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Freya, Model fee: £250.00, Ref:BA536209


I decided to join this agency after getting advice from someone saying I should get back in to modelling. I am so happy I did as today was a great experience! Surprisingly I didn’t feel very nervous and made sure I arrived in plenty of time and was where I was supposed to be.

I was so happy when Models Direct confirmed to me that I had got the job. I was really excited but also so nervous. On the day, there was a few times when I actually thought I wouldn't be able to do it…but I sucked it up and obviously I wasn't going to let an opportunity like this go to waste! I absolutely loved being a part of this assignment, and I would be honoured to be a part of it again. The assignment involved being at St Potter's Field Park in London at 7:30am for a PR campaign to raising awareness about the dangers of skin cancer. The client was Positive Communications on behalf of La Roche Possay.

I was instructed that I would be made up to look like I had severely sun damaged skin on one side of my face. My make up was all done in public, so passers by could see. There were two other models as well who showed the dangers of skin cancer and the scars left after surgery to remove the tumours. As well as doing a number of photo-shoots for various companies, we were able to actually have an active part in promoting awareness.

The most enjoyable part of the assignment was being able to actually make a difference. I spoke to many people during the day and gave them the opportunity to have a free consultation with a dermatologist about any moles they had been worried about, but hadn't necessarily got checked out. I gained a lot more confidence due to this assignment, as I had to look like I had sun damaged skin for the entire day and had to deal with many people giving me awkward looks. Some passersby actually asked me if it was real, others gave me sympathetic looks and some school children walking by made negative comments. It was such an insight as to what it actually must be like. It proved to me that I have more self confidence than I originally thought, as I believe it has to take someone who is very self-sure to be able to look like that and deal with the repercussions for a day. I would absolutely recommend the experience to anyone who wants to have the opportunity to do things that they otherwise may not have been able to!

Louise, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:Z520841


I was a model for the day for a video camera company during a seminar. The assignment was to demonstrate how different lighting and angles of a camera shot can affect the quality of the images taken. I was asked to sit on a chair while different camera shots were taken of my face under different lighting. It was really interesting and I picked up a good few tips to apply when taking my own photos. All the team were really friendly and made me feel welcome and at ease. I enjoyed the whole day, it was interesting as well as enjoyable and food and drink were also provided. I would definitely do it again without a doubt. I would like to be more proactive with my Models Direct portfolio because this proves that it really is worthwhile. I want to get this done ASAP so it will then hopefully provide me with more fun assignments - and with this I will gain more experience.

Victoria, Model fee: £120.00, Ref:BB567947


I had already worked on a photo-shoot with the photographer David Burton for Models Direct before, so I knew he was very professional. I enjoyed doing the shoot on location at the UEA and I would recommend this experience to all models in the Norwich area.

Natalie, Model fee: £225.00, Ref:J526854


I travelled to Bude by train and was collected by the Videographer at the other end - it was a long journey but well worth the experience. My role was to play the part of a 'Yummy Mummy', I had two gorgeous children and a lovable Border Collie called Maud. We had to pretend we were on a tropical beach with a Green Scene behind us. I enjoyed this assignment organised by Models Direct and I am looking forward to seeing the final cut in post production.

Sharon, Model fee: £180.00, Ref:BM603288


I thoroughly enjoyed being a model for the day. This was my first assignment, so naturally I was a bit nervous to begin with. However, the client was extremely friendly and professional and I was soon put at ease. This is something, without hesitation, I would definitely do again! The most enjoyable part of the assignment for me was the model role play. The group of models I was assigned with for the day were a great bunch of people and we all got along exceptionally well!

I personally decided upon Models Direct instead of another agency, simply because they are completely honest and transparent about everything. I have found the staff friendly and have immediate access to an agent if I have any queries. They are also efficient in updating me on my e-portfolio views through email so I can gauge the level of interest in my profile. In my opinion, they are ahead of many others in the talent management industry. I am pleased that I made them my No.1 choice! 

