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Charlotte, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:255508


I really enjoyed the photo shoot today. Despite this being my first job for Models Direct, I did not feel nervous as I’ve done a fair bit of photography work before. The shoot ran very smoothly and was already set up when I arrived. I very much enjoyed meeting the photographer Lee; he was very easy to work with. It was a very cool and different project to work on as it was focusing on creating 3D images of the models. Therefore there were 70 cameras positioned around the room. It was a small insight into what it must feel like to be followed by the press! I would definitely recommend the experience to others. I would also suggest that it is important to work with the photographer. I suggested some poses for photographs as well as the photographer. I think it is important to both work together. I would really like to do more work for Models Direct. Thank you.

Lisa, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:BD529979


Really good assignment! I have had several modelling jobs beforehand, so wasn’t too nervous. Lee [the client] was great, and helpful with what he needed for his photos. He gave good direction and we got the shoot done very quickly. The assignment involved doing robotic hand movements and then posing naturally with a phone; talking, texting and walking etc. I would definitely recommend this assignment to others and would love to see the end result of this job as it sounded really good and interesting! I am really glad I joined Models Direct and hope to work together again soon! Lisa x

Jayde, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:BL552211


I really enjoyed doing the Models Direct shoot, it was different to any other shoot I’ve ever been to. It was for a 3D campaign so I had 70 cameras taking a photo of me at once. I would love to do it again.

Ruby, Model fee: £150.00, Ref:249194


I had my second assignment from Models Direct last Saturday and, as expected, everything went well. I had good support from the Models Direct team. The photo shoot required me to do a few shots doing day to day activities. The photographer was nice and made me feel comfortable. He was talking all the way through. It is quite fun being a model for the day. I have a full time job, and doing something different is rather refreshing. Feels like I'm living my life twice. I would do it more if I had been selected for more assignments. Thanks to the team.

Karolina, Model fee: £396.00, Ref:197366


I had fantastic time modelling bridalwear for the day. I'm very confident so I wasn't nervous beforehand. The part I enjoyed the most was that I got to wear absolutely stunning bridal dresses and pose in front of the camera. I would definitely recommend this experience to other people as I think it is great, especially for models that are just starting to work in the industry. When you work for an agency you can be sure that the people who you work with are professional and your safety is the priority. I have personally chosen to sign up with Models Direct agency to gain more experience in different kinds of modelling. I also believe this assignment can help you out with updating your portfolio which helps to find more assignments in the future.

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Natalie, Model fee: £396.00, Ref:J526854


I had the most amazing day in Brighton. The photoshoot was for a bridal company called 'Victoria Kay Gowns'. I spent the whole day trying on different bridal gowns and was photographed in different locations around The Thistle Hotel. I wore 14 dresses in total! The people were so friendly and it was lovely to work with Carolina, another model from Models Direct. I can't wait for my next assignment, thank you Models Direct!

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Davina, Model fee: £198.00, Ref:H229778


I really enjoyed the experience - everyone at the shoot, including staff from the client company and the other models, was really lovely and easy to work with. The most enjoyable part was getting into 'character' and posing for the camera! It was a photo shoot for an NHS client; I was required to dress as a nurse and pose with the other models, also dressed as nurses, in different locations around a hospital. The experience definitely improved my confidence in doing this kind of work and I'd love to do it again. It also increased my understanding of how these sorts of shoots work. I joined Models Direct as I wanted to gain more experience in working in front of a camera. I hope to pursue a part time acting career in the future and felt this type of experience would improve my confidence. The money is also an attraction! Hopefully the photos came out well!

Sophie, Model fee: £152.00, Ref:BL554992


My assignment for Cheil Communications today was a great experience. I only recieved a call this morning asking me to help promote a new Samsung Ap and so I didn't have time to feel too nervous, just very excited! I had to copy a fitness workout that was happenning on a large screen, and try to get as many other people as possible involved in trying out the new Ap. The assignment was very well organised on Models Direct and Cheil Communications' part and I was made to feel welcome and comfortable when I arrived there. I would recommend the experience with Models Direct to others as I had great fun and earnt some nice pocket money!!

