie, Model fee: £135.00

“Just to let you know that today was very successful. They were lovely people and it was a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.”

Tara, Model fee: £260.00

“Thank you for the opportunity to work at the event. I really did enjoy myself and met some very interesting people.”

Vivienne, Model fee: £87.00

“The job went really well & I enjoyed it. The clothes we had to model were gorgeous. It was a very relaxed event. The other models were lovely too.”

Kim, Model fee: £260.00

“The whole weekend was amazing, it was really hard work but we still had fun anyway so thank you and hopefully there will be more like this in the future!”

Catherine, Model fee: £350.00

“My assignment went extremely well. I was really comfortable during the fitting. What a great result for my first assignment!”

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