The assignment was promoting Cineworld and its products including testing the various special effects used for movies. The skills I learnt included effective communication, confidence building, and good team working. I would recommend the experience to others as I believe that everyone is talented in different ways. It is about finding your talent and embarking upon it. If anyone is considering pursuing work in the talent industry, I would encourage them to join a reputable agency such as Models Direct.

Maria, Model fee: £250.00, Ref:BV605381


Models Direct organised a modelling assignment for me - playing a small part in a commercial, something I would've never thought of doing. I really enjoyed being in front of the camera and re-shooting actual bloopers. Before filming I was a bit nervous but when we introduced ourselves and got started it all came naturally. The people and crew were really nice and made me feel comfortable in what I was doing. It was an amazing experience where I could learn new things from others as well as myself. I have also discovered a new skill that I didn’t know I existed - and I can’t wait to do more!

See the finished video commercial here!

Michelle, Model fee: £85.00, Ref:BB590278


It was a fantastic experience being sent by Models Direct to be a model for the day. What made it more special is that I was shooting with my daughter. I would definitely love to do it again. The best part about it was both of us getting pampered so to speak… hair, makeup and loads of clothes to try on. We both had to try a number of clothes on before deciding what we were wearing and then we had our make up done and our hair styled. After that we had to do some casual shots then a few more shots with dresses on. We were made to feel very comfortable and relaxed which helped to improve my confidence. I would definitely recommend others to give it a go and join an agency - as you will know there are no scams involved and you are safe in your work. It's also great for updating your portfolio so you get more views and interest. It was my daughter who asked me to join this agency – it’s the best thing I’ve done…

Demii, Model fee: £75.00, Ref:BD532865


Yesterday's shoot went perfectly with no problems at all. I had a really good time and the client was wonderful and a joy to be around. Thank you Models Direct – I am looking forward to seeing the photos on their website!

Sonia, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:BM575960


I decided to join Models Direct because I am ambitious and I want to earn extra money using my skills and looks. As a fitness instructor and dancer I invest so much time in my figure and image that I believe it is the natural course of action to add some modelling, or similarly related work, in order to boost my career and my monthly earnings.

The day was amazing! It all went smoothly and the outfits and look were perfect. The designer and her team were fantastic and I felt completely at ease. I was a little nervous beforehand but it all came naturally once I was in front of the camera. The most amazing experience was wearing 'a million dollar babe' outfits and posing in front of the camera. The assignment involved hair and make up and clothes modelling (changing into about 18 outfits overall). I was simply required to pose in many ways - and as I was relaxed and knew what I was doing it worked well. It was clear to me the mood that the designer had in mind so I worked according to that, checking myself in the mirror in different outfits to understand what poses would enhance the look of it. I suppose now that I realised how natural it comes to me to pose and model.

I would recommend it of course. It's a fun experience, a confidence booster and perfect for someone that works part-time and in a related industry. It is a good idea to be represented by an agency; in fact it's the only way to get some work if you are serious about modelling or related assignments. I will be more active and proactive in pursuing work and uploading and updating my portfolio, as I felt greatly encouraged by this assignment today.

Alina, Model fee: £260.00, Ref:BL562479


It felt really good to be a promotional model at National Sporting Club for the second time and I had a great time with the other models. I can say I definitely gain more and more experience and confidence after each assignment finishes. It is amazing what great opportunities Models Direct can give you. I would certainly recommend everyone to join the agency and if you haven't what are you waiting for? It's totally worth it.

Roseanna, Model fee: £130.00, Ref:BQ594169


I had a great time working as a promotional model at the VIP section at a rugby match. It was fun working with the other staff and it was a very positive environment where the work was enjoyable. Thank you Models Direct.

Portia, Model fee: £140.00, Ref:N571360


It felt great doing this modelling assignment, they made me feel really welcome and the best part of the job was posing for the pictures. I was asked to try on different wedding gowns and have a couple of photos taken with each of them on. I would definitely recommend it to others because the agency has always got assignments for you, and are willing to help you fulfil the criteria requested by the client. My advice to others would be to always update your e-portfolio so you will be more likely to be put forward for assignments. Also when you're on an assignment - do the best you can so you will get good feedback. I decided to join up with Models Direct mainly because of my ambition for modelling; it’s always been a passion of mine from a young age.