Nasheana, Model fee: £198.00, Ref:P524236


This was my first modelling assignment with Models Direct. It was a morning photoshoot working for NHS Professionals. The shoot was set in a London hospital and it was a lovely opportunity to meet the other models too. The team was really friendly and made it easy to do the shoot. I would definitely like to be considered and put forward for more work like this as it was great fun.

Radha, Model fee: £198.00, Ref:AQ512119


I had a lovely day on the Models Direct assignment and met some very nice people. The other models were professional and friendly and the client the same. The most enjoyable part of the assignment was how casual it was. We all ended up talking most of the time and our pictures were taken as we did this. We were directed to look like nurses and just look natural. We had group shots and single shots inside and outside of the hospital. We looked very realistic. I would definitely recommend this experience to others; it was a very good time and great opportunity to meet new people. I believe it is good to join an agency as the main work is done, all you have to do is follow instructions and have fun. I chose Models Direct based on the positive website. It was designed well and the person I spoke to initially was very positive.

Ashley, Model fee: £252.00, Ref:Z507079


I had a great time working with the people from Cheil. They were very welcoming and eased my nerves. I was asked to promote and demonstrate a brand new, very exciting Samsung TV and fitness App. I had a great time thanks to Models Direct and would definitely do something like this again if the opportunity arose.

Evelina, Model fee: £198.00, Ref:M514665


I was really excited and happy to go to the photoshoot that Models Direct arranged and meet new people! I enjoyed the assignment, which was in a hospital and we were wearing nurse’s outfits. It was a great experience to work with a friendly and helpful team and to chat with other models. I think that the modeling opportunities that Models Direct provide are very important, not only for experience and confidence building, but also for making new friends!

Jessica, Model fee: £369.00, Ref:E509661


I really enjoyed my 3 days modelling for Models Direct at the Renewable energy trade fair at the Excel centre, custom house. I met some really great people and it was interesting finding out more about sustainable energy. The assignment involved welcoming prospective customers to the stall and logging their details for entry into a data base via electronic scanners. We had a lot of fun 'zapping' people with our scanners! I would recommend the experience to others as an enjoyable way to make a bit of extra money and it's also a good way to meet other people working in similar fields, whether it's modelling, acting or the Arts.

Yasemin, Model fee: £144.00, Ref:253681


This was my second time hostessing for the National Sporting Club at Twickenham rugby ground, so I wasn't as nervous this time, as I knew what to expect. My assignment was to meet and socialise with guests, keeping them happy. The assignment was fun as I met some lovely people and I got to dress up glamorously. Thank you to Models Direct for enabling me to get the job, I would definitely recommend them. Getting work in the talent industry can be hard, but you should follow your dreams.

Tanya, Model fee: £144.00, Ref:Z522175


My Models Direct assignment at Twickenham has been such a memorable experience. As it has been my second modelling job there, and I have become more confident on the job as well as loving the sociable atmosphere. Thank you.

Asta, Model fee: £144.00, Ref:K558268


I have enjoyed my Models Direct jobs over the 2 events at Twickenham and am looking forward to modelling at next year’s round of events.

Lara, Model fee: £144.00, Ref:261053


Once again I loved being able to model/host at the Twickenham Rugby ground. I had such a great time with the girls as we have all become very close. Would love to do it again and I'm sure everyone else would too. Without Models Direct I would never have known about the assignment so I would advise those wanting to become a model to get an AGENT!!!