Sheri-lee, Ref:BC578070


I really enjoyed this assignment - I had to model for an upcoming Football World Cup billboard. The most enjoyable part was engaging with the photographer and working with the stylist. I would definitely recommend Models Direct agency as they are very professional and are determined to help you achieve your dreams.       

Rebecca, Model fee: £140.00, Ref:Y501839


My assignment was great fun. I was modelling plus size bridal wear for Beau Belles, so I got to be a bride for the day. I was dressed in many different styles and colours of dresses and was photographed and videoed whilst wearing each dress. The shots were for their website and YouTube, so their clients could see what each dress looks like.

I was very nervous about the assignment before I went and was still nervous once I got there. But Avril the shop owner and the photographer were lovely and put me at ease straight away. I spent a lot of the time having fun and giggling. I'd definitely do this type of shoot again and it has boosted my confidence a lot. I don't think I will be as scared on my next shoot, I can hopefully go feeling a little more relaxed. My favourite part of this shoot was wearing the biggest dress she had and sitting on the floor surrounded by a stunning dress.

I think if anyone is looking to get into this industry they would be better with an agency as they can help you find work and know where to look. Models Direct have been great helping me find work to suit me and putting me forward for it as and when it comes up. I picked this agency because they seemed to be the best at what I was looking for. I looked at quite a few before I picked, but Models Direct offered all the things and more to suit me.

Karen, Model fee: £250.00, Ref:BL555117


I have done a few assignments now and it is something I very much enjoy. I certainly appreciate the opportunity to do something different. The client was great, welcoming and it was a fun day. You get the most out of the assignment by being warm, friendly and accommodating, not by being moody or bored. You need to appreciate that there can be some waiting around and it's not just about you - it's about the client. If you realise this then you will most certainly get out of it what you put in.

From working in the corporate world I very much enjoy this side of things, and if I get a job then that's great. If I don't, I certainly don't stress over it. There is a lot of competition out there, so by being personable and friendly it can help make you much more memorable and likely to be chosen for another assignment. I have always found Models Direct to be lovely and helpful...

Zarina, Model fee: £250.00, Ref:P523404


This was my first assignment and to be honest I was very nervous, but everyone made me feel comfortable and at ease. The directors were very attentive and the photographer was a nice guy. We all had great fun with the different poses and props. I learnt to be more creative and confident from this shoot and would definitely like to do this again. I would recommend anyone to try it – it is a fun day out and I think it is something that anyone can do at any age. It is always best to update profile regularly for people to see how you look and make any changes if applicable. Models Direct is the best agency to start at a minimum cost for a highly lucrative career. It has been a great experience!

Victoria, Model fee: £250.00, Ref:BP592698


It felt great being a model for FIFA. One of the most enjoyable parts was trying on all the different outfits. We were put in groups and wore different colours amongst ourselves and we were asked to scream and shout "yeah" and "goal" to show our excitement and happiness to be at the football match. I improved my acting skills and became more confident about making faces and expressions. I would definitely recommend this experience to a lot of people as it helps you as an individual in many ways to build confidence levels and professional skills.

My advice to any aspiring models / actors would be to believe in yourself and go for what you want, if you believe runway is where your heart is - focus on it, the same applies to commercial modelling and every other talent opportunity you may have. Joining an agency is great as they constantly find you work, they push you in positive ways and by providing you with work, you are able to grow in the industry and be comfortable and confident when called for assignments. I joined Models Direct because I believe I have more than one talent, and by joining an agency that focuses on talent I believed they would be able to help me - and also I would get to do the things that I love and enjoy doing!

Imogen, Model fee: £250.00, Ref:N511433


I really enjoyed my latest assignment. It was a relaxed and fun day but it was also kept extremely professional throughout. It was great to meet new people and when we weren’t behind the camera we were able to relax and socialise with other models and the producing team. The models were a mix of ages and the youngest ones were particularly funny behind the camera. The shoot was great. We were able to be natural and everyone worked well as a team. Thank you Models Direct for giving me this opportunity.

Nicole, Model fee: £250.00, Ref:BB536151


Being a model for the day was great especially as it was for a well-known football company (FIFA), at first I was a little nervous but as more people turned up everyone was friendly and everyone seemed to get along with one another. This shoot was fun and enjoyable, if I was given the opportunity to do something like this again I would definitely do it.

To be honest I enjoyed the whole assignment, especially with meeting new people and being part of something that will be going global for a well-known company.  This assignment allowed you to be in your own comfort zone and enjoy what you were directed to do.

This assignment involved us acting as though we were at a football match and cheering on our teams. We were put into groups of different ethnic backgrounds. Before our pictures were taken we had the opportunity to be styled by the stylists who provided different colour T-shirts and face painting. Once we were finished being styled by the stylist we were directed to go down stairs to take pictures. A wide range of different pictures were taken. We were directed by the photographer to cheer as though a goal was scored, showing that we were enjoying our time at the game with friends and family.

I would definitely say that this has boosted my confidence and that I would not hesitate to do another shoot similar to this. The photographer and groups of people helped each other make it a great experience and boost one another’s confidence. I would recommend the experience to others as people tend to have a different understanding and approach to the modelling industry. This assignment was a fun and an enjoyable experience that I would love to do again.

I would personally say go for it, it’s not every day that you get an opportunity to be part of something that could possible go global. At first I wasn’t sure if I should join an agency as you do hear that some companies are not legit but after singing up with Models Direct and receiving this assignment I knew that I could trust them. At first I was very proactive with keeping my e-portfolio up to date and I would get many emails saying that my e-profile has been looked at for an assignment but never received a call, so I left it for a while then eventually I got the call to be part of a shoot for FIFA.

I’ve always wanted to have that experience of being a model for a day or even to be in an advert so after searching many agencies I decided to join Models Direct to gain that experience.

Jo and Family, Model fee: £420.00, Ref:Potter Family


The experience was fun – particularly for the children! It was really interesting for the kids to see how filming / cameras work. We had to do lots of acting as if we were watching TV as a family, talking and enjoying ourselves. The company were really lovely and although one of the children felt a little nervous before we started they were soon made to feel very at ease. I'm sure the children have gained some confidence from this Models Direct assignment and we would all consider doing it again.

Maria, Model fee: £105.00, Ref:BV605381


I was a bit nervous at first, but as I got to know the people and crew it became much more fun. I'd love to do more assignments with Models Direct and it definitely gave me a confidence boost in front of the camera.


Magdalena, Model fee: £200.00, Ref:BV604338


Being a hat model for Snoxell Headwear was an amazing experience. On this assignment I had to present and model fascinators and hats for different occasions to potential customers at Olympia Exhibition Centre in London. The client was very accommodating and made my day easy and fun, and I am happy I had the opportunity to improve my modelling skills. Also the Models Direct team were very helpful, they were readily available to provide support and answer any questions I might have. The overall experience was incredible, much better than I expected!

Dorina, Model fee: £130.00, Ref:Z261006


This was my fourth time as a promotional model for the day so I wasn’t that nervous as I knew what to expect. I must say it was fun talking to all the clients as they were very excited for the match. I would absolutely recommend this as it is a fun and easy job and it is definitely a good move to become part of an agency. What have you got to lose? This way when you have an agency people can see you and I have got a number of roles from Models Direct which has been great.


Louise, Model fee: £70.00, Ref:BV610866


Within a couple of weeks of joining up with Models Direct, I was lucky enough to receive a call offering me work as a promotional model for a fashion boutique on Oxford Street in London. As it was my first assignment I was a bit nervous, however as soon as I arrived I was teamed up with the other models. Everyone was really nice and friendly and they all made me feel very welcome.

Alina, Model fee: £70.00, Ref:BL562479


I was really excited to be chosen again by Models Direct. I had such an amazing time being a promotional model on Saturday. It was my second assignment and I wasn't as nervous as I was on the first one. I went feeling confident and I had lots of fun. Once I got there I met the client and the other girls - it was great to make some new friends. The people were very friendly and the environment itself it was enjoyable. I would definitely recommend this assignment, as it was a new experience and great fun.

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