Esther, Model fee: £450.00, Ref:A524391


I have taken away a positive experience from this assignment and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Models Direct modelling agency. The overall experience, which was working at Excel for Renewable Technologies, was a positive one. I was not particularly nervous before hand, as I have a good bit of experience of working at these types of events as a hostess/model. It is something that I would do again as the atmosphere was a good one as well, as the Excel exhibition centre was busy and therefore you always had something to do. The Renewable Technologies employees that my colleague and I were working with on the three days were extremely welcoming and treated us both really well, making us feel part of their team. The assignment involved meeting and greeting all guests that came to the stand, as well as getting them refreshments and passing on any of their enquiries to the correct person in the Renewable Technologies Team. The other main part of the assignment was to scan each person’s badge that made contact with the stand - so that Renewable Technologies could store these details at the end of the day, for potential future business opportunities I look forward to my next assignment.

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Yasemin, Model fee: £144.00, Ref:253681


This was my second time hostessing for the National Sporting Club at Twickenham rugby ground, so I wasn't as nervous this time, as I knew what to expect. My assignment was to meet and socialise with guests, keeping them happy. The assignment was fun as I met some lovely people and I got to dress up glamorously. Thank you to Models Direct for enabling me to get the job, I would definitely recommend them. Getting work in the talent industry can be hard, but you should follow your dreams.

Jamie, Model fee: £144.00, Ref:P504331


I was very nervous for my assignment at the Twickenham rugby club as a hostess. But I had a lot of fun and I would definitely do it again. The reason I joined with Models Direct was because I wanted to try something new and gain some new experiences. On the job I gained confidence by speaking to many different people and would recommend other girls try hostess work because it is a great experience. The most enjoyable part of the assignment was meeting the other girls and meeting and socialising with the catering staff as well. My advice to anyone getting into modelling or hostess work is to not be nervous and have fun.

Asta, Model fee: £144.00, Ref:K558268


I didn't know what to expect when I went for my Models Direct assignment for The National Sporting Club, but when I met all the people I was working with I understood what I was doing for the day. I had to welcome all the clients, take their coats and take orders for drinks. Looking forward meeting all the other models I worked with again on the next assignment later this month.

Sherol, Model fee: £144.00, Ref:J526870


I found the Models Direct assignment at the Twickenham Rugby Club very interesting and a different but good experience, as it was something I had not done before. I also found it a bonus as I do enjoy the game of rugby. The other models were very helpful and friendly.

Dorina, Model fee: £144.00, Ref:261006


This Models Direct assignment was the second time I have worked at the Twickenham Rugby Club, so I wasn't too nervous because I knew what to expect. I very much enjoyed it; it was very fun meeting the clients, making conversation and would love to do it again. The most enjoyable part was meeting the clients, talking to them and just having fun. On this assignment I learnt team working skills, as we had to work in a group of 8 models.

I would absolutely recommend modelling, meeting and greeting clients is pleasant as most of them are really funny and make you laugh. It's a very good idea to join Models Direct because you get many clients who view your profile and then might book you to be a model; it’s a stepping stone and sets it off. I joined Models Direct because I was particularly interested in doing modelling work and read the feedback Model's Direct had and everyone had positive comments so I decided to join.

Tanya, Model fee: £144.00, Ref:Z522175


The hosting job with Models Direct was such a new experience for me. From the beginning, navigating the guests to their seats made me anxious and quite nervous, although I managed to get the hang of it. This is the same for serving the drinks. I still made sure to smile all of the time. I believe the occasion has given me even more confidence. This is because I am not used to crowded places. I really hope I can become better next time. In my opinion, modelling is a great and glamorous job to have; I feel it suits me. Thank you very much for this opportunity.

Gabriella, Model fee: £156.00, Ref:N539699


I loved being an extra in an ad very much. It was a good experiment; a glimpse to another world. I liked the feeling of pretending to be someone else. I was very pleased with my model booking agent, who took very good care of me. I would recommend modelling to anyone and I hope I can get more assignments in the future. The reason I have joined with Models Direct is because I am an aspiring singer and think this agency is a great help in achieving my goal; to live and work as a singer. Thanks Models Direct.

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